Baby Powell Munchkin Giveaway

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Congratulations to our Winner, Whitney Padilla!

Be sure and watch for next week’s Labor Day to Labor Day 12-week Giveaway prize!
10 more prizes coming your way!

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#BabyPowell Munchkin Giveway

Some amazing Munchkin goodies for your little munchkin! I might be slightly obsessed with these adorable new Swaddle Angel patterns Munchkin just came out with, and between us (and everyone reading this), I already have an entire set of everything we?re giving away on here?we?ll keep the pattern a secret for now to avoid spilling the beans on the baby?s sex! I can?t wait to use them with Baby Powell!!

All of these items are ultra-soft, and if you?ve never used them before, trust me ? BABIES LOVE THEM! I have no doubt you will too ?.

Check out these Munchkin products that you can win this week ? valued at $105.00!

1. Swaddle Angel Blankets ? 2 pack (pattern of choice). These two stylish and luxurious bamboo swaddle blankets are super soft and comfy for baby, double-layered in the center, and have these awesome corner loops that make attachment to stroller easy! You?ll LOVE.
2. Swaddle Angel easy swaddle wrap ? This might be one of my favorite things right here. All 3 of my babies have loved simple swaddlers that keep them feeling nice and cozy, just like when they were in Mom?s belly!
3. Swaddle Angel Burp Cloth – It?s unique design and ultra-durable (yet super soft) material (rayon from Bamboo) is perfect for any emergency spit up situation! The cloth was created with YOU in mind, and had a handy front pocket to make clean up easy for Mom or Dad.

How to Enter:

1. Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Pinterest. The more follows and shares, the better your chances of winning!
2. Comment on at least two of your favorite blog posts and share the posts on all of your social media channels. (Don’t forget to use the hashtag #BabyPowell and link to my site!)
3. Comment on THIS post (below in the comments area) which blog posts you shared.

Random winner was announced on Wednesday, September 11, 2013. Thanks ?to those who entered!

97 Responses

    1. I don’t know if you see these comments since this is so old but for some reason this popped up on my newsfeed on facebook. I never did get my stuff. I called and emailed several times and never got a response… truly disappointed now that my babies are too big for it. πŸ™

  1. I am 10 weeks and 3 days pregnant with 2 child and would love some help on becoming healthy, fit and good weight so when baby comes I lose it fast and weigh what I should. I currently weigh 156. Help please need incouragement, direction and help! HELP PLEASE!

  2. Expecting Baby Benton #3 in May! My other 2 kids LOVE the protein waffles!! They look forward to Saturday mornings when I’m off work so I can cook for them!

  3. Chris could you please give me the amounts of each proteins, veggies etc. I have the list from your website, with no amounts of what numbers are allowed daily. Just hand/fist sizes. I am awaiting your book to arrive which may still be another 2-4 weeks as per Amazon, but I’d like to get started….hope you get this and can get back to me!! Good luck!

  4. I shared this with my friends on FB I would love the blankets and or the swaddles, angel wraps. I think because when I had children, we just wrapped them up in receiving blankets, I think that the little ones would love these better, and it would be great for a little girl. How sweet! Even little boys would love them too~~~

  5. I love your family Heidi! It is beautiful. I truly love to watch and read up on you guys. I always feel better about doing better with info and ideas from you guys! Shared on FB and follow you on Pinterest πŸ™‚

  6. Regrettably I cannot say that I have been a follower of you and your page. I have however been a huge fan of and I have been able to see video’s of you and your husband and family on both of your pages over this last year, and have been impressed by your true, heart felt dedications to making, not just your lives and your families lives the best they can be, your also truly dedicated to helping others. I would like to submit for the win on this for my sister who has fought, struggled, stretched a penny a mile her entire life to provide for her three daughters. As her sister and the aunt to her children I have watched her struggle to be sure they had everything they needed. Now Two of her daughters are both due with their first born children within just a few months of each other, Krystal is due to have my sisters 1st granddaughter due 11-17-13(Gracie, and Heather is due to have my sisters 1st grandson due 01-21-14 (Greyson). Now, I see on my sisters post below that she has followed all the rules…..I pray for all the hard knocks that she and her daughters have faced over the years that I can win this great gift for them. Thank you so very much, and keep up the great works you all do to help others so selflessly!

