Happy Birthday to the Strongest, Smartest…

This is Chris hijacking Heidi’s blog! 🙂


Happy Birthday to the strongest, smartest, most insightful, and MOST beautiful woman in the world…my best friend and wife, Heidi. Here’s a little walk down memory lane over the years since we’ve met – the best years of my life. I can’t wait for the next 70 years together 😉 I love you babe.


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  1. Wendy - March 29, 2014

    Awe how sweet! You are an amazing couple! Wishing you many many more years together! God bless

  2. Maria Romanos - March 29, 2014

    Can you guys be any cuter? Happy Birthday Heidi!

  3. Kati - March 29, 2014

    Ohhh it was my birthday yesterday aswell.
    Happy birthday Heidi.
    You guys are great!

  4. maureen - March 29, 2014

    Happy happy bday lovely lady 🙂

  5. Jennifer desoto - March 28, 2014

    y’all are too cute! I really admire y’all! seem like such a sweet loving couple always doing things as a family. Love that! happy birthday Heidi!

  6. Holly - March 28, 2014

    Great pictures!! Happy birthday Heidi!!

  7. Anna Kochetkova - March 28, 2014

    You look so in love! Happy birthday!!! :)))

  8. Desiree Piter - March 28, 2014

    Love all of these pictures Chris :). You guys are two of “thee” most beautiful people, inside & out! 🙂 Love ya both so much!!! <3.
    Hope you're having a HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEIDI!!!!! 😀

  9. Sara - March 28, 2014

    Happy Birthday Heidi!! Hope you have a wonderful day! You and your husband are a beautiful couple and such an inspiration!

  10. suzie basford - March 28, 2014

    I love how you two shared personal pictures with everyone. Very sweet of you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEIDI!!!!

  11. Connie - March 28, 2014

    Happy Birthday Heidi.You both are adorable

  12. francine - March 28, 2014

    Happy birthday Heidi!!

  13. Maria Morales - March 28, 2014

    May your life always be filled with the love respect health joy and all the love your hearts can hold ♡♡♡♡♡

  14. Julissa Pineda - March 28, 2014

    God bless you guys! You, have made a huge influence in my life and have changed it for good!!! Heidi, have a wonderful day!!!!!

  15. Alyssa - March 28, 2014

    Seeing you this happy makes me so happy. You’re an inspiration, your family is wonderful, you are wonderful. Thank you for sharing your daily life with us. May your life be full of joy and happiness as it already is. I wish you the best, and happy birthday Heidi!

  16. Tatiana - March 28, 2014


  17. Tatiana - March 28, 2014


  18. Melissa - March 28, 2014

    Praying your birthday is an amazing start to a wonderful year full of love and blessings. You are such an inspiration to so many people. Thanks for letting us share in your every day life with your beautiful family!

  19. Amy Carrell - March 28, 2014

    Happy birthday Heidi! You are such an inspiration to me and I love reading the stuff you post and the pictures. Thank you for sharing your life with me am others.

  20. Marcy Leuck - March 28, 2014

    Happy Birthday!!!!

  21. Tara - March 28, 2014

    SO cute! Love all the photos! Happy birthday!

  22. Deborah Sirdoreus - March 28, 2014

    Happy Birthday to 1 amazing beautiful, caring, inspiring, lady. May your day be very blessed and you are spoiling extra today! Love all the pictures you shared!

  23. Susie - March 28, 2014

    Happy Birthday Heidi !!!
    Your the happy couple !!!
    Hope your day is awesome !!!

  24. Ryan Guzzo - March 28, 2014

    Happy, Happy Birthday Heidi!!! Enjoy!!!

  25. Caitlyn - March 28, 2014

    ahhh the younger pictures! so cute. where are wedding pictures? 🙂

  26. Erica - March 28, 2014

    Wow! You two are so amazing!! Your children are truley blessed to have you as parents! I strive to be like you both. Happy Birthday to you Heidi!! I wish you many more to come.

  27. Angela - March 28, 2014


  28. Amy Mathiew/Lyons Point, LA - March 28, 2014

    Happy Day Heidi. You guys are so cute. Poster couple…. Lots of Love to you all. Hope to meet ya’ll one day…… XOXO

  29. Nicole Cruz - March 28, 2014

    Happy Birthday Heidi and best wishes. Very amazing pictures of you both. You and Chris are both my inspiration 🙂

  30. Carrie Nelson - March 28, 2014

    Happy Birthday Heidi!!!!
    You and Chris are such an inspiration <3

  31. megan - March 28, 2014

    Happy birthday, Heidi!! You are a beautiful person, inside and out. It would be awesome to hear how you two met, fell in love, got married, etc. 😉

  32. Emily - March 28, 2014

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEIDI!!!! You and Chris are so inspirational and an amazing couple (that I one day hope to meet)! I wish you nothing but success and happiness of your special day and every day.

