In our book, Choose More, Lose More for Life, 9-Minute Missions work in conjunction with promises, carb cycling, and Shredders to form our complete life transformation program. Yes, you can achieve some success by only following one or two parts of the program, but total success comes from integrating all four into your life. And you want to be totally successful, right?!

What, exactly, are 9-Minute Missions? 9-Minute Missions are workouts that shape and develop your muscles, boost your metabolism (which increases fat loss all day long!), increase brain oxygenation, and make it possible for your body to do all the activities you want and need it to do.  And the beauty of 9-Minute Missions is that you do them first thing in morning—for only 9 minutes—five days a week! That’s all.

Here are some more exciting facts about 9-Minute Missions:

  • You only need your body, a floor, and a chair. How easy is that? You can seriously do 9-Minute Missions anywhere!
  • Every single workout is geared to your current fitness level.  The only requirement is that you do as much of each workout as you can in 9 minutes. That’s all—9 minutes and you’re done.
  • There are thirty exercises combined into 20 individual workouts, which means you’ll be doing a totally different 9-Minute Mission every day for an entire month. There’s no boredom with this program!
  • Every workout targets one of three zones of your body—upper, core, and lower—or your entire body.
  • 9-Minute Missions focus on the most fundamental movements we do every day: pushing, crunching, and squatting.
  • Since your body will be doing something new every day, it won’t have a chance to adapt, which results in even stronger muscles and increased fat burning!

9-Minute Missions are divided into five different styles of missions (one for each day of the workout week), and all five develop and challenge your stamina and muscular and cardio-respiratory endurance in different ways:

  • The Sprinterval Mission is all about work and rest.
  • The Rapid Rounds Mission is all about short, quick circuits.
  • The Enduro Mission is all about maximum repetitions.
  • The Stepladder Mission is all about stepping it up.
  • The Super Circuit Mission is all about pacing yourself.

Find out everything you’ll need to know about 9-Minute Missions—including instructions, graphics, and charts—in our book, Choose More, Lose More for Life. And here’s a 9-Minutes Mission, “Drop It Like It’s Hot!”, to get you started. Today!