Eat Your Veggies! + A Giveaway!

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Congratulations to our book winner,
Christy Troxell-Thomasgreen and red healthy food

Veggies are so awesome that even though they?re complex carbs, we?ve given them their very own group in carb cycling! In fact, you can eat 2 handfuls of non-root/non-starchy type veggies with every. single. meal. πŸ™‚

So why do veggies deserve such a distinction? They are packed with vitamins, minerals, and fiber, and have amazing health benefits:

Veggies pretty much nourish every part of your body! And one of their main benefits? They are so low in calories that you can fill up with veggies without even making hardly a dent in your daily calorie bank account. Try doing that with any other food group!

I?m often asked about fresh vs. frozen vs. canned veggies. While fresh, in season veggies are best, frozen and canned are great alternatives because fresh veggies start to lose their nutrients within days. Since the frozen and canned variety are picked and then processed at their peak, they continue to hold the majority of their nutrients for an extended period of time. Processing actually increases the lycopene found in tomatoes, which protects you against heart disease and even some cancers. And what?s the best part about choosing frozen or canned veggies? They allow you to eat your favorites year-round! They?re also quick and easy to prepare, and you?ll save money because you?ll throw away less due to spoilage. Just be sure to choose no sugar and low or no salt added varieties.

Since most people consume only about half of the recommended servings of veggies each day, here are some ideas to help you add more of these nutritional necessities into your diet:

  • Add a handful of spinach to your smoothie. You won?t even know it?s there!
  • Buy pre-washed bags of salad.
  • Pre-package your own veggies for a healthy, on-the-go snack.
  • Add veggies to sandwiches and soups.
  • Choose to snack on veggies instead of other not-so-healthy options.
  • Get creative?try something new! You might discover a new favorite. πŸ˜‰
  • Make sure your veggies are colorful!
  • Just gotta? have ranch dip with your veggies? Try this healthier version: 1) Mix together equal parts each of onion powder, dried dill, and garlic powder. 2) Mix in three times the amount used for the ingredients in step 1 (if you used 1 tablespoon for step 1, use 3 tablespoons in this step) of dried parsley. 3) Add sea salt and pepper taste. 4) Add this mix (to taste) to plain nonfat Greek yogurt and enjoy!

What creative things do you do to incorporate more veggies into your day? Share your ideas in the comments below. Winner of the?autographed copy of Chris? book, Choose to Lose?was chosen randomly and announced on Friday, March 14, 2014.

Now go eat your veggies! πŸ™‚

142 Responses

  1. Thank you very much for the information and help. I wanted to ask if you count the calories of vegetables or not. If I eat 1200 caloriesa a day . Do I add the calories of vegetables? (I eat another 200 calories) or should I eat a total of 1200 cal a day with vegetables?
    Thank you very much

    1. Hi Tehila: It’s best to count everything you consume to keep you accountable, but veggies are pretty low cal, so that shouldn’t be anything to worry about. πŸ™‚

  2. Hi there! Just a couple of questions. When preparing recipes from the book or just putting together my own meal, are the ounces listed for meats, raw or cooked ounces? Do I weigh before I cook them or after?

    Also, when putting foods in their proper category and combinations, I was wondering if spaghetti squash is considered a “carb”or a “veggie?”

    Thank you!

    1. Hi Nicole: Each recipe will specify if you’re to used cooked meats or not. If it calls for raw, then measure raw. If it calls for cooked, then measure cooked. And all squash are considered veggies. πŸ™‚

  3. Dear Chris thank you for helping me I lose 20LB off my wents great I keep it going thanks 15lb again off my wents Your site food is great I love it love you Angela

  4. I’ve lost 8 lbs since starting this 6 days ago. I had already lost about 7 before I started this so I know it’s not water weight. I don’t know how it’s working but it is!

  5. Hey Mrs. Powell I was wondering if only liking and eating corn, green beans , peas, lettuce, and raw carrots a bad thing? My son and I are not fond of tomatoes, onions, broccoli , but we do eat the other ones I mention before. Do you think we will still be somewhat healthy ?

