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Ruby’s First Flight

POSTED ON December 11, 2013

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Powell Pack in Hawaii

It is no secret that our family’s busy life has us jet setting more than the average family. While most of the time, these travels are easy and somewhat predictable, thanks to an awesome nanny and two older kids that are superstar helpers, we occasionally encounter periods of time and travel that aren’t as easy and predictable as we would like.

Example – traveling to Hawaii with a 2 week old. This was a hot topic of debate for many and understandably so. It was torturous for Chris and myself, as her parents, to figure out how we could make Ruby’s first trip as safe as humanly possible, and still accomplish the things that we needed to accomplish. I’m happy to report, the trip was a success on SO many levels ☺.

Hawaii here we come!

Let’s start with the 6 ½ hour plane ride from Phoenix to Hawaii. This, my friends, was my biggest worry. The thought of exposing Baby Ruby’s new immune system to an airport, let alone an airplane with re-circulated air for 6+ hours kept me up at night for an entire week leading up to the flight. I read as many google searched articles and forums that I could find on the topic – looking up moms and dads that had flown with their babies at such a young age…hoping and praying their babies were safe. I searched and read nearly every doctor-written and recommended site to see how early was too early for an infant to fly. While I saw the recommendation was 4-6 weeks (to allow time for their immune systems to strengthen), they did say flying earlier could be done with proper precautions.

Ruby's cocoon
So…precautions were taken. Chris found the BEST carseat cover that we used the ENTIRE way to and from Hawaii – it was a lifesaver. While I’m not sure how much it actually protected Ruby from the potentially bad air, it sure made Mom and Dad feel better. She only came out of her little cocoon to eat and be changed twice on the flight. Every other minute was spent sleeping (thank you, Ruby!!).

Also, we found that the location of her seat could help her stay out of germs way. Immediately behind first class (yes, we fly coach) and off to the far side felt the safest. We did splurge and buy Ruby her own seat though. While the cost seemed high to me, the investment in a healthier space for her was worth it to us.

Heidi and Ruby

When in Hawaii, the fresh, ocean air was amazing. I found myself happy to be there, nearly pollution-free, for Ruby’s 3rd week of life, even over our home state of AZ. She got a nice amount of clean air, indirect sunlight (which is great for reducing risk of jaundice in newborns), and a happy and stress-free mom and dad. She ate well, and grew bigger over the course of that week. While I even like to think I saw her smile a few times, I know better than to think it was real. But, Ruby did seem to thoroughly enjoy that third of her life on the Hawaiian islands, I must say ☺.

Beach Bums

Cashy Boy…dream come true. I don’t know how a child that was SO hard to travel with (and we have traveled with him a TON over his 2.5 years of life) has become such a breeze!!! I’m not going to question it too much, I’m only going to be grateful ☺.

Cash at the beach

Hawaii was beautiful and amazing (and SO wonderful to see three of our Extreme Weight Loss peeps conquer their 6 Month Milestone Challenges), but I am happy to be home with Matix and Marley again.

The Powell Pack is complete once again ☺.

Next up in our world of travel? I can’t tell you, but I will give you a hint:

Rumpelstiltskin + G + 8 + path over water. Guess below:

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Tonia Hollon says:

San Francisco!!! The Golden Gate Bridge :0)

Kymberly Calvo says:

Golden Gate Bridge – in the Bay Area of Northern California!

Tammy says:

come back to Hawaii again soon!

Danielle Swayze says:

You guys are awesome! I’ve always loved the show, but it just keeps getting better. I love how y’all are open about your life, and so normal(hope that didn’t sound bad).

Melanie says:

I live in Sacramento and would be starstruck if I saw you in San Francisco! I would love to find your motivation within myself and look as good as you!! I love you guys!

Patti Pacer says:

In May of 1956 my Dad was in the Navy stationed in San Diego. My Mom was 9 months pregnant with me and due anytime. I was born 5 days after he was discharged. Two weeks later my Mom few back home to GA with me by herself me crying the entire time. My Dad drove the car cross country back home. Needless to say I survived the trip to Georgia with no after effects from the plane ride.

Golden Gate? San Francisco, California?

Christine A Tetreault says:


deborah says:


Ashley Playfair says:

Just wanted commend you for using the car seat on the plane! Way to go momma!

Hyla says:

haha that’s a great clue! Golden GATE Bridge! and I never would have guessed that if I didn’t just start watching Once Upon A Time :P

Jessica says:

Parents who adopt out of state/country travel with new babies all the time. You do what you’ve got to do!!! Breast milk=protection :)

Nancy Jensen says:

Thankful for all of you that you were blessed with an easy trip to the Islands.
Clever hint – I guess San Francisco. :)

Tasha says:

San Francisco; Golden Gate Bridge

Shannon Goolic says:

Golden Gate Bridge, SanFransisco

McKenzie Barnett says:

Healthy… Auto correct!

Sarah says:

It was nice to hear your family was on the island. You picked the perfect week to be here (i live on Oahu). One week earlier the weather was not-so-beautiful.

McKenzie Barnett says:

Golden gate bridge… Can you come help my family get greatly now?

lisa says:


Bethany says:

Golden Gate Bridge :)

Tammy says:

I love reading your blogs Heidi :)

Samantha Lintz says:

My hubby & I are guessing San Francisco! :) So happy to hear your travels were easy & blissful!

Michele B. says:

Golden Gate Bridge (San Francisco)

Jess Parizek says:

Golden Gate Bridge? San Francsico, to correct my previous post, in such a hurry I got the wrong city!

Jess Parizek says:

Golden Gate Bridge? San Diego!

Megan says:

Love your family and looks as all is well with your Powell Pack! Still curious, how did you decide on Ruby’s name? She’s beautiful and her name suits her well! Love to you all!

Kelley says:

San Francisco

Brittany says:

Gutenberg? :)

Joan says:


Pam says:

Rumpelstiltskin + G + 8 + path over water????

Great something……lol

Tammy Lee says:

I am guessing the Golden Gate Bridge :) Am I correct? :)

jay frias says:


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