Arizona Foothills Magazine: My 5 Fitness Favorites

#HeidiPowell #5FitnessFavorites #HealthyMoms #ArizonaFoothillsMagazine Five Fitness Favorites from celebrity trainer Heidi Powell

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  1. First, I would like to say, I really like carb cycling in general. It has become a way of life for me after doing it for almost a year now. The reward day is like no other “diet” I have been on. It allows you to make better choices and save your cravings (per say) for 1 day. Most of the time, I don?t even want what I wanted during the week, that day.

    Secondly, I have recently read the Extreme plan book. I really want to try this plan to see if it will get me over this plateau I?ve been in and motivate me again, but I am see changes in the foods/categories. Ex. Egg yolk is now a protein, not a fat? So my question is if I want to switch back to Turbo cycle anytime, do I follow the old food chart or the new one always? Also, I see where you recommend fiber at some point in the day. Do you recommend a certain fiber? Does that count toward a food category at all?

    Thank You in advance for your help with my questions and moving forward.

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