The Extreme Cycle is the newest addition to our carb cycling family and is the result of our years of experience helping our peeps successfully transform their lives on Extreme Weight Loss. If you?re already a carb cycler, then a lot about this new cycle will seem familiar. If you’re new to carb cycling, check out the carb cycling basics first, and then get cycling!

Here’s what an Extreme Cycle week looks like:

  • Monday: High carb day
  • Tuesday: High carb day
  • Wednesday: High carb day
  • Thursday: High carb day
  • Friday: Low carb day
  • Saturday: Low carb day
  • Sunday: Reset Day (and weigh-in day)

Those four consecutive high carb days will give your body a sense of normalcy and let you get into a routine with meal planning. Switching to two low carb days flips your weight loss into turbo mode, allowing you to burn the maximum fat, which is what we want, right?! And your weekly Reset Day (known as your Reward Day in other cycles), lets you eat all those foods you crave, boosts your metabolic rate, and actually helps you lose weight!

Just like with the other cycles, you’ll eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking and every 3 hours thereafter for a total of 5 meals a day. When it comes to putting your meals together, this is what you’ll do:

  • Every breakfastβ€”on both low and high carb daysβ€”contains a protein, a carb, and a fat.
  • On high carb days, for meals 2, 3, and 4, you’ll be eating a protein, a carb, and veggies. For meal 5, you’ll be eating a protein, a fat, and veggies.
  • On low carb days, all 4 meals after breakfast will contain a protein, a fat, and veggies.
  • And veggiesβ€”the non-root/non-starchy typeβ€”are totally “free” in the Extreme Cycle! You can enjoy them in limitless portions, and they are a huge key to helping you feel full throughout your day.

If you’re using our book, Extreme Transformation, where we talk about the Extreme Cycle and a lot of other amazing transformation-related things, all your meals are planned out for you for all 21 days of the cycle! We’ve created 21 days? worth of amazing meals for you, including Cheat Meals for your Reset Days. We’ve also included other options to make meal planning as simple and flexible as possible. And you can repeat the Extreme Cycle as many times as you want, or you can change to the Turbo Cycle if you need to shake things up a bit. And for all you macro counters (*hand raised*), calories and macros are figured out and listed for you with every single recipe. πŸ™‚ If you’d like to put your own meals together, or are out and about and can’t meal prep ahead of time, follow this handy portion size guide:

  • Proteins: Palm-size portion
  • Carbs (grainy, starchy, and fruit): 1 clenched fist
  • Veggies: 2 clenched fists
  • Fats: 1 thumb
  • Sauces: 1 thumb

Are you ready to take your transformation to the extreme and lose those extra pounds in the fastest and safest way possible? Then grab a copy of Extreme Transformation, and let’s go!