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Day in and day out, my wardrobe is nothing more than sweaty tanks and shorts with the occasional change into jeans and a t-shirt. So lately, when I’ve had the chance to dress up, I’m going all out girly?I’m talking all pink everything…of course with a touch of gold to keep it from looking “Barbie.” Lol ?Who knew glamming up could be so fun?! I swear, I appreciate it more and more, the less time I get!

I wore this magenta ensemble for a dear friend’s wedding recently (Alex from EWL Season 1 married gorgeous Courtney from Biggest Loser…talk about a love story!), and I didn’t want to take it off. Everything from my shoes to my necklace were a bright pink and so much fun to wear. I received a few questions about my look after originally posting a quick pic on Instagram, so I thought I’d share my pink faves?(for less) with you all! Check it out…




1.Laundry by Shelli Segal Twist Back Jersey Bodycon Dress – Although I loved the look of my long formal gown, it’s not realistic on a day-to-day basis, or even for a date night! So I scoped out this super fun and easy-to-wear dress that’s the same magenta color I love. And bonus…it’s now on sale for less than $150! Not a super bargain, but maybe still affordable for a special night out.

2.?Kendra Scott “Elle” Earrings in Magenta – I may be a little late to the game, but I recently discovered the amazing Kendra Scott, and I am HOOKED! Every single piece is adorable and goes with almost anything. I’ve worn these earrings dozen of times since I first bought them with everything from a tank and jeans to my formal look. I’m obsessed!

3.?Kendra Scott Pendant Necklace in Magenta – Again…my Kendra Scott obsession continues. This lightweight statement necklace is exactly what I’ve been on the hunt for?light, bold, and so wearable I forget I have it on. Wear it alone or layered?with other gold necklaces for a fun look!

4. Kendra Scott Jana Bracelet in Magenta – To complete the jewelry look, I went with the trusted Kendra Scott bracelet to match the earring and necklace. Can’t go wrong. <3

5.?BP “Luminate” Ankle Strap Sandal – Sadly, the shoes from this outfit are from seasons past and no longer available, but after some hunting, I’ve found a pretty close look-a-like for a fraction of the price. These little hot pink beauties have a small heel so they won’t leave your feet achy after just a few minutes of wearing, and I am loving the color! Can you tell I might have a small fondness for all things pink lately?!


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  1. The dress in the photo is stunning. Do you mind me asking what brand it is? I’m getting married late next year and I think that dress would be perfect!

  2. I really hope the gentleman standing next to you is a to-be EWL guest! Would be lovely if you helped him transform like you do all of your inspiring people!

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