Extreme Weight Loss: Congratulations Dave and Becca!

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Congratulations to these two wonderful friends of ours. Losing 418 pounds together! Your incredibly journeys through your own personal transformations were finally seen by millions.

Dave and Becca, it has truly been an honor getting to spend so much time with you guys over the last year. You have changed our lives for the better in so many ways.

Becca, you are the epitome of honesty and authenticity. Your beauty shines from within.

Dave, your ability to love unconditionally is a reminder to me to do the same for others.

You both have forever changed this world, as well as my own life.

I love you both.


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  1. Last question – What about their father as he was not a fit person either? It was great to see him working out with David in the beginning however did he make changes to his life as well? Again, amazing what you and Heidi and your team do for people. <3

    1. One thing we’ve learned, each person has to chose when its the right time for them to transform. We wish him the best as they all travel on this journey as a family!

  2. They both look amazing and Becca’s transformation is absolutely awe inspiring. Her legs look amazing. When she got skin removal did they remove skin around arms and legs as well as stomach area or did hers pop back into great shape by themself?

  3. Loved the first episode!!!…….I am trying to lose weight myself. I love how you and ur husband ate such an inspiration. Can you give me some advice on how to start a wightloss journey? Do I eat breakfast first before excercising?

    1. There is an blog on my site here about when to exercise when eating out. Use the search bar to find it. Visit chrispowell.com to get info on carb cycling and how to get started.

  4. I am proud of you guys so much even my mom and step dad i am proud of because they are losing wait but im so proud of you guys losing that much so congrat’s dave and becca .

  5. Heidi I’m so glad there are people out there like you an Chris making a difference in so many people’s lives. Dave and Becca are my personal hero’s thank you for sharing your journey.

  6. I loved watching the show last night (been looking forward to it forever)!! So happy for Dave and Becca 🙂 Hard work= Success!!

  7. What an inspiration to others!! I hope I can achieve the same success on my fitness journey!! Thank you to the Powell pack for touching lives & thank you to Dave & Becca for allowing us to follow along in your journey!! Thank you again & I hope in the near future I can write my own blog post of my success!!

  8. Just awesome! Glad you have each other for support, but have found your own lives too! God bless all who helped you on your journey!

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