Celebrity Trainer Heidi Powell gets a makeup bag makeover - Learn more at http://heidipowell.net/1983

To say the least, my makeup bag was not too pretty just one week ago. I hate to admit that I have NEVER had my skin color-matched, I’ve never gone to a makeup counter for help. I’ve never had anyone help me build my makeup bag the right way. I’ve actually never asked anyone to teach me how to even apply my makeup! As a mother of three, I have relied heavily on self-help makeup sections of magazines I pick up at the airport, and the talented makeup artists on set to make my skin look flawless.

Time to change this! I decided this last week after half of my makeup back was embarrassingly broken and crushed (thanks to so many airplanes and NEVER carrying my makeup on!). Thanks to the help of my incredible friend Kacey and Julie at MAC, I have a brand new makeup bag full of colors that actually match my face! An added bonus? I learned how to apply it too!

Here are a few key takeaways I got from last week’s lesson:

1. Orange is the opposite of blue – who knew?! To bring out the color of my eyes, I should look for shadows with orange hues (ie. Coppers, browns, etc. Lots of options).
2. I need to wash my makeup brushes more than once every 6 months. I can’t believe I’m admitting that – but yes, it’s true…and it’s most likely the cause of my blemishes. I should do a daily quick disinfect with a simple Disinfecting Spray I bought, then shampoo once a week and air dry.
3. Makeup doesn’t need to be perfect! And I always thought it did ☺. Julie taught me that the lighter and softer I use my brushes (instead of slow and pressing hard), the more natural my face will look.
4. Contouring is the most amazing thing ever! Darker colors in creases of eyes and under cheek bones, and lighter colors on apples of cheeks and under the brow will accentuate bone structure.

Celebrity Trainer Heidi Powell gets a makeover - Learn more at http://heidipowell.net/1983

For the complete makeup How-To on my new look, here are Julie’s instructions:

Heidi’s Eyes

1. Coat entire eye using your #242 Brush with Painterly Paint Pot.
2. Sweep Orb Eyeshadow under eye brow using #242 Brush
3. Heavily Pack All That Glitters Eyeshadow on eye lid using #242 Brush
4. Quickly blend Saddle eyeshadow using tip of #217 Brush
in entire crease. Corner to corner
5. Quickly blend Embark shadow on outer lid and crease. #217 Brush

Heidi’s Face:
1. Moisturize skin (dime size)
2. Prime skin using #188 Brush
3. Use tinted moisturizer #188 Brush
4. Use #287 Brush to blend concealer under eyes and side of nose.
5. Mist #129 Brush with Fix + and powder face
6. Bronze skin. Under Cheek bone, hairline, tip of nose, chin #129 Brush
7. Use #129 Brush to blush apples of cheeks
8. Fix + skin when make up is complete.