Cash’s Anthem

Here’s the video I’ve been promising you for almost 2 months now! My little man, Cash, belting out the National Anthem at our finale shoot.

P.S.: This happened to be at Bruce’s finale. Enjoy!

He’s quite the performer…I’m pretty sure he gets it from his Daddy.  And I refuse to divulge how many times I’ve watched this clip, just know that I’ve seen it many, MANY times. 😉



  1. Karen anderson - October 9, 2014


  2. beverly manny - August 30, 2014

    Chris and heidi your show is very inspiring and I just wish I there .I learn a lot by just listening and trying to do well.keep up the good work. Beverly Manny

  3. beverly manny - August 30, 2014

    Cash should be on rising star.I have a question to ask I have health problems but I am so wanting to loose the weight. I have seizures and thyriod and fibromyalgia and breathing problems too, how can I loose the weight? I am juicing I d8n’t eat procces food no sugar no msg, or meat.what should I do? Please help me see if I don’t get the help I will have more seizures.and I also been trying to excercise to.. I love what you do keep it up , that what inspire me to go for it beverly manny.

    • Team Powell - August 31, 2014

      Hi Beverly: Check out Chris and Heidi’s carb cycling program in their book, “Choose More, Lose More for Life.” The book contains their complete nutrition and exercise program, and it’s the same one they use on the show. It will teach you everything you need to know and do to achieve your own transformation! Learn about the nutrition basics here: And with your health issues, it’s best to discuss this, or any nutrition and exercise program, with your healthcare team first. You can do this!

  4. Amanda - July 20, 2014

    This is the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen!!!

  5. Denise - July 5, 2014

    I Live in modesto ca

  6. Laurel - July 5, 2014

    Hi Heidi,
    Thank you for sharing your video of Cash. It was precious! I love how you and Chris post everyday “real” family moments on your pages. I am such a big fan of you both, and really enjoy your show. While I don’t need to lose weight, I often watch your show while I’m running on the treadmill. It has inspired me many times when I’m tired or want to quit my workout. Thank you for such a great show, God Bless your beautiful family.

  7. Lisa - July 2, 2014

    OMG, so cuuuute!!!! I have a 6 year old son, with autism and he is non verbal for the most part, although he IS starting to talk more and more now!!! LOVED this and LOVED how Chris let him do his thang!!

  8. Megan Joyce - July 1, 2014

    Hi Heidi,
    I was wondering just by watching this video, I kept hearing someone kinda talk over the camera, did that happen to be Bruce? I dont know. I was just having kinda of a hard time trying to listen to Cash’s singing because of the talking behind the camera. I thought it was maybe a little annoying.

    • Team Powell - July 2, 2014

      It was Bruce. Unfortunately, he was feeling a bit under the weather during his finale. 🙁

  9. Desiree Piter - June 29, 2014

    Cash DEFINITELY has talent! Quite the little singer already! 🙂 Great vid. Thx for posting Heidi! 😀

  10. Bev - June 28, 2014

    Way to go Cash!
    Made me smile the whole song thru:-) thank you

  11. Tiffany Cavegn - June 27, 2014

    I love how he knows that the scale is a celebratory moment and he wants his own turn!

  12. Mary - June 27, 2014

    Heidi, why do the candidates strip down to almost nothing for the weigh ins but then on the final weigh in they are dressed up? Won’t that cause them to weigh more? Or are the scales adjusted for this?

    • Team Powell - June 28, 2014

      Hi Mary: Great question! Here’s the reason the contestants “strip down” during their first weigh-in: One of the most powerful steps in the transformation journey is the courage to declare the issue, to embrace it, and to come out of hiding. We do this in two ways – to expose and embrace the body they created, and to step on the scale in front of others…As with ALL individuals who struggle with addictions and body image, they are all terrified of what others will think of them at first…but they quickly realize they are welcomed and loved even MORE by those around them for having that courage – and it gives others permission to do the same! Not ONE person who has gone back through the journey has regretted that moment. They will all preach how terrifying it was, but also how freeing it was. After that, there’s no looking back!

    • Chris - June 28, 2014

      Great question, but unfortunately not fully answered. I always wondered that myself (if ‘adjustments’ were made on scale for fully-clothed weigh-in). If no adjustments are made for final weigh-in, the finalist technically lost a few pounds more. But at that point does it really matter to be THAT exact?

    • Team Powell - June 30, 2014

      Hi Chris: Yes, the weight of each contestant’s clothes is taken into consideration for their final weigh in to be as exact as possible.

