Taking a Leap!

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We’ve been so lucky here in Los Angeles, California to have great weather as well as having our hotel close to so many must haves!

Our desirables when traveling for work are simple – a great gym either in the hotel or within a few minutes of the hotel as well as close proximity to a Trader Joes or other similar type grocery store so we can buy our own food and avoid having to eat out. These two tools help Chris and I to say on track with our personal goals.

The other night, we took the opportunity to work out at the 24 Hour Fitness by our hotel and I am so glad we did! While holding the plank position and alternating with swingups, out of the corner of my eye I observed the most unusual workout! I was fixated on a gentleman performing motions that were graceful like yoga, but included a high level of strength training as well. It was a balance that I’d never seen before! I had to know more!

So this is where stepping outside your comfort zone comes in! It’s a bit nerve racking to walk up to someone in a gym and start chatting. You either feel odd for interrupting their workout or afraid they may think you’re interested in them! But, it was worth it to take a leap of faith. In just a few minutes, I learned the exciting and intriguing moves he was doing were from a program at physicalsubculture.com. I couldn’t wait to learn more and find some new moves to switch up my workouts.

When you step up and step out of your comfort zone, you never know what you’ll find! For me, I discovered some exciting exercise moves. What might you find? Learn more about their philosophy and exercises in their book Lift With Your Head

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