Mar 1: Extreme Weight Loss Season 5 – Open Casting Calls

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We’re getting ready for Season 5 of Extreme Weight Loss. Open Casting Calls are happening March 1, 2014 in the following cities:

Little Rock, Arkansas – Argenta Community Theatre

Louisville, Kentucky – Norton Health & Wellness Center

Omaha, Nebraska – Nebraska Furniture Mart

Kansas City, Missouri – Brush Creek Community Center

For complete details, latest updates and requirements to attend an open casting call or submit an online application, please visit:

One Response

  1. Hey Heidi! I just went to the Louisville KY casting call today, I unfortunately wasn’t one of the chosen few but I will keep going. I was a little disappointed in the way the interviews went two groups of 10 people for ten minutes. I know it’s a lot of people to go through but some people can be ruled out just by looking at them. Some people being too far gone and others not having enough to lose to qualify. I just wanted to tell you a story that may get overlooked in the stack. On June 21st 2013 I gave birth by C-section to one of my amazing daughters Fiona. About a week went by and I noticed I had some bruising in my lower abdomen that didn’t look normal I didn’t think much of it. Then a few days went by and I was feeling funny. It turned out I had an infection in my lower abdomen where I had the C-section the doctors said it was cellulitis. They said when you weigh a lot that the blood flow and infection has literally no where to go because it wasn’t draining properly. I ended up having a panniculectomy it’s a surgery procedure where they remove fatty tissue from the pannis (lower abdomen) it was about 40 lbs. When the surgeon looked at me and said you could possibly not make it ,I realized then just how precious my life was and I knew I had to stick around and live and be healthy not just for myself but my daughters,and husband.

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