Taste the Rainbow: Best Ways to Eat More Fruits + Veggies

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How many times have you gone to the grocery store, stacked your cart sky-high full of fresh, yummy produce, ready to conquer a week full of temptation, only to end up letting those apples rot or that lettuce wilt?

Well, you’re not alone! I get requests almost DAILY, especially from moms, for help on how to eat more fruits and veggies. I mean, we’ve all been there, right? Not to mention how to get our kiddos to eat more too! Getting our kids to eat something other than snacks can prove to be the biggest battle of all. So, I figured I’d equip you with a few of my FAIL-PROOF TIPS to get your babes to gobble their greens.

Top Tips to Adding Fruits + Veggies to Your Diet

Eating more fruits and veggies doesn’t have to be hard. To start, wash them as soon as you get home and set them in a visible, easily accessible bowl. Leaving those crunchy greens beneath all of your other refrigerator clutter is a surefire way to let them wither away! The more visible those healthy choices are, the more likely you are to choose them over their fatty, processed counterparts. From making your kids part of the grocery shopping/meal prep experience to prepping your vegetables as soon as you get home, these tips are certain to make sure you eat more fruits and veggies.

1. Take Your Kids Grocery Shopping

😳 What?! Yes…while most moms stress over grabby kids in their cart (“Mom, can I have this and this and this and this?!” 👧🏼👦🏼👱🏼‍♀️👱🏼‍♂️ “NOOO!!”), we can use this grabby-ness to our advantage by taking them down the produce aisle and letting them EACH choose a fruit and veggie of their choice to buy for the family. Once you make it home, allow them to help you wash the produce, ? chop if necessary, ?? and then store on an easy-to-access shelf.

2. Meal Prep (And Include the Kiddos)

If grocery shopping doesn’t do the trick, you can also include your kids in your weekly meal planning. 📝 Let them have some say over what they’ll be eating over the course of the week, allowing each child to take turns choosing a healthy meal for each day. Helping them feel more a part of the process, whether it?s their chosen healthy meal or not, will encourage them to enjoy the healthy meals that are prepared.

Curious if meal prep is worth it? Hint: It is, and here’s how it will also save you money →

The great thing about meal prep is you only buy what you need, so skip the extras like those Oreos and other snacks that sometimes mysteriously sneak their way into the cart! Keep your shopping list short and sweet, just like your kiddos. 😉

3. Organize Your Produce for Grab + Go Snacks

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Just like the old saying out of sight, out of mind, the same applies to your fruits and veggies. Take an extra 10 minutes after washing your produce to pre-proportion out those fruit and veggies into containers to have on hand. Having easy grab + go snacks will you keep you out of the drive-thru and on track with your healthy living goals! A little preparation sure goes a long way!

4. Hide Fruits + Vegetables in Your Favorite Foods

We’ve all done it: zoodles as our pasta and cauliflower rice as our “regular” rice. Being a mom means getting creative. But just because you’re eating healthy doesn’t mean you have to feel like you’re eating cardboard. Veggies are colorful and fun, and they can be super flavorful, too, especially if you’re taking advantage of my secret weapon: seasonings. Grab your favorite spices, rubs, and seasonings and don’t be shy when it comes to covering those veggies! You can even add a little salt, just be mindful about how much you’re sprinkling!

Get more tips for hiding veggies here →

Each of these simple tips will subconsciously encourage your kiddos to grab and eat MORE of the foods you want them to eat WITHOUT any of the nagging and complaining that usually comes with it. Don’t worry if it doesn’t work like a magic trick. It takes time, and consistency is key. You’re doing great, Mamas!

What’s your favorite way to make sure you stick to your healthy eating goals? Tell me what you do to prep for the week and how you make sure you’re getting all of your servings of fruits and veggies!


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35 Responses

  1. Hello
    i saw you videos and motivated to reduce my weight since 1 of july i am doing yoga in morning time and gym and swimming in evening time also i skip lunch and dinner but even then my weight is not reducing.
    morning breakfast- 1 glass milk and 1 bowl oatmeal
    lunch- mung beans 100gm sprout and 1 bowl broccoli.
    dinner – any fruit.
    day time 2 cups of green tea.
    all this work i am doing from 1 st of july but my weight is not reducing
    please help me in the regards
    thank you

    1. Hi Guarav: It sounds like your exercise is on the right track, but I don’t think you’re eating enough calories. When we don’t get enough calories, our bodies go into survival mode and hold back anything they can. Here’s a post that talks about Chris and Heidi’s carb cycling program, and I’d pay special attention to the nutrition part: https://heidipowell.net/9060. Everything you need to know and do is outlined in the program, and be sure and follow all the links within the post too. You can do this!