  6. First of all I used to hate veges. In order to make myself learn to like them I ate nothing but protein shakes and veges for three weeks. Now I love them because I taught myself how to make a few key recipes. I also learned to include them in every dish I make. For instance, I add pureed squash to brownie mix one time. Another time I made vege dip out of blending up avocado, onions and artichokes. Instead of break I’ll use sliced veges. Zucchinni is my favorite “bread.”

  7. First I want to thank you for all the advice and inspiration you and Chris have been giving us on FB. I do not do anything too special with my veggies, but I do cut them up when I get home from the grocery store and put them into individual snack bags so they are easy to grab and go. By the way, thanks for the ranch dip recipe I am a dipper.

  8. I chopped up my veggies to snack on the night before. Yellow, orange and red peppers, celery and seedless cucumbers. I eat them with a little garlic hummus. I also add spinach to my egg beaters every morning. I have made a conscious effort to increase my veggie intake since the beginning of the year and I am down 18 lbs so far.

  9. I take a bag of frozen stir fry veggies in stead of using oil I use water to cook them i sprinkle Italian seasoning and granulated onion powder, then just and before serving is sprinkle parmesan cheese on it .taste great simple fast and great for the busiest days .

  10. Hi Heidi! I put a handful of spinach into my smoothie every single morning, in addition to fat-free milk, mixed berries and a banana. One of my favorite recipes is spinach saut?ed with feta cheese, and I often eat this as a side dish. When I get home from work each day, I go right to my juicer and throw in some kale, carrots, green and red apples.

  11. I love to throw a bunch of veggies together…whatever I have…and drizzle a little olive oil over them and put them under the broiler and roast them. This brings out wonderful flavors…..mmmm love them made this way!!!

  12. I like to use a mix of snow peas, cauliflower, broccoli, carrots, sometimes brussle sprouts cut small or zucchini, and then use. Olive oil, a little low sodium season salt, and a no salt garlic herb seasoning and then put on foil on the grill.

  13. My son absolutely adores “Pot Pie”. So I had him help me re-make a traditional recipe. We reduced the amount of crust used and we use fresh ingredients. This means that we can add any veggie that we want and in the amount we want. So he gets the taste, and he gets all the veggies, just healthier.

  14. Love the ranch alternative idea… can’t wait to try it! I love veggies but honestly forget to eat them until dinner time. My goal is start taking my lunch to work and take snack packs of veggies with me. πŸ™‚

  15. I just put together your dip, Heidi. We’ll eat our raw veggies with the burgers we grill tonight! The weather is awesome!

  16. I make a spaghetti sauce in the crockpot full of veggies. When its done cooking I blend it up so its not chunky but you get all the veggies!

  17. Stir fry……i can’t stop eating it 2-3 nights a week. Loads of garlic, chilli & ginger. Red onions, red & green bell peppers, pak choi, broccoli & mushrooms. It looks so fresh & vibrant tastes amazing its winner winner for sure

  18. If I’m roasting vegetables I usually only prepare a few batches at a time. I like adding them to pasta dishes or quinoa. I hope I’m lucky to win! πŸ™‚

  19. If I’m making turkey burgers I’ll load the meat mix with veggies & also top them with additional vegetables.

  20. How I got my kids to eat carrots: I use “What’s up doc?” from Looney Toons. They don’t even notice that they are eating carrots because they are having too munch fun being Bugs Bunny.

  21. I’ll also prepare veggies for the week in containers that way I stay on track πŸ™‚ If I’m having a salad I will try to “incorporate the rainbow”. Colored peppers are my favorite.

  22. When I go to Subway I will also opt for the veggie delite, no cheese with a little mustard and pepper. I prefer it over the higher sodium deli meats.

  23. We juice almost every night and try to put veggies we don’t normally eat in there so it’s easy to gulp down!

  24. I like to add veggies (spinach) to my fruit smoothies. That way you can trick yourself to make sure you eat your veggies.