  7. Would be great… 1st granddaughter due 11-17-13(Gracie) and first grandson due 01-21-14 (Greyson)… Have followed all rules and could use these wonderful gifts… Bring on the healthy babies… Cannot wait to be a Grandma!!!

  8. I am also due in November ( c section date is set at the 18th currently ) We are blessed with boys who are 11 and 7, this will be our third…:)
    Winning would be GREAT !

    ~ Sara

  9. Shared ‘what’s for lunch back to school style’ and ‘natural medicine for our busy life’ on twitter and pinterest!

  10. love the brownie and mac n cheese recipes. Thank you for uploading healthy recipes. Liked and shared to my FB πŸ™‚

  11. Just found out we are expecting our Third in May 2014! Would love all of the advice on eating healthy and from your experiences as well

  12. I would love these!! My six month old is probably a little too old for the swaddle blanket but my brother’s wife just had a baby!! So I would definitely pass it along to her.

  13. Congratulations!!! So excited for the both of you. Y’all are such an inspiration to not only millions, but to me. Thank you! I have lost 124LBS. In a year & a half, but came to a stand still the past year due to a couple falls, which ended in 2 knee surgeries,including a knee replacement, but watching Bob last week with his knee injuries has re-encouraged me & I am now doing what I can at home, I have no equipment to help me, but I’m hoping to succeed in losing the last 100pounds. Thank you. A d again CONGRATULATIONS!!

  14. I loved and shared the Apple Stamped Lunch Bags! What a wonderful idea!! And i also shared the hang ups and bang ups. i run a small group of people trying to loose weight on Facebook and several are having the getting “hurt” problem so i thought that one would be great for them!! I love checking out your blog for healthy and fun recipes. Being someone that tried out for EMWLE season 4 and did not make it i started my journey the day i didn’t make the finals. 75 pounds down since may 25 2013 all thanks to the Carb Cycling, Vemma Bode app (love yalls Dailey videos) and your blog!! thank you for changing my life when you have never even met met me. YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

  15. Commented and shared carb cycling 101 and carb cycling when prego on twitter @alexabryn and Pinterest…due in Dec and would LOVE these things for baby #2!!

  16. My first Grand daughter is due in Jan. this would be so nice for her and she would love to receive , have shared on facebook . Love watching the show , helps me stay motivated to reach my goal .

  17. I hope I did this right! I posted on Pinterest and commented on “No time for exercise?” and “People Pleasers.” Hash tags and links included.

  18. @realheidipowell I also wrote on two blogs posts under food and fitness. Thank you for this opportunity to win some nice stuff as I have 4 kids 3yrs old and under…two if which are 6 month old twins. So anything in abundance is needed and greatly appreciated!

  19. @realheidipowell I no longer have a twitter account, but I shared on Facebook, Instagram, and on Pinterest. I just hope I did all three of those right this time!

  20. I shared on instagram n am about to on fb (krystlelynn529 on IG and my full name on fb). …hoping I’m doing this right…we could totally use these for our lil boy due in November! πŸ™‚

  21. Hi Heidi that was a good find the chew bracelets and I commented on the sweet potato brownies they look so good. I shared the swaddle angel blankets and the burp cloths shared it on facebook will be needing stuff like this I’m a week behind you I just turned 30 weeks πŸ™‚

  22. I shared “Cinna-cocoa frosted protien cookies” and “And the final countdown begins” on Facebook and PIntrest! #BabyPowell

  23. I would love to win this for one of my gran kids ….one was born a few days ago and one is due in January!

  24. I posted the no time for exercise blog post for all of my mommy friends who are busy and strapped for time and I posted the Ryan Sawlsville post because he was awesome and proves that anyone can do anything!!!

  25. So excited for you and the family! Love watching what you guys do changing thousands of people’s life by teaching them to be healthy. We are expecting #2 in April:) congrats to you on your next chapter in life!

  26. Following you on Pinterest & Facebook & shared on FB. Having 3rd baby in 8 days (Sept 17th) And I LOVE the swaddles!! Crossing fingers!

    Blessings to you and your family!

  27. My granddaughter is due ANY day now. This bundle would be perfect! You and Chris are a part of every day life here in the Welch household. 17 lbs down, 13 more to go! Thank you both for all you do!

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