  2. Hi, thank you for the ideas/challenge. I have been watching your show each week to get inspiration and to help me to recharge myself with my endeavor to get healthier. I’m 57 and have been a call center manager for the last 18 years. Needless to say, the long hours sitting at my desk has really taken a beating on my body. The last 3 yrs I have been doing this same job from my home, as the gas, clothes, & food expenses were too much for my salary vs living expenses. We live in a rural part of East Texas, so everything but WalMart is a 35 mile drive one way. With moving to a work at home position my little walks across the call floor to agents desks, bathroom, break room, and car were eliminated. Thusly I now cannot stand up more than 5 -10 mins at a time or walk far at all as my legs and back are shot. All standing and walking is only on a cane. I know at 5’6″ & 237.8 lbs. if I don’t get it together, I will soon be bedridden or die, so I while watching one ofypurshows in May decided to get started. I’m drinking water instead of coke and not getting seconds, eating smaller portions and getting myself on my recumbent bike twice daily for at least 3 mile rides at 10 mph. Today I went outside in the yard early before the days heat hit and walked for 10 mins. I know I’m not getting enough exercise, as I only dropped one pound this past week, but I can now feel a muscle forming above my kneecap and I have found my endurance to seem better this week than last, but cannot manage to stay on longer yet, but I will! My partner says my butt and thighs look smaller so I guess maybe it is muscle mass causing my weight to plateau. (Plus I gained weight two weeks in late June that set me backwards, so far have only lost 9.2 lbs total) I have been reading on both of your websites any and all information I can to educate myself and get better. I also know I can’t afford your shakes, but am working on eating the veggies more. I just wanted to thank you for all the encouragement and information you guys put out. Please keep doing it and I will be continuing to work on my part.

    1. Hi Bobbie: This is amazing! You are doing an awesome job on your own transformation journey. And you don’t have to buy the Vemma shakes, you can get any whey-based protein powder that has between 15-20 grams of protein and less than 5 grams of carbs per serving. One serving of this can count as the protein part of any meal. You got this!

  3. Heidi, I am just starting out in carb cycling. I read Choose to Lose (the new one) a couple of times and am trying to come up with menus for the week, but am having such a difficult time! I am so confused and have so many questions!! are the measurements of ounces for meats raw or cooked? when can I have fruits? they don’t seem to factor in at all anywhere. and what about milk, is milk not allowed? and some of the recipes in the book call for 1 cup of veggies, sometimes even less, but that is nowhere near the amount we are supposed to be eating-2 cups right? and are we supposed to eat veggies at breakfast first thing in the morning? I feel like I don’t have a grasp on this diet and way of eating at all and feel like I’m failing already! Help!

    1. Let’s get you some answers to all your questions! 1. The measurements for meats are raw. 2. Fruits are considered carbs, so you can have them as the carb portion of any high carb meal. 3. Milk is not on the approved foods list because of the carb count and fat content (in some types). 4. If a recipe calls for less than 2 fist fulls of veggies, then you’d eat additional veggies to equal the 2 fist fulls/meal. 5. You can have veggies (the non-root/non-starchy type) with any meal – both low and high carb. If you’re full with a high carb meal, then they can be optional. Here’s a post that might help too: https://heidipowell.net/4514/carb-confusion/. Happy carb cycling!

  4. My name is.christine and I work 4-5 days a week how can I put in the time to work out and eat healthy on the days that I have to work? I have also been trying to quite smoking to and with my husben smoking as well its kinda hard does anyone have any idea or suggestions on what to do?

  5. I have a quick question, in the book Choose More to Loose more, carrots are under the carbs but it says you can pair them on low carb days. Should I be eating carrots on high carb days only or can I eat them anytime as a vegetable?

  6. I have crohns disease and I have a terrible time trying to eat fruits and vegetables without suffering terrible discomfort. Now that I am going though menopause, the changes in my body are almost laughable. I need help and quick !! 😉

  7. I am a new mommy to an ADORABLE 8 month old baby boy and I love to cook quick meals and have leftovers for the week. One of my favorite go to meals that is quick and easy is grilled chicken breast (or fish) with some sort of rub or marinade, paired with a yummy veggie! Last night was Brussels sprouts baked with a little olive oil salt and pepper to taste. This is the BEST recipe for Brussels sprouts, HANDS DOWN! I promise you will like them. 🙂 Other nights I have done zucchini and squash, broccoli or asparagus. YUM!

    Another tip for fruit that needs to be eaten is to put it into your morning bowl of cereal or oatmeal.

    1. You really can’t spot reduce – you can eat healthy foods in the right portions and exercise your entire body regularly, and not only will your abdominal area become toned and fit, but the rest of your body as well! Check out Chris and Heidi’s carb cycling program in their book, “Choose More, Lose More for Life.” The book contains their complete nutrition and exercise program, and it’s the same one they use on the show. It will teach you everything you need to know and do to achieve your health and fitness goals. Learn about the nutrition basics here: https://heidipowell.net/2713/carb-cycling-101/. You can do this!

  8. Every Sunday night I make a large bowl of breakfast scramble, (Egg whites, sausage and boiled potatoes.) divide it into 1 cup servings in ziplock bags. Microwave for 1 minute per bag and the family is set with a hot breakfast to start our day.

  9. I always prepare my snacks and meals the night before so that I can grab and go in the morning . Fail to plan, plan to fail.