  25. I like to incorporate them into smoothies, to “volumize” dishes. If I’m having brown rice I’ll add in a serving (or two!) of veggies πŸ™‚ Grilled veggies are my absolute favorite. I add a little low sodium seasoning and they are amazing.

  26. I add veggies to lasagna. When I make soup after boiling the chicken & veggies I pur?e the veggies and add to the stock. I also got my kids to eat vegetables when they were little by letting them pick things to make dinner colorful. Now they ask to have different colored “mashed potatoes” or potatoes wiht “sprinkles”

  27. I’m really working on being mindful during my weight loss journey. The most effective way I have found to add more veggies is to look at the meal I’m going to prepare and brainstorm all the veggies I can add that would enhance the flavor or go unnoticed. It’s amazing how many veggies can be wonderfully added to a dish if you just take a moment to prioritize it!

  28. I just started the jj virgin diet! I do meal prep on Sundays and cut up fruits/veggies so they are quick and easy and ready for any meal! I don’t have to take time to chop before the meal it’s already done πŸ™‚ healthy eating is time consuming you just have to plan ahead to stay on track

  29. I make veg soups on favourite being ‘cream’ of broccoli using organic broccoli and coconut milk to make it creamy really nice

  30. I eat soup every day for lunch during my work week because it is just so easy and nothing to plan (except Sunday when I make it). I pack mine with as much veggies as possible. My favorite is a spicy chicken soup with green beans, red and green peppers, a small amount of sweet corn, kale, onions, and squash.

  31. I just follow yours and Chris’s food plan, what more can I say. I get all the veggies I need………, feeling cleaner too inside/out. I am really enjoying all the different recipes. πŸ™‚

  32. Fruits and veggies can be added to any meal! I add 1 cup to all three of my meals and one fruit for my snacks. I like to make
    Fruit salads and add veggies to lean turkey burger for my own veggie burger!

  33. I occasionally get canned veggies because canned green beans is the only veggies my hubby actually likez.

  34. Always have frozen veggies on hand to make with meals. I need to figure out more good veggies to feed my 17 mo old.

  35. I’ve been trying to make sure I prepare easy snack veggies to bring to work. I can eat them little by little throughout the day.

  36. I love veggies. I put spinach in everything, I even bake fresh spinach to make it like chips for a great snack

  37. we make fruit and veggie smoothie popsicles. Kale, spinach and cucumber all work great along with Greek yogurt and berries.

  38. I add veggies in my smoothies every morning and for the kids as well.For a quick healthy snack: Kale Chips, the kids love them πŸ˜‰

  39. Oh and for my 3 year old daughter the mixed veges and corn are “M&Ms” =) She called them that once and we just stuck with it! So she really enjoys eating her corn, carrot, and pea M&Ms!

  40. I love veggies. I have always ate veggies at dinner. Usually, canned and same ones green beans, peas, carrots,and broccoli. I have been learning to snack on the raw ones and never would have guessed I would be obsessed with cucumbers, tri-colored peppers, broccoli and carrots raw. I am now venturing into frozen Brussels sprouts, Lima beans, and spinach. Next step will be learning to grill them on my new gas grill. Veggies are so filling and healthy for us diabetics.

  41. Sometimes, I will add steamed carrots to my oatmeal for breakfast. I steam the carrots, place in the food chopper appliance and add to oatmeal. I mix it well and add some cinnamon. Once a week, I have a colorful salad for breakfast, lunch and dinner with any vegetables and fruits that I have in the house. This helps me catch up with any servings of vegetables and fruits that I may have missed during the week. This helps me avoid spoilage and then I am ready to shop for weekly produce groceries.

  42. We don’t always have to hide our vegetables in recipes. I have fallen in love with roasted vegetables. I know just a generation ago fresh veggies were not often available and vegetables (frozen, boiled etc etc) didn’t taste very good. That doesn’t have to be the case today. Vegetables can be yum yum yummy! Watching youtube videos and searching recipes to learn how to make great tasting vegetables has made a world of difference!!!

