Metabolic Missions

While the Extreme Cycle nutrition program is the foundation of your transformation journey, if you want to speed up your weight loss results, you?ll need to add regular exercise into your routine. We have designed 15 different Metabolic Missions (strength training exercises), and each is a short-duration, high-intensity circuit designed to build and shape your muscles and get your metabolism moving?and keep it moving?so you?re burning fat all day long.

These Metabolic Missions don?t require any equipment, and they can be done pretty much anywhere. And don?t let their simplicity fool you?they will raise your heart rate, make your muscles burn, and get you the results you want in only a matter of minutes five days a week (Monday-Friday).

And to get you started, here are your first two Metabolic Missions:

The Grinder

Set a running clock, and as fast as you can, do 21 reps of each exercise, then do 15 reps of each exercise, then do 9 reps of each exercise.

Phoenix Rising

Set a running clock and perform as many rounds of the following circuit as you can in 15 minutes.

5 Push Ups
10 Swing Ups
15 Squats

So…how?d you do? If you couldn?t complete the entire Metabolic Mission, that?s totally okay! Just build from where you are. And if you need to stop and rest for a few seconds during your Metabolic Mission, that?s totally fine. As you continue to do these circuits, you?ll be surprised at how quickly your strength and endurance improve.

For our complete Metabolic Missions program, as well as the nutrition part of the Extreme Cycle (including 21 days? worth of amazing recipes), get your copy of Extreme Transformation today!


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  1. I just started the extreme cycle (am on day 5) and am really enjoying it. I am 62 with about 50 pounds to lose. The programme is giving me the courage to address other tthings as well as my physical condition, and I have booked to have my nose repaired, as it was badly lacerated in a motor vehicle accident many years ago. The surgeon says that I will be off exercise, have you had experice of what happens if exercise is ruled out?

    1. Hi Nancy: Since weight loss is 80% nutrition, even if you can’t work out while you’re recovering, you can still lose weight. Stick to your nutrition plan, and you’ll do great!

  2. Just realized the last comments and replies on here is from early 2016, lol… I wish I knew where to turn to here because I love Chris and Heidi, would like to have some sort of feedback and / or support…

    1. Hi Janet: We see every new comment, and I just replied to your other comment. You’re doing awesome – you can totally do this!

  3. Today is day1 of Metabolic missions for me… I haven’t done any type of exercise in months, I injured my knee when I got over zealous with my workouts and Boom! It was over for me, I could barely walk to do my job, let alone workout. Slowly found myself slipping into old eating habits and here I am, knees hurt more than ever, my back and joints are in constant discomfort. I did the MM today and am still sweating while I sit here and type this. I plan on walking tonight after I prepare supper, am hoping I can get my husband out the door with me, we will see. Thank you.

    1. Yes! Just do the Metabolic Missions in the same order, and have a rest day on day 7.

  4. I am confused! On the turbo cycle blog it says that the turbo plan is still the best and on the extreme cycle blog it says that the extreme replaces turbo cycle by being the best. Which is it? I understand you cant determine everyone is going to lose “X” amount of weight on what plan, but the turbo plan still seems to be the best to me, but I NEED clarification please.

    1. Hi Krysten: The Extreme Cycle is the new cycle based on Chris and Heidi’s experiences working with their contestants since the Turbo Cycle was introduced. Any of the cycles can work, it all depend on which one you’d like to follow. And you can change cycles at any time!

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