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Keeping your health and fitness goals on track while juggling a busy schedule can be so difficult? trust me, I totally get it! I must say that after years of busy-ness (including 4 kiddos and a full-time workload), I do have one tip in particular that keeps me ahead of my game: an accountability calendar! Planning ahead and scheduling your workouts and meals into your daily life (ahead of time)?is a MUST, and it is my tried and true way to say on top of my own fitness and transformation. I should mention, this tool has worked wonders for many of our clients too.

The how-to is simple:

First, grab a cheap calendar at your local store. You can literally get one at the dollar store! Then at the beginning of every week (I like to do this on Sundays), write out ALL of your high-carb/low-carb days (according to your carb cycle needs) for the entire month, and then list your daily workouts underneath. Take it a step further by pre-planning days to bulk prep your foods (my days are Wednesdays and Sundays). If you are like me, you can also write out your detailed?meal plan for the week according to your pre-allocated high- and low-carb days.

Simple, right? But seriously such a game changer! Treating your workouts and meals like a meeting or an appointment on your ?to-do list? is much more helpful in keeping you accountable than playing it by ear or going with the flow. As the old saying goes, “fail to plan, and plan to fail!

For meal ideas + workouts, check out our latest book, Extreme Transformation!



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  1. Please help me help my daughter!

    I have a nine-year-old daughter facing severe obesity! We have saw doctor after Doctor nutritionists, lifestyle coaches, and psychiatrists. We watched the show and she was so amazing! I tried diet after diet and I don’t know what to do. She has a deformity in her legs called Blount. We have went to Kaiser to try to get this corrected it but it looks like it’s getting worse! She can no longer stand for a long time or walk long distance! I do walk and Zumba with her but it’s so hard for her and for me to watch when she starts hurting. My daughter is the sweetest kid with a huge heart. I just want her to be able to be normal and play like other kids her age.


    1. Hi Chanta: Chris and Heidi truly wish they could help everyone, but they’re not taking on clients right now. It sounds like you’re on the right track though with working with her and consulting with her healthcare team, and we’d suggest you continue to do this since they understand her issues and can work with her on a one-on-one basis now and in the future. We wish you both the best!

    2. Do you think she would be interested in rowing? There are indoor rowers, kinda like indoor bikes. They are low impact, but use a lot of calories. Gyms usually have them. They strengthen your core too. Good luck!!

  2. Hey there, my wife and i just started the extreme transformation plan and we are curious about the portions. Both of us have had trouble finishing the prescribed portion. Is it OK to not finish every meal?

    1. Hi Matthew: Who’d have thought you’d be asking this question about a “diet,” right? It’s best if you can finish the portions, but just do your best. We wish you both the best!

  3. I’m following the plan as laid out in the book “Extreme Transformation”, and am wondering if you keep adding 5 minutes of accelerator “forever”? Is there a maximum to this? For example, at the 6-month mark you’d be up to 2 hours of cardio per day. Thanks in advance for any answers ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Hi Sam: Chris and Heidi recommend you work up to 60 minutes at a time. If you choose to do additional minutes after that, that’s totally up to you!

  4. I’m considering to buy your book and try this diet. I have been reading and I don’t see anything about coffees or teas. I usually have a cup of coffee in the morning and night. I usually make it with coconut milk and stevia. Is that something I will need to stop under this diet?

    1. Hi Jennifer: It’s best to have plain coffee and teas with natural 0 calories sweeteners added like stevia, like you’re used to. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Hi so I am following the Turbo cycle for 1 week now and feel good and I am not feeling hungry…I do a pretty intense cardio circuit workout 30-40 min 5-6 times a week …before following turbo cycle I still worked out but just did a carb free diet
    After 1 week of Turbo cycle I still haven’t lost any weight am I doing something wrong’? ๐Ÿ™

    1. Hi Dina: The first few weeks on a new program can be different for each person based on several factors, so make sure you’re following the cycle to a T, and please be patient. It can take our bodies a bit of time to adjust to a new way of doing things! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. I really need some help in staying on track and losing the weight.. I love the idea of the meals, but I have one HUGE issue and that is my husband and I live w/my dad & step mom and I do not have a huge say in what we serve for meals. I NEED to lose weight and really need someone to help push me and I am just not sure how I can make this happen. My husband is in need of losing weight also and I just don’t know how to make this all happen for us. The issue w/my husband is he is going to be going in for knee surgery because he is bone on bone, but we need to get some weight off and do not have many exercises that he can do because of his knees.. any help you can give would be appreciated. I just don’t know what to do anymore and getting depressed because I really want to lose weight but don’t know how to do it…
    Thanks Alice

    1. Hi Alice: You both can begin your own transformation journey today with the tools they have provided for all of us to use to achieve our transformation goals in this post: And be sure and follow all the links within this post too. This post outlines their carb cycling program, which is the same program they use on the show. Would it be possible for you to plan at least some of the meals? Your dad and step mom might appreciate you taking over some of the meal planning! And with your husband’s knee issues, please have him discuss the exercise part of this program with his healthcare team first and then follow any modifications they might recommend. You both can do this!

  7. Hello

    I just gave birth about 8 weeks ago and I’m really looking foward to loose my weight…I just bought your extreme transformation book and was wondering if I could do Low carb day including carb for breakfast only…wanted to do this for 3 weeks with my workout will it help to loose weight faster for my upcoming event in 3 weeks

    1. Hi Dina: Congratulations on your new baby! I’d follow the program as it’s outlined in the book. It’s formulated the way it is for different reasons, and this formula has been proven to work time and time again. You can do this!

  8. Thanks Heidi, this is such a good idea! I tend to only plan a week ahead, and although I can often successfully stick to it, the following week comes round so fast and you have to start all over again so soon! A month sounds like a much better idea. I also like the thought of adding my food prepping and shopping days on to it which I don’t currently do. Plus, I always have calendars lying around that I get for Christmas and don’t know what to do with, so this solution is perfect! Thanks for keeping me inspired and focused!

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