  43. I like to buy the pre-packaged veggies with dip from the grocery store when I am in a hurry for lunch. Makes me full and I feel much better afterwords to know I put something good in my body.

  44. I have to say I’m not the best at eating my veggies thru out the day. But when it comes to dinner I load up on veggies love stirf frys, soups, or just steaming a little to go with a chicken. Would love more ideas on how to had some to my daily diet.

  45. I trade our spaghetti squash for spaghetti, my “meatloaf” is 50% pur?ed veggies and I love veggie sandwiches πŸ™‚

  46. I can’t live without frozen chopped kale (or spinach.) I put it in everything. Smoothies, soups, sauces. Most of the time I just heat it up on the stove with a little garlic and that’s it. If I’m out of fresh greens for salad, it’s perfect!

  47. I have my veggies every day for lunch with hummus. Another way is I add a number of veggies to make a quinoa salad to have for supper with chicken or I make a salsa to add to chicken also with a little cheese and put in the oven. Thanks.

  48. I make roll ups to snack on. Turkey slice filled with spinach, romaine, bell peppers, cucumbers and banana peppers. Protein, low calorie, convenient and taste great!

  49. I love my Nutribullet that can turn any vegetable into a delicious drink….I like spinach or kale with pineapple/strawberries, flax seeds and Bode Vanilla Ice Cream protein/water and ice.

  50. My husband works at a movie theatre and so we see a lot of movies. A lot. I like to bring a bag of sliced peppers or carrots to keep me busy instead of that big tub o’buttah. By the end of the movie- boom! A whole bag of veggies gone. My wallet- and my jeans are happy happy happy.

  51. I am a big dip person so I swapped out my norms for homemade hummus with peppers, carrots, celery.. I also love to snack on PB and apples at work. Yummmmmmo!

  52. Since i have my very own DayCare, I encourage healthy habbits
    And so, fruits and veggies are always on my menu and with kids I have to make
    Food fun so i make designs with their snacks or sometimes when i make a big veggie
    Soup ill add magic beans (red kidney beans) the kids love it and i sure love what it does to my body πŸ™‚

  53. I buy pre-packaged or use tomatoes on spinach bread to make sandwiches. I love apples dipped in PB yum!

  54. I mix things up with trail mix by adding various dried beans. I also make my own hummus and throw other veggies in it.

  55. Thank you for this post!

    I have a question:

    Carrots are a staple around here because of their availability and low cost. But are they a “starchy root vegetable?” Can I include them in my “two handful freebies” with every meal? Or do I need to ration them? Thank you!

  56. I’m a vegetarian and l love most all veggies. My husband is diabetic and I’m always putting extra veggies into our casseroles to help fill him up. He loves it!

  57. I love having fresh cut veggies in my fridge with homemade ranch, ready to go. Can’t wait to try your ranch recipe! Also, for my kids they have a green smoothie for breakfast and a side of veggies for lunch and dinner. (Some they love moe than others) Even if they don’t eat them, and usually they do, they know that what we eat at every meal.

  58. I like to use cucumber slices as bread. Celery boat for peanut butter, tuna…again whatever I might put on bread I can generally put on celery. Lots of veggies if I make a healthy Shepherds Pie. Cauliflower is a great replacement for mashed potatoes. I like to mix lots of veggies for a fresh juice each day.

  59. Most of our veggies are raw the way my daughter likes them, Coleslaw is a big favourite so we have that in sandwiches and also have it with the main meals and different types of coleslaw incorporating lots of variants of veggies… Though I do grate a lot of veggies into lasagne and also in to all different types of spring rolls.

  60. For me because I used to not like veggies I would hide them in a recipe as small as I could get them. And this has helped my daughter even eat them. Also I will slice it as thin as I can get it if possible so its easier to get through. I use all fresh, canned and frozen and if it needs a little seasoning I use pepper as it isn’t bad and I have to have very little salt so I don’t use salt in anything.

