Someone Special is 2 Today!

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Happy birthday to our little man! This world became a brighter place when you entered it two short years ago. Everything about you makes us laugh: the way you smile, the way you laugh, the way you say no, the way you disobey (we know?we shouldn?t laugh), the way you eat, the way you talk, the way you throw tantrums?everything. You are absolutely perfect in every way. You always will be, no matter the mistakes you make.

We hope you always know how much joy you bring to our family. We hope you always know how proud we are of you. We hope you always know how loved you are, and will be unconditionally throughout your life.

Happy 2nd birthday, William Cash Powell!


Mom and Dad

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  1. Loved this! Cash was so cute when I met him in Philly after the taping of Mike’s reveal. (I’m Taylor Bernard’s sister!) He is SO sweet! He will continue to be cute and sweet through out his life! Happy birthday Cashy! Hope it’s a great one! ?

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