To My Babies…

Powell226Ruby ? your toothy (and somewhat vampire-like) smile is EVERYTHING. There are times when I stumble, bleary eyed and sleep deprived into your room to pick you up from your crib ? wishing that you?d just let me get some solid sleep. But no matter how tired I am, or how truly exhausted, I wouldn?t trade those late nights with you, or those tender moments in the wee hours of the morning, for anything. You are spunky, spicy, and pure sunshine, my sweet girl.


Cash ? I couldn?t have designed you better myself. You are every bit of good that your dad is (and that?s a lot), and somehow even more. You march to the beat of your OWN drum, and you are your own person in the most incredible way. Your energy, positivity, and innocent humor are truly infectious. You can light up a room (and a life) better than anyone I?ve ever met. Don?t ever change. I love you, my Cashy boy!


Marley ? Marley Grace?quite possibly the sweetest, most sensitive, and compassionate soul in this world. Your beauty runs deep, my sweet girl. You?re absolutely STUNNING on the outside, but somehow even more beautiful on the inside. I couldn?t be prouder of the little girl (almost young lady), daughter, and sister you are. Your heart of gold makes everyone around you feel good and happy. You have the most positive intentions in life and are everything I always wanted to be as a little girl! I love you and am so proud of you.


Matix -?My smart aleck little man?I laugh as I write this. You are funny beyond words, Mister. I love your dry sense of humor and deep desire to ruffle the feathers of those around you just to get a chuckle. Your brilliant mind is truly one-of-a-kind, and I will never get sick of your inventions made of pure trash! Ha! You bring value to the phrase, ?one man?s trash is another?s treasure,? and I absolutely love that about you (even though I yell at you to clean it out/up often!). Watching you grow into a kind and respectful young man is something I find pride in everyday. Love you, buddy!!!


Thank you for nourishing my soul, for forever changing the way my heart beats, and for giving me purpose. I am honored and privileged to be your mother.



And Chris ? We all know you are my 5th child, and I wouldn?t have it any other way?ha! I will clean up your messes, remind you to brush your teeth, keep you on task, and buy your ice cream to help you remain incognito any day. Lol. Love you to the moon and back, and I’m grateful for the best partner in this game of life. xoxo


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