My Pre-Flight Workout

115lbs deadlift - Learn more at
115 lbs deadlift starts off my preflight workout!

There are very few things worse than hopping on a flight and having to sit sedentary for 5 1/2 hours! To make myself feel not-so-bad about all of that sitting time, I try to maximize my muscle movement Pre-flight :).

Here was my Pre-flight workout today…

10 rounds of:

10 – 115lbs deadlift (you can scale this weight to your comfort)

10 – pull-ups (scale to jumping pull-ups if you would like)

The grand total is 100 reps of each move. Try this out before your next flight (or before your kid’s next dance recital – we all know there’s a lot of sitting there), and you’ll be glad you did!


Celebrity Trainer Heidi Powell doing 100 Pull Ups - Learn more at
100 pullups in my pre-flight workout!

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