  61. I add roasted butternut squash to home made mac&cheese for my kids. My favorite snack is cucumbers & carrots. I also like to juice my veggies. Adding 1 apple to my morning veggie juice makes it all taste great.

  62. I like to have a nice colourful stirfry. Crunchy, delicious, healthy veggies which are pretty & attractive. Mmmm!

  63. I don’t care for most vetables. So to make sure I get a little of everything I boil them and put them in the blender to put into my soups. This way I get my veggies in and have a great base for my soups.

  64. I chop and freeze spinach, kale and avacado so I can toss them into a smoothie. I don’t like any of these so I figured this was the best way to get them into my diet and being frozen, I don’t have to add ice and water down the flavor of my smoothie!

  65. Juicing is great, our favorite consists of lots of spinach, kale, cucumber, celery, parsley, lime, and one green apple.

  66. I have a veggie spiralizer that is amazing. I have so much fun spiralizing veggies that I’m eating more and more veggies, from zucchini noodles to spiralized parsnips.

  67. I keep a bag of sugar snap peas and a bag of baby carrots in the fridge at work so I have an alternative to the mini candy bars in the candy dish!

  68. I recently started incorporating butternut squash into my meals. I especially love adding pureed butternut squash to homemade macaroni & cheese. It gives it a nice creamy texture without having to add a lot of cheese. πŸ™‚

  69. You make salads on Sunday for the week on mason jars!! They last for up to two weeks as long as the dressing is on the bottom away from the greens!! Fast easy way to stay on track

  70. I blend kale and spinach with a couple fruits and greek yogurt together for breakfast. I also cut up my veggies and bring to work in baggies so I’ll be sure to eat them.

  71. Since I don’t have time at lunch to eat all of my veggies, I whip them into a smoothie that includes: kale, carrots, celery, & spinach…which is what I have around the house on a daily basis (plus I add some fruit to sweeten it up! But if I don’t have time at lunch, I make the smoothie for dinner.

  72. Mince vegetables up (almost to a paste) and add them into pasta sauces. For example, mince carrots, celery and shallots and add it to a macaroni and cheese dish. For a marinara dish, mince carrots, peppers and mushrooms. They will blend into the sauce while adding great nutrition and taste!

  73. I make a stir fry of sorts, buy a bunch of steam able frozen vegetables and put in as many as possible with some brown rice and then I measure it into different tubber ware containers so I have it prepared for the week and on the go so there is no excuse not to eat right!

  74. I love putting diced veggies in my eggs in the morning – not only does it give me those healthy nutrients, but it tastes great too! πŸ™‚

  75. One of my favorite smoothies is frozen kale, strawberries and mango all blended. It feels so healthy going in and has a sweet flavor to it. I feel good eating Kale, where otherwise I wouldn’t touch it.

  76. My favorite is cucumbers with chile powder and lemon. I grew up eating this at home so it brings back memories.
    On a different note I didn’t know it was ok to eat canned and frozen veggies. This will make it a lot easier to make sure I eat my veggies. Thank you! I love the PowellPack, you and your family are great.

  77. I have learned to add veggies to every meal and a fruit or veggie to my snack it has helped so much!

  78. When my kids were little they hated veggies. One night I made Taco Soup which contained various veggies including diced tomatoes. I lied to them and said it was warm watermelon. They gobbled it up and still do. A mom’s gotta do what she’s gotta do!

  79. I like to cut a cauliflower into round slices, top with a little parmesan cheese and roast until crisp on the edges. In order to hide veggies in foods, I use my chopper to chop up carrots, onion and celery and put in my pasta sauce, meatloaf, stew, etc. If they are in big chunks my teenage kids won’t eat them.

  80. From my dad’s low carb days, we discovered whipped cauliflower. It is so good! And you can add any other veggie to change the flavor/color, like sweet peppers, spinach, kale, etc.

