LCW’s Amber + Bryce: Newlywed Game + Surprise Announcement!

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I don’t know about you, but last night’s episode (and the entire journey, for that matter) tugged at my heart strings and hit pretty darn close to home. It was so amazing to be able to work with two kind, loving, well-intended, hard working individuals who were about to embark upon a journey that was all too familiar to us. The journey of blending a family is something we get quite a few questions and comments on, so it was a pleasure to get to help Bryce and Amber through their own journey, as well showcase the blended family aspect in addition to their jaw-dropping transformations.

With that being said, who’s ready for the Newlywed Game???? Me!!! Watch the video below to see how well Bryce and Amber know each other, and be sure to stay tuned through the end for an exciting?surprise announcement??from the Mulvey Mob!!

Take it away, Bryce and Amber!

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More blended family talk from the happily married couple…

Amber: Being a child of divorce, I have long admired Chris & Heidi?s relationship with Derek. My parents were always kind to one another, but the dynamic this family has is simply amazing to me. They have recognized that it is better for all, especially those sweet kiddos, that everyone works together. This was one of the very first things that Heidi and I spoke about. I caught her at the sink in the bathroom and just wanted to say how much I admired her and Chris. I shared that I want this for our family too, and our little bathroom convo moved out to the hall and ended up being one of the best moments of this experience for me. It let me know that we had the same goal?to have a happy, healthy, well-balanced family. Heidi and Chris? willingness to be vulnerable and open led to allowing me to truly trust them. TRUST is key when giving someone complete access to your life, your fears, and struggles. I knew that C&H had our best interest at heart.

Over the 6 months of our transformation/training and beyond, Heidi, Chris, Bryce, and I had many, many conversations about family. Both The Powell Pack and The Mulvey Mob celebrate the importance of family. Becoming a stepparent is a frightening thing?will I know what to do, how do I not step on toes, how do I support my spouse emotionally because even in the best of situations?divorce still complicates things. I really identified with Chris on joining a family unit and loving Bryce?s son as my own. The little guy was born in my heart?.I am blessed and honored to have him as my stepson. He reminds me daily how much he loves me, and he is just so easy to love.??It is imperative that stepparents respects their spouse?s ex. You need to honor your stepchild?s other parent because that is his mommy or daddy and he loves her.??Heidi was an amazing help on just learning how to be a momma. I know there was one point where I was like ?WHAT DO I FEED HIM?!? and this was seriously stressful for me. She shared what works for her family and helped calm fears. With the Powells, there is not Yours and Ours..simply Ours. We are incredibly blessed to have friends like the Powells. From Chris down to little Ruby, I have so enjoyed my time being welcomed into their family. I?ll never forget going on a hike with Matix and Marley, for some reason they decided to ask me how earthworms reproduce?can I tell you how hard it is, with my limited knowledge of biology, to explain asexual reproduction to kids?! When we got to the bottom of the hill, I told Heidi I was getting her kiddos a subscription to Zoo Books, I still need to come through on that promise.??I love this family, and the Powell Pack is stuck with us for life.

Bryce:?For me it was good to have C&H understand how hard it was to be away from my little buddy for 3 months while at boot camp. I knew that even though I would miss time with him, 3 months now was worth years added to my life with him, Amber, and our future kids.?

Even though things are good with the little guy’s mom, Chris, Heidi, and Derek’s dynamic gives me hope that things can get even better. It’s also cool to see how all the kids love each other so much.

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6 Responses

  1. This episode was very inspirational. It pulled on my heart strings also. I can relate to hiding the foods that I snack on. I have put on about 25 lbs since getting married. Happy weight! The thing is, it’s just not making me happy now. Thank you for inspiring me to lose the happy weight that I have gained.

  2. I can totally relate to Amber! Why do we feel like we have to sneak food when it’s obvious we have a problem!? I love this show! I’m so encouraged and at the same time wonder why I can’t do it!! Thanks Chris and Heidi!

  3. This was a cool episode. Glad I got to tweet with you both during the show and I did what I said I was going to do…. I took a walk at work. 1.4 miles in 17 mins. Thanks for the inspiration. Just turn 40 July 1st. My goal is to lose weight to get pregnant. 2 years of marriage, now we want a child. I know the 60 lbs extra is not helping. So watching these two were really speaking to me. Thank you for sharing your passion with us….. My tweet name is @istacysweets

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