Mother’s Day DIY: 5 Gifts Under $5!

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I love giving handmade gifts, especially for sentimental holidays like Mother?s Day. Not only can I make them exactly what I want, but these kinds of gifts feel so much more genuine and heartfelt. But let?s be honest?as a mother of 4 in my 30s (holy crap, am I really already 33??), the old handprint flower song-and-dance just isn?t cutting it for my own mom anymore! This holiday, sophisticated and inexpensive DIYs are the name of the game. My 5 favorite DIYs for Mother?s Day are here for you to use?and they?re all under $5! Can?t beat that?

  1. Spa Day In a Jar: Although I would love to be able to give every mama I know a spa day (we so deserve it), financially, it would be impossible. Instead, I put together these cute, quick jars full of everything a girl could want for a relaxing night at home. In mine, I included a mud mask, filing board, nail polish, lip stain, and loofa?but you could fill them with whatever your loved one likes best ?. All of these items can be found at the dollar store or for super cheap in drug store cosmetic sections.HP_SugarScrub
  2. Homemade Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub: Call me Heidi Homemaker ;). Just kidding?I am far from?but I CAN make this!! I love finding things I have on hand and transforming them into gifts, and this sugar scrub recipe is amazing and easy. It is 100% made up of things I had on hand – quickest, easiest DIY gift ever! Here?s how you make it:

? ? ? ? ?What you?ll need:

? ? ? ? ? 4 cups coconut oil

? ? ? ? ? 2 cups sugar – you can use white or raw, but raw seems to exfoliate better!

? ? ? ? ? 10 drops essential oil (I used good ol? Vanilla!)

? ? ? ? ? How you?ll do it:

? ? ? ? ? Place coconut oil in blender and mix on medium for about 1 minute. Slowly add in the sugar ? ? ? about a cup at a time while still mixing. Add in essential oil and continue mixing. Spoon mixture into a small glass jar and decorate! So easy, and a wonderful gift to pamper the ones you love!

3. Potted Succulent or Herbs: Flowers are always a fun gift, but honestly, they die way too fast! I feel like sometimes hundreds of dollars are spent on a gift that lasts just a few days. Instead of splurging on a heaping bouquet of roses that may not last through the week, try picking up an inexpensive terra cotta pot, hand paint it just for your mama, and plant her favorite herb or succulent! She will LOVE having something long lasting, and the hand painted pot adds just the right amount of charm.


4. Quote Book: My mom was the QUEEN of amazing one-liners growing up, and I find myself repeating so much of what she said to me to my own kids! Does the phrase ?Don?t sit too close to the TV or you?ll? go blind!!? ring bells for anyone?! Grab some scrapbook paper, a pretty pen, a hole punch, and some sturdy ribbon or twine and make your mom a book of all the hilarious things she said to you as a kid! Make sure you take the time to read through it with her too – guaranteed to be a fun trip down memory lane for the whole family!


5. The Gift of Time: I remember several instances as a kid when I had forgotten a sibling or parent?s birthday, so I quickly scribbled out a bunch of half-hearted coupons they could redeem for back scratches or dish washing. Although my original tactic was a bit juvenile, the sentiment is something as adults we can definitely offer our loved ones! In the next few days leading up to Mother?s Day, surprise your mom with some random acts of kindness. Whether it?s bringing her a homemade meal, washing her car, or taking care of her laundry for her, sharing your presence is the greatest present any mother could ever ask for!

Now that I?ve shared my favorite Mother?s Day DIYs, I want to hear about yours! Is there one gift you’ve received (or given!) that has stood out far above the rest? Tell me about your favorite Mother?s Day experience in the comments below! And of course? Happy Mother?s Day!!!



2 Responses

  1. My mother in law always gets us a gift card to our favorite store– crafts, clothes, sports, books, a favorite restaurant– whatever! She does it because she knows if she gave us cash it would most likely end up going to bills or something like that. While others may think a gift card is not personal, I personally love gift cards because I LOVE to shop!

  2. Besides a gift, I usually write my mom a special letter thanking her for being my mom. I strive to recall times in my life that she showed me perseverance, great listenening skills, how she was my role model in being a mom that taught me about God, just special little and big things that I appreciate and love about my mom. 🙂

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