Baby Powell Scotch Naturals Giveaway

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Congratulations to our Winner, SharonQ

She picked the color “Hot Toddy!”

AND, watch for a special announcement coming later this week as
you’ll ALL be winners of a surprise special discount that Scotch Naturals is arranging for you!
Can’t wait to share it so you can save!

Enter this #babypowell giveaway at to win prizes! - Learn more at

#BabyPowell Scotch Naturals Giveaway

What girl doesn’t love a little pampering? I certainly do. Previously, I wouldn’t have thought much about baby gnawing on my polished finger but after discovering Scotch Naturals, I now know to watch what I put on my nails and hands, especially when they often end up in or near baby’s mouth. It’s also more healthy for all of us to limit the amount of chemicals we come in contact with. Thus, I am in love with these healthy polishes from Scotch Naturals!

Scotch Naturals WaterColors? is the premier non-toxic, eco-friendly alternative to conventional solvent-based nail polish. Their revolutionary water-based formula conditions nails and delivers long-lasting, salon-quality color. Each of their 43 beautiful colors is 100% free of all phthalates, parabens, solvents (ethyl acetate and butyl acetate), nitrocellulose, acetone, and heavy metals. Perfect for all women and especially moms with babies!

Enter to Win?

Winner will receive the Scotch Naturals Detox Package?which includes a fortifying Base Coat, “On the Rocks” Top Coat and a Polish, in the color of your choice!

1. Visit and pick a color of polish you’d love to win.

2. Share the following message(s) on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and/or Pinterest inserting the name of the color you picked. The more you share, the more chances to win!

Facebook: “I’d love to win #ScotchNaturals [insert color] in the [tag “Heidi Powell” Fanpage] #BabyPowell Giveaway?″

Twitter: “I’d love to #win @ScotchNaturals [insert color] in the @realheidipowell #babypowell giveway?” ? (feel free to use a hyperlink shrinker if you need too!)

Pinterest: Pin the above image to one of your Pinterest boards and put?”I’d love to #win #ScotchNaturals [insert color] in the Heidi Powell #babypowell giveway?″ in the comment box when you pin it.

Instagram: Visit Scotch Naturals on your cell phone, then take a screenshot of the color you picked OR share the above image on your instagram account and as the text include:?”I’d love to #win @ScotchNaturals [insert color] in the @realheidipowell #babypowell giveway?″ ?Feel free to add any hashtags you’d like!

3. Comment here on this blog telling us what color you picked and where you shared it!

?Random winner was announced on Wednesday, Sept 18th, 2013. Thanks for participating!


101 Responses

  1. I shared on Facebook and chose color sea bound. I have been looking for a non-toxic natural nail polish and would love to win! Thanks for the opportunity!

  2. I picked Loch Lomond and shared this giveaway on my Facebook page and Pinterest health and beauty board! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win, also for sharing this wonderful product! I’ve never heard of Scotch before but am very interested in trying the company product line out. Thanks for opening your fans eyes to becoming healthy and loving themselves. May God bless you in abundance!

  3. Shared on facebook… LOVE all the colors, but something about “Southern Charmer” caught my eye!! πŸ™‚ Love you both!! I am just discovering “who” I am… having lost OVER 250# and also left a conservative Mennonite group 7 months ago- wearing NAIL POLISH was always ‘forbidden’- so this little ‘luxury’ makes me feel even more beautiful- and expresses who I have ALWAYS been!! πŸ™‚

  4. I love the nail color Sea board. I shared it on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. As much as I am camera shy I guess very soon I will be getting instagram to get entered fully into these giveaways.

  5. Being a Southern Belle, I love the Southern Charmer pack! I always keep a sheer pink shade on my nails for an elegant, yet tasteful, touch of class.
    Look for my “Twit”, Facebook share, and Pintrest post!

  6. I shared on Facebook how much I would love to get the color Troya! I have never seen a color like that in nail polish and just think it would be a great color to brighten things up a bit!

  7. I hope that I did this right πŸ™‚ I shared it on Facebook and I absolutely LOVE the Loch Ness Mystery color! It was hard to pick just one color as there were MANY beautiful colors to chose from!

  8. I think life is something you have to fight for and I been doing my best but I have needed help and can’t find someone who will help so that’s my mind.

  9. I chose Hotty toddy and shared on twitter! I’m totally loving so many of the colors though!! I haven’t tried this polish before, but hope I get to- looks awesome!! πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing!

  10. I have two that I love for Fall, Man of the moment and Hot Toddy. Shared on FB, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram.

  11. Something about the color “Paisley Martini.” the shade is beautiful. Im pretty sure it could be worn any season any holiday any day. Just so darn pretty. πŸ˜‰

  12. So I pick LOCH LOMOND, I always go for the crazy colors!. I shared on twitter, facebook and pinterest! I would love to win this or any of your giveaways!

  13. I picked stone fence! Shared it on pinterest, instagram and twitter. Natural nailpolish, etc is the way to go. I’d love to win this!

  14. I?d love to win Scotch Naturals nail polish! I’ve never heard of this brand but love the idea! Their colors are CUTE! I’m loving their Klondike Cooler!!

    I shared your giveaway for Scotch Naturals on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. I’ll share on Instagram once I’m back on my phone. =)

  15. Never mind, I think I got it now. I hope it worked. I shared on all 4…Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  16. I signed up for twitter again just to do the giveaways, but how do I shrink it? I don’t get it which is why I cancelled it in the 1st place, but want extra chances for giveaways. Let me know so I can tweet it too. Thanks πŸ™‚ ?I?d love to #win @ScotchNaturals [LEPRECHAUN LYNCH
    (cool mint creme)
    (sophisticated turquoise creme)
    in the @realheidipowell #babypowell giveway I picked two colors because the 1st one says its not available yet, but when it does become available I would love it…otherwise if I can’t get that one then I want the 2nd color I picked. Have always wanted to try a blue shade.

  17. I?d love to #win @ScotchNaturals Canal Street Daisy in the @realheidipowell #babypowell giveway!!! I shared via facebook, instagram and pinterest!!! Im a HUGE fan!

  18. Wow, so many great colors to choose from! I picked a neutral – Southern Charmer. Shared on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

  19. I love love love Loch Lomond blue!!

    I’ve shared it on my twitter my face book and I’m Instagram and told my friends and family to do the same!

    I’m so exited


  20. I picked Seething Jealousy…not because I am the jealous type but because I think it’s a beautiful fall color. Shared the love on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

  21. I picked the color “whisper” & shared it on my instagram account! I picked the color because it matches my baby girl due dec 7, nursery paint color πŸ™‚

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