  33. Tracy - March 28, 2014

    Happy Birthday, wishing you a year filled with great blessings and rewards for the inspiration you provide so many others!

  34. Tammy - March 28, 2014

    Happy Birthday Heidi. What great pictures and tribute to your lovely wife. I don’t believe I have ever followed two people that are more genuine and down to earth. Please don’t ever change. Your smiles and energy are so infectious……

  35. Nancy Collins - March 28, 2014

    Wow! What a great looking couple!! I know that you feel blessed to have Heidi; however, she and her children are very blessed to have you in their lives, too!

  36. Carolyn Smith - March 28, 2014

    Happy Birthday!!!!! Hope you have an amazing day and many more years to come

  37. K'Leisha Caughman-Trevino - March 28, 2014

    Such an inspiring couple. Love the pictures. Thank you for sharing. Happy Birthday Heidi! You are such a beautiful and amazing person. Thank you for being who you are. 🙂

  38. Tabitha - March 28, 2014

    Happy Birthday Heidi!!!!
    Those are awesome Picture’s of you & Chris.
    Happy birthday hope you have a wonderful day Heidi!!

  39. Cynthia - March 28, 2014

    Happy Birthday Heidi! You are an amazing, wonderful, kind, giving, loving person who is truly beautiful on the inside and out. I enjoy all of your posts, tips, guidance, recipes, and jokes. Thank you for sharing your insight and your life with all of us! Loved seeing all of the pictures, you both have so much joy when you are together, wonderful see!

  40. Deena Westfall - March 28, 2014

    What a beautiful couple! Happy Birthday, Heidi!!

  41. Tracy - March 28, 2014

    Happy Birthday Heidi! Love the photo montage – what a beautiful couple!

  42. Jessica Kae - March 28, 2014

    Happy Birthday!!!

  43. Camille - March 28, 2014

    You’re just adorable I can’t take it!

  44. Jenn Edward - March 28, 2014

    Happy Birthday Heidi 🙂

  45. christine - March 28, 2014

    Happy birthday!!!

  46. Marie-Pier Mercure - March 28, 2014

    Just want to tell you both how incredibly inspiring you are as a couple. You’re both stunning. HBD Heidi! Big fan here 🙂

  47. Beth - March 28, 2014

    awesome photos! Thanks for sharing! You two are such a beautiful couple inside and out! Happy Birthday Heidi

  48. Esmer - March 28, 2014

    Happy birthday Heidi!!!! Even though we may not personally know each other, my husband and I have a special place in our hearts for you and Chris. 🙂 Thank you for keeping us motivated!! I really do hope you have a great day today!

  49. Marykel Lachance - March 28, 2014

    Happy Birthday from granby/Québec .. M’y family And me, ADORE YOU xxx

  50. Elizebeth J Cribbs - March 28, 2014

    Beautiful . Happy birthday Heidi

  51. Lisa Guerra - March 28, 2014

    Happy Birthday 🙂

  52. Sally - March 28, 2014

    My word you are a beautiful couple! How can teenagers have so many kids – haha. Thanks for the constant motivation! Happy Birthday Heidi!!!

  53. She's Going the Distance - March 28, 2014

    Happy Birthday! slideshow was adorable, love you both, keep training!!

  54. Starla - March 28, 2014


  55. Shannon Quiles - March 28, 2014

    Happy Birthday Heidi!!! You guys are the cutest couple!!! You are a couple to look up to! God Bless you both!

  56. Heatehr - March 28, 2014

    so sweet!!! Happy Birthday <3

  57. Amanda Spahr - March 28, 2014

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Going down memory lane is a blast!!! Dave, my husband, and I went down memory lane as I applied for the show. It brought us closer. We realized how far we had come over the years and the strength it took to get through some difficult times!!! I hope looking at these pictures brings you two closer too 🙂

  58. Bobi - March 28, 2014

    Happy Birthday Heidi! You two make me smile:)

  59. Shannon - March 28, 2014

    Happy Birthday Heidi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

  60. Heather - March 28, 2014

    Happy Birthday Heidi!! I hope you have a great day.

  61. Joan Uhlir - March 28, 2014

    HAPPY BIRTHSAY!! Great pictures – oh, the places you’ve been! Chris, you haven’t changed a bit – Heidi, you’ve gotten even more beautiful! You two are so amazing!! Best wishes for a GREAT DAY!!

  62. Tarte Aux Cerises - Cherriepie - March 28, 2014

    Maligayang Kaarawan Sayo! Happy Birthday Heidi <3 more blessings to come

  63. Jessica Grant - March 28, 2014

    SO CUTE!!!!

  64. naturecolo - March 28, 2014

    From a French Fan: Happy Birthday Heidi!

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