My Little Cash Turns 3 Today!

Oh boy?where do I even begin ?. I type these birthday wishes to this birthday boy as he hunches over the keyboard, literally on top of my hands, giggling because he says (in his loudest voice) my ?work is SO funny!!!? Immediately after, he turns his little head up to me and wispers, ?shhh?.keep your volume down?you?re too loud.? This one?I?ll tell ya. He is something else. Yesterday, he was a member of the Terrible (Terribly Funny, that is) 2?s; today, he has graduated to the Thrilling (and Still Terribly Funny) 3?s.


Happy Birthday to my little Cashy Boy,

While you are still too young to read this, I hope you feel the truth of these words through my hugs, kisses, giggles, tickles, and loves I give you every single day. You are a light in my life. Not only my life, but you light up the lives of everyone that sees, meets, or even just hears you. I don?t know how I, Heidi Lane Powell, got so lucky to have you as my son. Like your brother and sisters, you have great significance in this world and were brought here as a part of our family for a reason. Your purpose is for you to someday find out, but I must say that already, Mr Cash Powell, you have made this world a better, happier, brighter place, and have managed to put smiles on the faces of even the biggest, baddest, toughest characters. You, my little one, somehow can crack even the toughest nuts!! I?ll never forget that day in the elevator in Hawaii when you turned that stone cold man into a smiling blob of putty with hilarious whit, your adorable smile, and your pure zest for life. You are contagious?thank goodness ?. The world could use more Cash Powell?s in it. I am honored to be your mother. Thank you for letting me birth you, bathe you, feed you, hug you, love you, and kiss you for the last 3 years ?. Thank you for letting me be your Mommy. I love you.


Cash Man’s?Favorites at 3!

Favorite color – green

Favorite animal – “an ant?for Aunt Taylor” (amazing!)

Favorite food – waffles

Favorite vegetables – “green ones”

Favorite song – Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Favorite TV Show – Dora the Explorer

And now for the fun?a few of Cash’s favorite things! He loves his “gray” more than anything?(aka Little Giraffe Blankie).

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  1. Happy Birthday Cash! I love the ladies love Cash t-shirt! I am going to have to look for one as I have a three year old son named Cash also. I call him Cashy and Cash man also Thanks for sharing – fun pictures and fave things!!!

  2. Happy 3rd Birthday little man.. Your have two of the world’s best role models as your patents. Have a super cool day! < ;)~

  3. Happy birthday Cash, my baby boy Noah is 1 today, how the time flies hope u enjoy ur day little Buddy!!!

  4. Happy Birthday Cash!
    My son Cameron’s birthday is today as well! He is 10, it’s crazy how time flies!!

  5. Happy Birthday Cash, my son Drake turned 3 on May 2 and my sweet Georgia turns 3 on August 20. keep being funny and don’t growup to fast for mom and dad. Thank you Heidi and Chris for being the great examples you and your kids are.

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