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Yes, you know you should exercise. But why is it so important to move your body on a regular basis? The answer to this question is pretty simple?exercise can transform your life in awesome ways!

Here are a few of the many benefits of regular exercise:

  • Lowers rates of cancer, heart disease, and high blood pressure.
  • Provides more oxygen to your organs, tissues, and muscles, giving you more energy for work, family, and personal activities.
  • Cleans toxins out of your body, including your brain, which gives you more mental clarity.
  • Makes your body stronger, leaner, and more muscular.
  • Lowers rates of depression and other mental disorders.
  • Makes you feel better.
  • Delivers more nutrients to all the cells in your body.
  • Revs up your metabolism so you burn even more calories throughout the day.
  • Helps you lose weight and keep it off forever!

For Chris and me, our ultimate goal?and the driving force behind everything we do?is not just to help people lose weight. Yes, achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is super important, but what we want more than anything is to help everyone become fit and stay fit?for life! To do this you not only need an amazing nutrition program?like the nutrition part of our carb cycling program, but an effective and realistic exercise program as well. You cannot truly transform your life without both!

The most important components of any exercise program are building and maintaining muscle (strength training) and burning calories (cardio). And we?ve got you covered there!

No matter which program you follow, both are designed to fit every lifestyle, every schedule, every fitness level, and every body, and they require minimal (if any) equipment. And I must say, both are pretty darn fun! 🙂

So are you convinced that regular exercise is important?and doable? Then let?s get moving!


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  1. I am 52 years old and in the past 1yr found out that I have disintergrating discs in my neck and upper back. I have just about 52 lbs to lose and don’t even know where to begin. I walk as much as I can, try for about 5K 3 times a week and other days about a mile. I also have planter faciaitis (sp) which some days I just about have to crawl to get around. I try hard to watch what I eat, try to get about 90 oz water a day. I need suggestions. Trying whatever I can to avoid surgery. I was always a very active person up until 2013 and then things just started to fall apart. My weight battle has gone on since my 20’s, when I shouldn’t even have worried (I was 132lb at the age of 27 and many so called friends kept telling me I was fat, boy what I wouldn’t give to be back there)

    1. Hi Nancy: Thank you for your comment! Here’s a post that outlines Chris and Heidi’s carb cycling program: http://heidipowell.9060, and it’s the same program they use on the show. With your health issues, it would be best to discuss this program with your healthcare team first and then follow any modifications they recommend as far as exercise is concerned. You can do this!

  2. This is awesome. I have been very active and into fitness for 7 years now. I have been struggling to keep my last 10 pounds off (yo-yo-ing). Lately it seems I am not able to lose anything no matter how hard I try. I am excited to give the carb cycling a try. I ordered the extreme transformation and choose more lose more books and have read them. My question is more for the strength training and what is too much versus too little. I love going to the gym and spending time with my husband lifting weights. I noticed in the book they just have you doing a 9 minute mission or metabolic mission. Is it beneficial to do that immediately when you wake up, eat, then go to the gym and do weight training. Then afterwords do the HIT or accelerator ? I know that I currently fall in the category of not eating enough and working out too long. However I would really like to build lean muscle as well as workout with my husband who would like to build more muscle.
    I plan on following the carb cycling meal plans, I’m just a little confused as what workouts to do without doing too much. I am accustomed to spending two hours in the gym five days a week .
    Any advice would be great thanks.

  3. hello, I am so new to this and for 8 years I took on the responsibility of raising my nephews… I don’t know how to take care or put my self first… Starting has always been the challeng… I am 358 how many calories should I take in? How long should I excersize? And what do I eat? Please help

  4. Please help me.. I’m forty five years old and 55 pounds over weight. I’ve just undergone my third abdominal hernia repair. My surgeon has said I can’t do anything that puts any stress on my core and am to try and lose weight through diet and walking. Can you help me be my best me. Please

    1. Hi Nancy: I’m so sorry to hear about all you’ve been going through, and I can’t imagine how frustrating this all must be for you! Here’s a link to the nutrition part of Chris and Heidi’s carb cycling program, and I hope you can find some things you can use for the nutrition side of your transformation program: As for exercise, it would be best to work with your healthcare team to put a program in place as they understand your exact issues and can work with you on a one-on-one basis. We wish you the best!