  81. Our family loves chili! I load up our chili with any veggie in my fridge. Today I will be putting in zucchini, carrots, peppers, mushrooms, chick peas, lentils, a whole ton of other goodness and of course, loads of tomatoes!!

  82. Thanks for sharing this! We’ve just started adding kale and/or spinach to our smoothies. We love the taste and so do our kids!

  83. What works best for me is to do a portion of green veggies to eat with every meat (chicken, beef, pork)And always have some ready to eat-washed-cut veggies in the fridge.

  84. Broccoli has ALWAYS been my favorite veggie! When I was in pre-school I told my teacher it was my favorite food, she was floored! I mean what “normal” child likes vegetables? I’m lucky enough to be passing that love onto my son! I like adding vegetables as my side to any protein in a meal. However, my favorite is just loading up a salad with tons of veggies.

  85. I have discovered juicing to be the easiest way for me to get my veggies in! I love putting cucumbers, spinach, carrots and even beets in my juices! I try to drink about 16 oz of fresh made veggie/fruit juice a day!

  86. I am in love with the green smoothie at PANERA. It has cucumbers and kale in it and it is so good. I also put veggies into anything I cook, whether it’s a casserole, pasta dish (using veggie pasta), or another of my from scratch, of the cuff creations. I don’t know if it’s anything I did, but all of my kids have a favorite veggie that they can’t get enough of.

  87. I have a child who won’t eat veggies. So I pur?e them into almost everything I make even his favorite banana bread and carrot cake I also put them in my smoothie which he likes to steal. πŸ™‚

  88. I love veggies but my grandkids are not big fans of them so I hide them in other foods I know they like. Meatloaf gets carrots celery and peppers added, mashed potatoes get cauliflower. I try to find ways to incorporate them so they don’t see them. There are a few they will eat without putting them in with other things.

  89. My new favorite is sugar snap peas… they are delicious .. honestly just a little oil and some season they are so good… also roasted green beans, I can fill my plate with those.

  90. I actually LOVE pretty much all veggies!

    One of the best ways to get veggies in is to “trick” our minds with veggie substitutes! One of my favorite foods is mashed potatoes but I’ve started using cauliflower instead of potatoes and you can hardly tell the difference! Another great use for cauliflower is as a homemade pizza crust! It’s gets nice and crispy and tastes so good!

    There are so many great resources and recipes out there, we just have to look!

  91. The more you eat veggies the easier it is…it becomes habit and then a craving. Love veggies as does my children πŸ™‚ I’m always looking for new healthy recipes and guides to learn new things about healthy lifestyles.

  92. I add carrots, green peppers, onions, and celery to spaghetti, chili, goulash, and other recipes. They don’t even know it’s in there!!

  93. I was someone who would always reach for the pint of ice cream over an apple. 4 months ago I weighed 275… Now I weigh 240, and I am feeling better than I have in a long time. I started watching EWL on Hulu and was so inspired and since I didn’t really qualify to audition for your next season, I decided to take action and step up for myself. I wouldn’t say it is creative, but I have a insulated bag now packed with fresh veggies, fruits and healthy foods and I bring it everywhere I go. If I know that I will be out all day and my only possibility for meals is fast food, i always pack my lunch. I now crave the healthy stuff, and haven’t had ice cream in months (that’s a big step for me!!) I work out 5 days a week and drink as much water as I can. I have a lot to loose still, and a journey ahead of me, but you guys, (the Powell pack!) Have inspired me so much to live healthier and happier! Thank you for everything you have done for me and everything you do for other people. You have given so much hope to so many people, and I can only hope to one day have even just a fraction of the strength and kindness that you show. Thank you πŸ™‚ you guys rock!!

  94. When making a bolognese sauce I sneak in as many veggies as I can.
    Eggplant, zucchini, carrot, spinach! So tasty and a great way to stop your self from having a meat heavy meal. Served on a bed of zucchini veggie pasta of course. Delish. !

  95. I make a big pot of veggie stew every Sunday, that way I can use up all my left over vegetables from the week before and I also have a healthy snack or light meal ready for any time I get hungry.

