Sunshine for the Sole

The comments about my Reebok shoes poured in after sharing this photo. - Learn more at

The comments about my shoes poured in after sharing this photo.

A woman can never have too many shoes! Especially some super cute and super bright ones  like these!

So many asked where I got these fun loving, yellow shoes (actually “solar green” is the color), I thought I should just let you all know where to get a pair yourselves! Just putting them on my feet makes me smile with all of that brightness looking back at me! What better way to get moving? :).

You can find this amazing Dance UR Lead Mid in Solar Green/Party Purple by Reebok here. This dance shoe will keep you Zumba lovers jamming for hours on end. Or…if you’re like me, you can wear ‘em just because they’re super adorbs too. 🙂

Not sure if they’re the right shoe for you? Check out my tips for buying the perfect pair of shoes. Fit does matter!

Happy shoe shopping!

Reebok's "Dance UR Lead Mid" in Solar Green - Learn more at

Reebok’s “Dance UR Lead Mid” in Solar Green


  1. Katie - May 28, 2014

    Cute shoes! My husband saw Chris’ shoes (the ones in this picture) in the episode this week and loved them too. Do you know what kind they are?

  2. Desiree - September 26, 2013

    I live in the phx area and would love to go to that store to get fitted! Can you share what the store is called? thanks so much!

  3. Kasey - September 26, 2013

    Love it! Do they have arch support?

  4. Vonda Summers - September 26, 2013

    The brighter the shoes, the better!!

  5. Grovia - September 25, 2013

    Love them! I really dig bright shoes! They make me happy and allow me to express myself. When out walking/jogging I love to look down and see a little fun. It keeps me going!

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