The transformation of a human-doing into a human-being. A guide to establishing boundaries that STICK.

We’re almost to the finish line, so it’s only natural we discuss the lines we all must draw in the sand — BOUNDARIES.

Think of today’s training as your foundation for creating space and clarity for your personal development.

Sneak Peek of Day 4’s Agenda:

  • Learn how to define and reinforce your boundaries by saying “no”.
  • Overcome habitual people-pleasing by aligning your values with your commitments.
  • The perils of living without limit—how implementing boundaries rebuilt my self-worth.

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Boundaries are normal, they’re healthy, and they’re necessary. And without boundaries, it’s impossible to create balance, and we put ourselves in danger of being overextended and overwhelmed, and really unhappy.

Learn how to say no. It’s the two letter word that we are all afraid of. 

I had to learn some painful lessons that are really, at the end of the day, incredibly valuable.  And all of them revolve around learning to say no. When you truly believe in what you do and when you truly enjoy doing it, every single opportunity—it seems like one you can’t pass up! 

But saying yes to literally everything that comes my way has made the more important projects, the grander opportunities, the ones that really might have passion for, it makes them seem like a burden instead of a blessing because I am just so dang overwhelmed. 

And it’s this exact scenario that taught me the number one key to career success. And that’s, Sometimes you just have to say NO! Gosh dangit. I am still working on it. My own personal and professional life working on setting boundaries. But the simple act of no has literally changed my life.

Have the courage to set the boundaries that bring respect. 

The truth of the matter is, boundaries are easier when you are secure with who you are. When you’re insecure, you just can’t set boundaries because you’re unsure of what you need or what you deserve. Knowing that you don’t need to please or validate anyone else but yourself will truly transform your life, and it will show up in your actions so you can enjoy what you do say yes to.

Download Today's Worksheet:

Here's today's challenge:

I want you to identify one area of your life that’s lacking boundaries.

Then, I want you to use what I call the ABC Method:

A: Identify 1 AREA that you need to set a boundary in. It could be physically, it could be financially, it could be socially, it could be in a relationship with a certain person—whatever it is.

B: Define 1 BOUNDARY. It could be skipping a dinner that maybe you’re getting pressured into. Maybe it’s not taking that PTA project they’re trying to force on you. Maybe it’s as simple as spending 5 minutes alone in the bathroom.

C: Push through the CHALLENGING moment. Now I promise you, as soon as you set a boundary, the universe is going to test you. It’s just the way that it happens. This is your test from the universe to see if you are going to back down or if, for once, you are going to hold your ground!

Here's today's Affirmation

I am powerful enough to set and respect my own boundaries. I will choose to honor my spirit by enforcing and embracing my boundaries. I am enough as I am.

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Here is the complete schedule.

Bonus points: Repeat today’s affirmation to yourself over and over as you complete your 5-minute routine!

This combination of a mental shift and physical activity is a truly holistic approach that will really make these ideas stick for you.

Today’s workout: All right. Day four. Here we go.

Nice and easy workout.

I want to know first, how are your hamstrings and your glutes feeling after those lunges? And probably your quads too.

I’m sure your whole lower body is totally shot, and while I totally contemplated adding in a lower body move just to flush out the lactic acid because you’re feeling so much soreness, I’m not that mean.

So, I’m not going to do it.

We are going to keep today like I told you: a core day. We are going to create some nice bricks, some smooth cut chiseled abs today.

All right. So, here’s what we are going to be doing:

We are going to be doing two rounds of five ab movements.

We’re actually going to be setting the clock for five minutes.

For the first 30 seconds, we are going to do 30 seconds of hollow rocks.

Now, hollow rocks can be a difficult move if you have a weak core, so I’m going to show you right here a modified hollow rock.

Nice and easy, you’ll just lift the top part of your body.

The second move we are going to be doing for this next 30 seconds, you are going to be doing Supermans.

So just roll on over, start doing Supermans. Very easy move. You go at your own pace.

Again, it doesn’t matter if you do 50 Supermans in 30 seconds, or if you do five. Biggest thing is I want you to keep trying.

From there, you are going to flip back over.

You are going to do what we call a Russian twist. Now, if you’ve done Russian twists before, and they’re simple body weight, feel free to pick up a dumbbell or pick up a jug of water or whatever to add some extra weight.

If you are a beginner, I’m going to have you drop your feet to the ground and just twist your upper body like I’m showing you right here.

Now, the fourth move, next 30 seconds, flip over.

You are going to hold a plank.

Now, in a plank, you are going to go from your elbows with your toes on the ground. I want you to make sure and drive your rib cage under, drive in your belly button up towards your spine, squeeze your buns, your whole body should be a nice rigid plank.

You’ll be holding that for that 30 second period of time.

If that’s too difficult, drop to your knees and do that exact same move from your knees.

Also on the plank note, if you need to drop in the middle, shake it out and get back up. That’s totally fine. You can do that to complete the 30 seconds.

The last 30 second move we are going to be doing is what I call a vacuum twist.

Now, I’m not talking about a vacuum that you pick up, plug into the wall, and you start cleaning your carpet with.

This is very different.

This is a move I do every single day, straight out of the shower, and we are adding into this workout.

I swear to you, I swear on my life, and I have so many people who have said the exact same thing: It is life changing.

A vacuum twist will literally reduce the size of your waist, so we are adding it into this workout.

It actually targets what we call the transverse abdominis—the muscle underneath the bricks, so underneath the rectus abdominis, and it tightens those because those are some of the most neglected muscles in our core region.

So once we do that, we actually don’t have to suck in around people anymore because our abs are just a lot tighter.

So, to perform a vacuum twist, there’s no modification, no modification needed because it’s very simple. You breath in, breath out, draw in or suck in your belly button like this, hold your breath, and then you twist.

And I’m showing you a better demonstration right now so you can kind of get a hang for what that is.

So, I just went through five moves. I set the timer to do 30 seconds for each of those moves so that is two minutes and 30 seconds.

Then you are going to go ahead and repeat this for a total of five minutes. So, you are doing two rounds of exactly what I just told you.

You are going to love this.

Your core is going to be so sore tomorrow, and you will thank me. I promise.

We are sucking in that core.

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