  10. Fruits are easy…I put them in bowls, out for hands to reach in and grab. We love asparagus, and I put it in the oven and bake it with a swish of olive oil and a bit of sea salt. If you bake it long enough, it’s almost crunchy! Keep it out during dinner and everyone eats it up like chips. No kidding! The other veggie we “do” is bagged salad. The spinach is really good with strawberries and walnuts. Kind of expensive, but with archery, medieval sword fighting and competitive gymnastics, time is of the essence. My kids also really like broccoli. I buy it frozen and steam it. Don’t judge! It’s really good, and they eat it! Hope this helps other busy moms…

  11. I am always on the lookout for fruits and veggies to use in smoothies (spinach, pineapple, and coconut water is a personal favorite). So I like to blend several right when I get home and store them in the freezer. Then I can easily pull one out when I’m getting ready for work and have a ready-made, healthy breakfast at my desk 🙂

  12. We have “fruit shelf” and a “veggie drawer” in our fridge. The only things that go there are fruits and veggies, and it didn’t take long for us to automatically to those places first when we want a snack 🙂

  13. I love bell peppers so I wash and cut them right away. Easy snack I love! I even make pre portioned baggies for my kids.

  14. I am in total agreement…I am definitely guilty of wilted produce, but find that (especially in berry season (!!my fav!!)) When I wash and put it in clear tupperware in my fridge, every time I open up the fridge I see those blueberries, raspberries and strawberries calling to me instead of that cookie etc.

    I definitely am finding it harder to eat more veggies….although since having my son (1 year this week!) We have been eating more veggies because he does. Definitely needs more work tho. 🙂 love the blog, Heidi!

  15. I’m loving all these tips and videos that you and chris put on. I watch an episode of obese a year to save my life every morning while I’m doing my kettle bell work out as my daily inspiration then sweat my ass off in the gym at night time. When my veggies start to seem a bit like they are going off I just put them all in a pan and make soup then freeze it. No point wasting it 🙂

  16. I used to that all the time. I found that if I prepare my meals for the week on say Sunday, everything is portioned out and it’s just grab and go. I also started participating in the Bountiful Baskets CoOp and that has opened a whole new world of fresh fruits and veggies for me. As soon as I get my basket every other week, I sort, clean and portion. It’s amazing how much it keeps me on track and not only helps my body and mind stay healthy, but my pocket book as well!

  17. Salad in a jar works so well, I did not believe but tried it and sure enough it works. get large mason jars, put salad dressing in the bottom, and then all the great veggies and make layers, mix in some fruit too and then on top stuff it full of lettuce or greens and pack it in, spin on the cover and put them in your fridge, make different ones so its not boring and make sure they stay upright. When you ready for lunch or dinner or snack just flip it over and shake it up get the dressing on everything and pour out on a plate and you have a great salad, nothing wilts and its fast and easy.

    1. These are amazing. I love them. I make 5 of them on Sunday and have throughout the week for lunch!

  18. I’ve always read that once you cut up fruit/veggies, they start to lose their nutritional value. Also, some items (ie: strawberries) seem to get kinda withered and sad looking after a day or two once their cut. Any tips to combat this? And, is there actually any truth to what I’ve read about them losing nutritional value? I’d love to try this this idea about making everything visible though because I’m definitely guilty of letting things go to waste. One last thing, thanks for being awesome! Love following this blog and website for new tips!

    1. Perhaps some nutrients will leach out once cut but if you skip the prep it is a higher chance of not eating them and then it is truly wasted. I only do a day or two in advance. I never pre wash berries . I wait until using them.

  19. My husband and I are on week four carb cycling with “choose more lose more”. We love it!
    I started portioning my veggies out like this a few weeks ago and it makes it so easy to grab anything I need and none of it has gone bad!
    You and your husband are such an inspiration to me! I am a mom to two little ones and I love reading your blogs! Thank you for them!! I look forward to reading more!

  20. You and Chris are amazing ! I want to have that passion and dedication they way you both do . I really want to loose weight , I just need some help from you. Please consider taking me on as client or tell me how I can do that 🙂

    1. Hi Esmerelda: Casting for season 5 of Extreme Weight Loss is closed, and you can find out more info about future casting calls at http://www.extremeweightlosscasting.com. But you don’t need to wait for the show to begin your transformation journey! You can begin today with the tools Chris and Heidi have made available for all of us to use! Check out their carb cycling program in their book, “Choose More, Lose More for Life.” The book contains their complete nutrition and exercise program, and it’s the same one they use on the show. It will teach you everything you need to know and do to achieve your own transformation! Learn about the nutrition basics here: https://heidipowell.net/2713/carb-cycling-101/. You can do this! 🙂

  21. Yes!! I do this all the time & feel horrible about it. Another good way to save produce if it’s about to go bad is throw it all in a blender and have a smoothie or two. I also like to put berries on the verge into ice cube trays and freeze them. Then you have yummy (and pretty) flavored water for the week. Thanks for the post! I’m going to go home & rescue my produce today 🙂

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