Please Pass the Pink Salt!

It’s one of the most basic ingredients found in virtually every kitchen in America and one of those phrases found at almost every meal, “Please pass the salt!”

And yes, salt is certainly a necessity when it comes to creating a delectable dish! But . . . have you checked out the sodium content in your favorite foods lately? Definitely take a few minutes and read some of the labels of your ingredients.

#HeidiPowell #HealthierSalt Suggestion #HealthyEating Pink Himalayan Salt  - Learn more at, salt and more salt! And then we sit down to eat, and, add more salt! Eating too much salt can cause you to retain water as well as cause many long term health problems, like high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, and kidney disease. YIKES! Lucky for us there is a better way.

Drawn to it by its beautiful color (what girl doesn’t love pink!?!), I discovered the most amazing Himalayan Pink Salt and I?m telling you, I love this stuff. It?s Kosher, it?s organic, and it?s all natural. But here?s the best part, it?s lower in sodium than your average table salt (yay!) but it is triple the flavor (double yay!!). What this means to you is that you?ll be using less salt (ie: less sodium) but get even more of that great salty flavor.

Listen, our bodies need salt. It?s a key mineral that helps maintain fluid in our blood cells as well as helps our nerves and muscles communicate with our brains. Unfortunately the minerals found in salt are not naturally produced by our bodies. We have to eat it. The problem is that many of us eat way too much. Himalayan Pink Salt solves that problem for us. You can find it at most health food stores (I found mine at Trader Joe?s) or you can order it online.

So basically you can keep the flavor and lower the sodium with this cool, colorful salt. Plus, it?s PINK! How fun is that? You can literally see the minerals and iron in this stuff and it makes for a pretty table as well. Just wait ?til you show your friends your fancy new salt!

There are other uses for Himalayan Pink Salt such as bath salts, as an exfoliator, pedicure soaks, and even essential oil diffusion but I?m just excited to shake some on my food for now. I?ll leave the spa stuff for you to enjoy!

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