  96. Add them to Mac n cheese for the kids. Add to soups. Add to cassoroles and family barley notices πŸ˜‰ adding to smoothie is my favorite

  97. Roast broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower in a little olive oil; put pumpkin in pancakes and waffles; make zucchini “zoodles” with a julienne peeler and top with roasted tomatoes and other stir-fried vegetables; dice sweet potatoes and colored bell peppers and place in the bottom of a breakfast bake (topped with ground turkey and egg/egg whites and baked); and my favorite: spinach, crimini mushroom, and turkey burgers!

  98. Mushrooms are my fav, I think. I love them cooked or raw, in salads or pasta sauce, on pizza, in ravioli, on steak or smothered chicken…I luvs me some mushrooms!

  99. We add veggies to just about everything! My favorite trick is to chop the veggies really fine and add them to burgers, sauces and meatloaf. They’re hidden (like spinach in a smoothie) and then you still put visible veggies on the plate. We usually buy mostly frozen so they last longer. Have a nice day everyone!

  100. In combination with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables my family also bridges the gap with Juice Plus, 25 different encapsulated fruits and vegetables everyday!

  101. My favorite vegetables are not necessary the most nutrient-packed so I have recently added kale to smoothies and made kale chips to help pack in more vitamins. Also, when I first return home from the grocery store, I portion out carrots and celery into smaller sandwich bags so they are easy to grab on my way out the door in the morning. Easy to munch on throughout the work day – no excuses!

  102. I drink a green juice before my morning shake which also have a handful of spinach (there are almost 3 servings of veggies). And at dinner I cook a veggie soup, it can be zucchini, carrot, squash, etc. just boiled the choice of veggie you want, add a little salt and water/coconut milk, spices that you like, blend it all and it’s ready to eat!, it’s the perfect entree and you don’t realize you’re eating just veggies there! Plus the veggies of the main dish. Love it!

  103. Our family favorites are cucumber and carrots. My son just loves carrots, like candy to him! We love broccoli and cauliflower too but normally eat with ranch, thanks for.that recipe going to try it soon!!!

  104. We put veggies in everything around here. I make a lot of soups and throw in whatever I have on hand. I put kale and spinach in smoothies. We make “egg muffins” during our food prep and add different veggies to them every week.
    And of course we love to snack on them cold. My daughter’s favorite is celery and cream cheese, I love carrots and hummus. I can’t wait until winter is over here and we can get more fresh vegetables!

  105. When I meal prep on Sunday for the week I always have baggies full of veggies for on the go and there is NO excuse!

  106. I never leave home without a bag of veggies and I (try my hardest to) never offer my daughter a snack that doesn’t include a veggie. I grew up eating plates of raw veggies for snacks and I like that I can pass that on.

  107. I am a carb lover with pizza being my favorite so now when I get that craving I make a cauliflower crust and add my fresh cut up veggies on too. Tastes great and is a much healthier option! πŸ™‚

  108. I was recently diagnosed with uterine cancer. A friend shared an article about asparagus reducing the size of cancer and possibly preventing it. I cook it up and put it in the blender and am supposed to have 4 TBL twice a day. I love it. I am eating asparagus for breakfast!! I usually have the other with my dinner in the evening. I really am enjoying it and praying that helps with my cancer

  109. I love peppers, so I cut them up and pack them for snacks. Also I make a meal out of sliced cucumbers and carrots in a low fat italian dressing. YUM!

  110. We use lettuce instead of bread for sandwiches and my lasagna always has extra veges like zucchini and spinach in it!!!

  111. I am learning to eat more vegetables. I am a very picky eater. I am 31 years old and only just within the past year had my first experience with avocado AND asparagus! Can you believe that!

  112. I put veggies in everything. Spinach especially. I wrap spinach in my deli meat for snacks. I add it to my breakfast sandwich. I add a ton of veggies to every sauce I make. Veggies are definitely the most versatile food group!

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