Four years married to my best friend.

While this number sounds so small at the moment, it sure feels like you and I have lived 4 years times 10 together ☺. We have SO many crazy, fun, happy, exciting, sad, stressful, nerve-racking, hilarious, unique, extraordinary, one-of-a-kind, wonderful and amazing adventures together. There isn’t a person on earth I would rather be sharing this life with.

Thank you so much for loving and accepting me even at my worst.
Thank you for always trying your hardest to make me smile, even when I don’t want to ☺.
Thank you for always pushing me to be the best person I can be.
Thank you for never expecting anything of me, and showing gratitude for EVERYTHING I do for and give to you.
Thank you for being the simplest human being I’ve ever met in my life – you make me feel the most beautiful with no make up and workout clothes on.
Thank you for looking at me the way you do.
Thank you for loving me, even when I might not deserve it.
Thank you for being my best friend and the love of my life ☺.

I love you so much. Here’s to another 70 years with you!!!!