  5. holaaa siempre veo su programa me llamo Mariela tengo 31 a?os soy casada con 4 hermosos hijos y necesitaria d ayuda soy d Argentina se que estamos lejos pero me gustaria mucho contactarme con ustedes desde ya muchisimas gracias

    1. Hi Mariela: (Traducido utilizando Google Translate) Heidi no est? tomando en los clientes en este momento, pero puede utilizar el mismo programa que ella y Chris utilizar el Lobby Europeo de Mujeres y comenzar su viaje de transformaci?n de hoy! M?s informaci?n sobre los conceptos b?sicos de su programa aqu?: htp: // ?Puedes hacerlo!

  6. I don’t know if I am writing in the correct place, but after watching your show, both my husband and I were very impressed by how your train these people with such problems. I am not as fat as
    some people I have seen, but I am in a rut and it is getting very hard for me. My life has been a roller coaster of dieting and binge eating. Senior year of high I went from 180 pounds to 120 pounds, and as you can guess I was bulmic. I tried every thing, including the 1 week fast to the for me about 7 months fast. I would eat a little bit of junk food and that was all, and I looked incredible. A few things about me, I am adopted and one of the only things I know about the woman is that she had a problem with food.I am not a lover of food as in real lunch or dimmer food. I have always been known as the junk food lady. On my last diet I ate liquids,, juice with protien powder or soups. I was actually quite active for some one who wasn”t that over weight, but my mother was always picking on me not watching what I ate, and through all her life she always swore I wasn’t bulimic. She was so self centered. She didn’t even notice I was losing weight. Finally I decided to
    trry a program that you weighed in almost every day. It was a wonderful diet, and I never cheated on that I., something I now know for me it throws me off when I have finished the diet, I don’t know how to eat correctly. Also, just to let you know I am a vegetarian and I find it hard to go out to eat,
    but I’ve learned to work with that, evem though so many of my friends try to get me to eat meat and fish, I get sick from it,
    Now comes the problem, I have always been very active, walking all over Manhattan or going to discos and danced until I droppped. As of my late 40’s I began to realize I had something with me. I had started to have loads of surgerys, and for some reason they didn;t work. What was going on. The doctor I had told me I was eating more the I thought and not excercing. I told her I knew what I was doiing. I went to my Shrink and he said something was wrong and we should look into it. Both a relative of my husband and myself came across what we thought was the problem – Ehlerss-Danlos syndrome. My surgeon laughed at me and asked did I think I was a rubberman in a circus. Did sort of walk out and did never go back to him. Did reserch and got in touch with the organization, and sure enough I had all but one of the parts that is common, and my I had a really bad case as it hit my back. I am about getting to the point where I will be in a wheelchair,
    For the last numbers of years my body has degenerated and the pain in my back has it so I can only walk a block or two. So this leaves me where I am that I can’t do the excercises you show on TV, but is there some foundation or group that deals with people who want to lose weight but can hardly do anything, except swim, which is hard to do in the City as we are not near a swim club, but summer time I watch what I eat and swim in our beautiful pool in our back yard. I don’t want to sound like a cimplainer, which I am, but my whole body is totally in sspasm. As I said I don”t get out much, but my building has a full pool, and gym and I would love to have someone work with me at my home and help tone up. I can never do the fancy excersises that your people do, But I know there much be something I can do,
    Thank you very much for reading this
    Deborah Aaron

    1. Hi Deborah: Thank you for your comment! It sounds like you’re dealing with a lot, and I can’t imagine how frustrating this all must be for you. You might be interested in checking out Chris and Heidi’s carb cycling program – it’s their complete nutrition and exercise program,and it’s the same one they use on the show. It will teach you everything you need to know and do to achieve your own transformation goals, and it’s a program you can follow for life after you achieve your goals. Learn all about it here: And with your health issues, please discuss their program with your healthcare team first, and then follow any modifications they recommend. And swimming is an awesome form of exercise, so you’re good to go there! You can do this!

