The Incredible Cornelliers

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Jason and Rachel,

You guys are PRIME examples of overcoming challenges despite the obstacles in our way. Case in point? You seemingly-effortlessly balanced two kids (TWINS!), work, and everyday life while transforming yourselves from the inside out! You guys never cease to amaze me.

Whether you realized it or not, you two served as my own personal role models for how to keep the kiddos a priority in the midst of taking care of yourselves and bettering your lives ?.

I am a better person because of you two. It has been a pleasure meeting two people we know will be lifelong friends. And for Matix and Marley too, who just adore (like we do) Sam and Sabrina.

I hope you share your secrets with the world on your new website could use them!

We love you guys and couldn?t be happier for your marital, your family, and your personal successes!!!


Heidi and Chris ?

15 Responses

  1. For me, Jason was amazing! Especially the times when he said he was one with the program, but ended up finishing strong, and finishing strong indeed. His perseverance was inspiring.

  2. I love that this couple is from Michigan! It was wonderful to see their commitment to their marriage and family grow stronger and stronger. Shows true commitment can withstand a great challenge.

  3. Living most interests me because it covers it all. I liked this article because it is about a family balancing a t….describes my family

  4. I was so encouraged by this couple and still think about them! My husband and I have worked out separately but always seem to have better success when we work out together. I’m a breast cancer survivor and its hard for me to always feel up to exercising, but knowing my hubby is there to motivate me and for me to lean on has made such a difference. Thanks to Chris and Heidi who also encourage me daily to keep fighting to be healthy ! Janelle.

  5. Jason and Rachel were such a great inspiration to me. I was just able to watch their episode last night as I was on vacation when it first aired. Right before I left for vacation, my friend asked me if I wanted to do Mudderella with her. I immediately made an excuse why I couldn’t and gave her a definitive NO. After watching Jason and Rachel complete a Mud Run, I changed my mind. I figured I have nothing to lose and Mudderella is a perfect place to start since it is not a competitive race, just a chance to push myself beyond what I think I am capable of.

  6. This couple was pur inspiration for me. I cannot believe they actually worked together and strengthened their marriage in the process. I so need this for me and my hubby.

  7. These two were so inspiring. I follow Extreme Weight Loss every week and feel that the show helps motivate me to continue on my weight loss journey. I have often felt how they feel being married with kids and wanting to be the best I can be and if they can do this so can I. 🙂

  8. Such a great Story. Thank you for sharing it. I was very inspired and I hope I can lose the weight I need to lose now that I have had back surgery for a Siatic Nerve issue for over a year. I must heal and get the Doctors go ahead. I have so many questions. 🙂

  9. Couldn’t have been more well stated! It was an absolutely AMAZING show last night, and I couldn’t get over the end results. Rachel and Jason worked so hard, and I am glad there is an happily ever after to their story. So glad to see the show ending with a SMILE on Jason’s face! Cartwheels and Handstands!

  10. Can’t wait to see this episode! Sounds so much like us! Missed it last night so I’ll try to catch it on Hulu. My husband and I have lost 170lbs and 150lbs (respectively) in the last 15 months together. We’ve been married for almost 19 years. My husband is also in technology (as was I before having kids) and we have 2 young kids (2 boys born in 2006 & 2008).

    Heidi and Chris, if you do any local appearances, we’d love to come out and meet you. We live in the Phoenix area (West Valley).

  11. What an inspiration! I was glue to the tv last night when I watched the show. You guys never complained once about do you not do that?? Please instill your wisdom. I am not 52 and divorced, kids gone, so much less to do and I cant seem to get it together! Looking forward to hearing more from all of you.

  12. ABSOLUTELY AMAZING…thank you both for your inspiration. You worked hard and never gave up. JOB WELL DONE

  13. Hey Heidi,

    My name is George White. And I just have to say that you and Chris are the most inspirational people on television!! For “me” especially because I went through my own ‘Extreme Weight Loss’ transformation of my own. In 2002 I actually lost one hundred and twenty pounds. And basically my whole life changed. I saw the good and the bad. I really got a chance to see how vain life and people can be. But I also saw what it inspiration that I could be to other people. I was actually diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2008. And let me tell you, my life has been nothing short of a rollercoaster ever since. There is A LOT of rehab (swimming, stretching, yoga) involved just so that the disease will not progress further and faster. But because I had lost the weight, prior to my diagnosis, I have no problem putting in the work rehabbing. So maybe I can be an inspiration to some of your clients to let them know that there are people who would do ANYTHING to have the mobility that they have just to work out. Because with some people with MS, it’s hard even to walk. I hope you I can inspire some of your peeps!! Feel free to contact me if you think I can do so!!

    Warm regards,


  14. WOW you two look amazing!!! I love the show and seeing people transform every week! It is people like you who inspire me to be the healthiest I can be! Thank you for sharing your transformation with us 🙂 I haven’t seen the episode yet but I am definitely going to watch it as soon as I get home :)! Congratulations on the hard work!

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