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A Day in the Life

POSTED ON February 22, 2013

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Three kids, a husband on the road, manager of the family business and the home, and Chris’ partner in crime in the transformation world….how do I do all of this and manage to stay fit , you ask?!? HOWEVER and whenever I can!

I’ll be completely honest, NO TWO DAYS are EVER the same. In fact, each day throws a new twist, turn, challenge or wrench into my spokes. It’s all a big juggling act. Here’s a little peek into my life at home with the kids when Chris is on the road :-)

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Time to wake up and  get the kids ready for school! As Matix and Marley are showering and getting dressed, I decided to sneak in some wall calve-raises before I head out because I never know what my day will look like and when I’ll actually be able to sneak away for a full workout! And let’s face it – of all the muscles on my body, my calves are lacking and can use all the help they can get! I love how no matter what I’m doing, the kids join in! Go Cash!

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 I’m actually on time today to drive the kids to school – Yay for me! Load the family in the car with my breakfast on the go today. What is it you ask? A 100% whey protein shake (100 calories) and a couple HEART-y Blueberry Oatmeal muffins (75 calories each = 150 calories total). I made a bunch of these a couple days ago and keep them handy for easy breakfast and healthy snacking. Kids love them too! Ps – I usually start my day with a Powell Perfect shake, but I ran out early this month after I went on an experimental baking streak with the powder! Anxiously awaiting next weeks shipment!!!

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 Me time. After I drop the Matix and Marley off, I indulge in my daily guilty pleasure – Starbucks iced coffee with one pump of mocha (no sweetener).  Life just wouldn’t be the same without this green straw…my daily ‘hug’.

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 It’s go time for me and Cash. My little buddy tags along as I knock out some errands and return calls. I’ll never feel caught up, but I use this as my time to chip away – right now?  37 unopened texts, 28 voicemails, and 38 emails to get to. Not bad…it’s been much worse. Cashy chills in the back with his steamed sweet potato. Such a trooper that sweet little man is :-).

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Well, by the time we got home, Cash was one big mashed sweet potato. He had more smeared all over him and his carseat than made it in his mouth :-). After a second bath, it’s playtime with little man. Out to the back yard we go so he can play on the swing set while Mom lunges around him (again…getting it in when I can). Eventually, Cash joins me for some squats :-). He cracks me up – it’s so true though that the best way to teach is by example. KIDS WANT TO DO WHAT MOM AND DAD DO!! Next up – snack time! Berries and apples for Cash, and for Mama it’s berries and greek yogurt.

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Cash is finally down for a nap and time to crank away at more of my ever-growing list of things to do and people to call. At about one o’clock, I FORCE myself away from the computer for a much needed structured workout in the garage. I only have 30 minutes before my next conference call, so I get to it!!

#PowellPack #Dayinthelife #GlutenFreePizza #HeidiPowell

 Whoops! My workout took me right up to the call time, so I didn’t get my post-workout meal in. After the call, I quickly gather some leftovers before I leave to pick up the kids from school. One the menu today: grilled chicken (thank you, Alicia, for making this for us!) with leftover homemade gluten-free, cheese-less, veggie pizza. MMMMmmmm…best gluten free crust ever!

#PowellPack #Dayinthelife #Marley #workout #HeidiPowell

 Time to pick up the kids from school and run them to their after school activities. Today, it’s gymnastics for both -  keeping our kids active!

#PowellPack #Dayinthelife #mealtime #BrownRicePasta #HeidiPowell

Home from gymnastics and it’s dinnertime – tonight, we’re having brown rice pasta with extra lean ground beef and sautéed bell peppers. One of my favorites, and luckily the kids love it too! I’m sure to make plenty to last us the next couple days (gotta prep in advance with such busy lifestyle!).

#PowellPack #Dayinthelife #homework #UncleDenver #HeidiPowell

Thank you to my wonderful friends and family, I get lots of help when I need it most. Uncle Denver stops by for some pasta and stays to tutor Matix while I help Marley with her homework and get Cash ready for bed. THANK YOU!!!!!

#PowellPack #Dayinthelife #facetime #familytime #HeidiPowell

Yes!! Dad has an unexpected break in production, so we get to iChat with him! Most of the iChat time is spent watching Cash run circles, make messes and draw on the chalkboard while his brother and sister egg him on and laugh :-). Best family time we can get with Daddy 1000 miles away!

#PowellPack #Dayinthelife #familyworkout #tabata #HeidiPowell

Cash goes to bed and Matix and Marley do ALL they can to push their bedtime ;). Marley tells me she wants to workout…how can I say no to that? We do a quick 4 minute family tabata workout with Mountain Climbers. They kill it and are so proud of their accomplishment  – Mom is too!

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 4 minutes later…ON the DOT…not a minute after we finish Tabata, kids are (against their will) put to bed. What next? ME time….and no, this isn’t spent watching TV, reading magazines, or doing my nails (although I need a mani/pedi terribly). Nope, time to hop back on the computer and catch up on all of the work that I couldn’t get done throughout the day. PRAYING for a 10pm bedtime, but gosh…the texts, emails, and calls have all grown tremendously, as is my list of TO-DO’s. The inbox will never be empty, I’ve accepted that, but I’ll try to get as close as I can, one day at a time :-). One thing to sweeten the night? A coconut cashew Quest Bar! Mmmmm.

Chris and Heidi Powell - Best Friends First! - Learn more at http://HeidiPowell.net/532

Bedtime for me – missing my man, but proud of him for his huge sacrifice to make this world a better place :-).

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Healthy Choices on Board

POSTED ON November 16, 2012

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Powell Pack on a cruise - Tips to eating healthy while on a cruise - Learn more at http://HeidiPowell.net/39

So we just got back from an amazing adventure on a cruise ship. I’ve NEVER been on a cruise, and to be honest I had no idea what to expect when it comes to food! Although our family was well-equipped with our own healthy choices, I was fairly confident that we would have no problem finding (or creating) healthy options on board.

Here are a few tips I learned that not only work on a cruise but on any vacation or just eating out:

1. Order your meal with a to-go box, and box half of it right away so you’re not tempted to eat the whole thing.
2. Share the love. Split your meal with someone. Most portions are too big for just one person.
3. Be sure and order all sauces and dressings on the side. Dip your fork in the sauce or dressing then put your food on your fork. You’ll get the flavor without the extra calories.
4. When it comes to a buffet on any ship, or in a restaurant, you can fill your plate with salads, grilled vegetables, and fresh fruit.
5. Keep your order simple with foods like broiled or baked shrimp, chicken and fish (never fried or breaded).
6. Avoid the calorie-laden dressings, pizzas, cream based salads, and desert bar.
7. Bring your own refillable water bottle to guard against dehydration.

With all that said, I also know that it is ok to enjoy! It isn’t every day that I get to sail the open seas like this, and doggone it, I wanted to experience this cruise. Luckily, I knew I COULD enjoy…but I also knew there are a couple rules I would follow to make sure my nutrition/health didn’t suffer!

Here are a few tips if you’re going to cheat:

1. Keep your serving size small. After a few bites your taste buds get used to the flavor and nothing is quite like that first bite.
2. Make a good choice. There are options and some are better than others. Still try to pick the lesser of the two evils if possible.
3. Just like with a meal, share the love. Split it with someone.
4. Work it off. If you feel like you’ve overdone it there is always a good hard workout waiting for you to burn off the damage.
5. Keep your water intake up. It will be easier to control your portions if you’re well hydrated. It also helps with the cravings.

Above all ENJOY! I sure did and I can’t wait to do it again!

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