EWL’s Josh + Kelli: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Yet another incredible episode with not one, but TWO jaw-dropping transformations! And how cool was it to finally get a little sneak peek into how each of our contestants are actually a part of each other’s journeys? Throughout the year they spend with us, I think it’s safe to say that they get as much support from each other as they do from us! Josh and Kelli sure did epitomize TEAM and SUPPORT this year in how they worked with each other.

While you got to see Josh learn to cope with the pain associated with his father’s death as he transformed his life, and you witnessed Kelli learn to rely on herself OUTSIDE of a team sports environment for once, what you didn’t get to see were these two crazy, lovable, amazingly funny people interact much with each other…AND give their Chris/Heidi impersonations! So…for your entertainment, I present to you Josh and Kelli…RAW AND REAL!


Josh, Kelli…go get married already!!!! If you had a dollar for every time I said that, you’d both be rich, I know! One of these days you’ll realize you two are meant for each other – haha. Love you both and am so proud of all you have overcome and accomplished. I’m proud to call you my friends, and to induct you both into the Powell Pack! You two are one of a kind!

Before I end this mush-fest, I want to leave you with Josh and Kelli’s tip to success for you all. Not surprisingly (because they belong together and are two peas in a pod), they BOTH had the same advice. “One tip we would give those just starting out is to find a support buddy. Someone who will be honest with them and hold them accountable. It may be someone they are close with, but most likely not. Just someone to make them keep their promises of leading a healthier lifestyle! People are more successful at reaching goals when they are not doing it alone!” Says Josh and Kelli. I couldn’t have said it better myself! Thanks, guys!!




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  1. What Kelli said about self sabotage in the episode, hit home for me. I have been losing weight off and on for more than 10 years. ( ex long distance runner) As I start getting good results, I self sabotage and regain the weight and some more. I am currently at the heaviest I have ever been (255 pounds). I joined a gym a week ago and have promised myself no more excuses! I am going to start living my life!
    Thank you guys
    From Cindy in South Africa

  2. josh is gay! It’s great to see such a wonderful friendship.. It doesn’t need to be anything else. I hope he finds a fabulous guy!

  3. They really are meant for eachother. He is definitely her type and he looks at her so romantically. They are both so stunning

  4. These two need to get married already. The body language, finishing each other’s sentences.. come on with it.

  5. Omg. They both are absolute gorgeous. Great job! I don’t care top lose the weight but I know I wouldn’t have money for skin surgery, so I just stay fat nobody cares anyways. I live the support that Kelli had and she didn’t really realize that she had so many that cared. Great episode this week.

  6. Oh my, the body language with those two! I think you’re right Heidi, he couldn’t take his eyes off of her 🙂

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