    1. Yes, each day during the month has a 9-Minute Mission, and all the exercises and missions are explained in the book – with pictures and instructions. They’re awesome!

  7. Hi Heidi
    Before I became ‘gimpy’, I was able to be really active and maintained my lean, strong body – I ran to reduce stress. I retired from military active duty afte 21 years of service (my family is 4 continuous generations of military service). Now with bad arches, Achilles’ tendons, and just generally Bad Feet, that ‘running’ avenue is closed. I’m 61. I also have chronic migraines, sciatica, osteoarthritis, TMJ, IBS, osteopenia (on top of lactose intolerance, or because of?), am pre-diabetic… Bright light and all fluorescent lighting make my head split open. I lost a lot of weight but a change in medication has put nearly all of it back on. I bought a treadmill and have it beside my bed so I can exercise while watching TV (it has NOT become a clothes rack). My podiatrist keeps banning me from it because of the Plantar Fasciitis being so active I’ve had to go back to using canes. My personal belief is that if I could lose this weight I put on I would have less problems with my feet. Today I bought your book and pre-ordered the one scheduled to debut December 2015. I ride my motorcycle, play with whichever of my grandchildren is around, my dogs, … 5’3″, and frightfully close to 200. Starting on your book, just arrived electronically, as soon as I click ‘Submit’. Any help you have would be SO appreciated.

    1. You’re going to love the book! I’d suggest you discuss the program with your healthcare team first, and then follow any modifications they recommend. Everything is outlined for you, including what to eat, an awesome foods list, and your daily exercise schedule. If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or on Heidi’s FB page. And remember, the nutrition side of weight loss is super important, so even if you can’t move as much as you’d like to, you can still achieve your goals!

  8. I understand all of these points in theory, but like the previous reply, in practice I struggle. I am a business owner and after losing 85lbs, I was put on bed rest with a high risk pregnancy for over 7 months and gained 120lbs. I have since lost 80lbs, but it has been nearly 3 years and the last 30-40lbs just won’t budge. I am on my feet running and building my salon business a majority of 12 hours a day but often don’t eat during that time, come home, eat dinner spend an hour with my toddler, and exercise is the LAST thing on my mind at that point… Some nights I am in bed and asleep an hour after my daughter. I am a vegetarian, try to minimize carbs, I know time is the number one excuse for not exercising, and my (1 meal a day and sometimes late snacking) poor eating habits are not helping the situation, but any suggestions would help. It just seemed so much easier to lose weight in my 20’s and before kids, now I seem like a stranger in my body.

    1. Hi Jolleen: You are one busy lady! Yes, you should get in as much exercise as you can, however, good nutrition is a huge key to achieving your weight loss goals too. And if you’re fueling your body correctly, all other areas of your life can improve too. You might want to check out the nutrition side of Chris and Heidi’s carb cycling program here: It’s an awesome program, and it will help you develop better nutrition goals so you can feel better and reach your transformation goals. And congrats on losing those 80 pounds – that’s amazing!

  9. Hello, I appreciate everything that you represent. I do have a question, as a busy mom of 4 who also works full time with special needs kids. I am now nearly 44 years old and about 15-20 pounds over weight. Though I carry it pretty well to most people, for myself I want to be strong and fit. I wish you all could offer a kick the busy mommas butt program lol . I wish I could get that type of investment from someone to help me with the personally accountability. As someone who has mostly kept it “together” , I don’t get much support or encouragement from my friends who struggle more with like 40-80 lbs overweight. Anyways, If you ever decide to choose a few moms who just need the jumpstart of accountability, I would be blessed to have the someone help me pour back into “me”…..thank you again for all that you continue to do for others, blessings. Shann

    1. Hi Shann: While Chris and Heidi don’t have another show in the works, their program – the same one they use on the show – can work no matter how many pounds you want to lose! Check out their carb cycling program in their book, “Choose More, Lose More for Life.” The book contains their complete nutrition and exercise program, and it’s the same one they use on the show. It will teach you everything you need to know and do to achieve your transformation goals! Learn all about it here: You can do this!

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