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Each season, millions of viewers tune in to see Chris Powell lead extraordinary transformations on ABC?s breakout hit Extreme Weight Loss. Now, building on his basic weight-loss philosophy introduced in his bestselling book Choose to Lose, Powell has created a transformation plan anyone can follow?one that recognizes that no two weight-loss journeys are the same, and that more options mean long-lasting results.
At the center of Powell?s new book, CHRIS POWELL?S CHOOSE MORE, LOSE MORE FOR LIFE, is his carb-cycling plan, which kicks your metabolism into full gear by alternating between low- and high-carb days. Been carb-cycling but need to shake things up?
This book provides four different carb-cycle options to help readers find a plan that fits them best:
  • The Easy Cycle is designed for people who are just starting their journey;
  • The Classic Cycle is the basic plan that rewards you a boosted metabolism with fast weight loss;
  • The Turbo Cycle accelerates and intensifies carb-cycling results so you can reach your weight loss as quickly as possible;
  • The Fit Cycle is for those who are already super-active but want to drop some weight.
Powell also shares new workout challenges to put your body in motion and get your heart pumping. He understands that weight loss plateaus when we get bored. So in this book, he focuses on choices?including twenty new workouts called 9-Minute Missions?that pack maximum results into minimum time. Sections in the book include advice on how to:
  • Shape Your Body in Just 9 Minutes Each Day: Each mission targets one of the three zones of your body?upper, core, and lower?and it doesn?t matter how many repetitions or rounds you complete it in. He writes, ?We squat when getting in and out of a car, we crunch when we sit up in bed, we push when getting off of the ground, we run when we need to get somewhere quickly. Every exercise in the 9-Minute Missions incorporates these fundamental movements of the human body.?
  • Find More Easy Recipes with Foods You?ll Love: Powell offers more delicious and easy recipes with foods you?ll love, to help you maintain and enhance your transformation. He shares tips on portion control, advance preparation for healthy meals, ingredients to add zest to your food, and food substitutions to keep you eating well. His plan allows you to eat the foods you crave and still lose weight.
  • Follow More Tracking Logs to Keep You Motivated: The book includes a 4-week personal log to detail each week?s workouts, accomplishments, challenges, and broken promises, plus a section to recommit to your goals. He asks questions such as: At the end of the week, have you kept your promise? Did you eat every three hours? Take walks on your lunch break? Powell encourages readers to keep a daily log of successes and setbacks to measure their progress and help fulfill weight-loss goals.
  • Read More Success Stories to Inspire You: Powell shares inspirational success stories of people who have transformed their lives using his carb-cycling and fitness plans. As readers write their own stories, they can learn how others have conquered dieter?s plateau, shaved off inches from their waistline, built lean, strong muscles, and increased their energy level.
With CHRIS POWELL?S CHOOSE MORE, LOSE MORE FOR LIFE, you will always be challenging your body and changing your resistance training regimen, so your body will never plateau and never stop moving forward. Each day and each week, Powell empowers you with tools to physically, mentally, and emotionally transform your body and your life.

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  1. Made this for dinner tonight and it was amazing. Now watching your show. Hope i win so I can start to transform my body

  2. I’m very excited to try more of your recipes, they look very yummy! I’m also very interested in you fitness suggestions, you and Chris are extremely inspiring to me and also my husband. I wish I could help people the way you guys do, I think it’s absolutely amazing!!!!! You are awesome people and I sooooo wish there were more people in the world like you guys!!!!!

  3. I truly enjoy learning from Heidi and Chris Powell. I wish i had one of them to help me get past my stuck point, the dreaded plateau. my goal is to learn and teach my daughter. i do not want her to go through childhood being teased for being the fat kid. i want to love life, live better, stronger and happier. i want to learn how to transform my body and my life by learning their physical, mental and emotional tools.

  4. Would love to learn more creative ways to convince the girls at work (the girls lives in residential dorms and goes home on fri/sat then back for sun to fri am). Many of my girls are varied when it comes to eating…some picky and some loves it about the food when staff cooks.

  5. I would love to win a copy of this book! I’ve been trying to eat better and exercise and can’t seem to lose a pound! Something’s got to give!

  6. I just love the recipes that you have on here. I’ve lost 120 pounds in the course of three years and I’ve taken ideas from the show and chris first book and use it in my workout. now I all need is his second book

  7. This is my favorite post because it’s telling me about Chris’ new book. I bought Choose to Loose, and it is still tops in my “research pile” I’m trying to find a plan that is not a diet, that I can realistically use as a lifestyle change. I have only watched the show once, but have seen Chris on Dr. Oz and like his approach a lot. I also like that he (and you) are real, and share your family with others. You’re both empathetic to people’s feelings, and I honestly think that is half the battle with weight loss. You have a new fan!

  8. I would love to have this! I have lost 50 pounds on Weight Watchers but have stalled and looking for a boost to get moving again. I still have 100 pounds to lose and after reading Chris’ first book, I want to try carb cycling. It just makes sense! I love the show and look forward to it each week. I need to order the new exercise DVD ASAP.

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