  13. Sarah - June 27, 2014

    So cute! … And does chris have a twin? It looks like chris is hosting (wearing the hat) but at the same time the guy who took cash off the stage looks exactly like chris as well. I’m a die hard powell pack fan, you guys always have a way of inspiring me, but I can’t tell which is chris…

    • Team Powell - June 28, 2014

      The guy on stage with Cash is not Chris – Chris was off to the side of the stage and took Cash off the stage when he was finished singing. 🙂

  14. Trevon McClure - June 27, 2014

    Cash is sooooo cute! He is so brave to sing in front of all those people. I’m very proud of him! We love seeing him grow up. Good job to Chris & Heidi Powell for being such awesome parents and role models for their kids and for us.

  15. Helen Fagan - June 27, 2014

    That is beautiful Heidi! Nothing like our kids to encourage and challenge our hearts. Wishing the Powell family a lifetime of happiness, health and blessings for all the lives you touch.

  16. Lisa Archambault - June 27, 2014

    So adorable! Love that little guy. Would have been even better without the guy behind the camera complaining he doesn’t feel well! I not sure if he didn’t realize it was taping his voice as well! :p

    • Linda Hughes - June 27, 2014

      agree the guy needs to BE QUIET. Cash is adorable!

    • Tanya Akers - June 28, 2014

      I was thinking the same thing lol

    • Beth - July 5, 2014

      As Team Powell stated, it was Bruce. He was under the weather.

  17. Pam Copley - June 27, 2014

    Who ever took the vide should be checked out he was breathing pretty hard

  18. Shannan B - June 27, 2014

    Love this!!! What a stud!

  19. Stephanie Poghen - June 27, 2014

    Hi Heidi, I just want to thank you & Chris for all the positive things you both do and how you transform peoples lives. You both are living proof that there “is” good left in this world. I am desperate to lose weight & I would love to have you both help me. I am 47 yrs. old and morbidly overweight (335 lbs.) I live in Cleveland, OH. My weight is really affecting my health and I have multiple health as a direct result of my weight. I don’t know where to turn anymore & I don’t have a real solid support system. I keep praying for the Lord to show me a way or what to do. I am currently on disability & my doctors haven’t been much of a help. I have thought about & am seriously considering gastric bypass surgery but the bottom line is a still need to change my habits, lifestyle, and get to the “root” cause of my eating issues. I am a wife/mother and I would love for my husband to have his wife back and my son his mother. The last almost 4 yrs have been very difficult on my family & my self since I have become ill. My husband works 2 jobs because I am unable to work & never complains. My son tries to help out as much as he can too. I have always been a very independent person, everyone used to depend on ME! Now, I am the one dependent on others and it’s very demeaning and saddens me a great deal.
    Can you & Chris, please help me? I understand you both probably get bombarded daily with letters such as this but I am hoping you can help me in some way. If not, I understand. Please still know that you & Chris are a blessing to humanity. Sincerely, Stephanie

    • Team Powell - June 27, 2014

      Hi Stephanie: Check out Chris and Heidi’s carb cycling program in their book, “Choose More, Lose More for Life.” It’s a complete nutrition and exercise program, and it’s the same one they use on the show. For more info about carb cycling, check out this post: I’d suggest discussing the program with your healthcare team to see what modifications might need to be made to work around your health issues. We want to keep you safe and healthy! You can totally do this! 🙂

    • Team Powell - June 28, 2014

      Hi Stephanie! Check out Chris and Heidi’s carb cycling program in their book, “Choose More, Lose More for Life.” It’s a complete nutrition and exercise program and it’s the same one they use on the show. It’s awesome! Learn about the nutrition basics here: With your health issues, I’d suggest you discuss this program with your healthcare team to make sure any necessary modifications are made to keep you safe and healthy! And pay particular attention to the chapter on Promises – they are truly the key to achieving any goal and are the first step Chris and Heidi take with every client. Learn about the process here: Best of luck to you as you work toward achieving your own transformation – you can totally do this! 🙂

  20. Geri Phillips - June 27, 2014

    I wish that I could of seen this, however, it doesn’t seem to come up for me. I know that Cash is very talented and would love to hear it. I will try later on. Fan from No. California

    • Geri Phillips - June 27, 2014

      Finally got it to work,, what a wonderful Job Cash,, he definitely has show business in his blood,, encourage him as he grow older..

  21. Angie - June 27, 2014

    So sweet!! So confident! Love that wonderful family!

  22. Linda Gorician - June 27, 2014

    That is so precious , he did a fantastic job. Certainly not shy , way to go Cash ❤️

  23. Rachel - June 27, 2014

    That is so adorable! I know his parents must be so proud of him, and to do that in front of so many people. Doesn’t look like he is camera shy at all. Way to go Cash!!! 🙂

  24. Kerri A - June 27, 2014

    Awww! I love the shot of mama in the background singing the words with him!! 🙂

  25. Michelle grietzer - June 27, 2014

    This is absolutely adorable he’s amazing just like his dad and a lil comedian !

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