Fun and Healthy Snacks for Kids

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With three kids in the house, snack time often becomes fun time as Chris and I find new ways to enjoy healthy foods as a family. One of our favorite ways is to transform regular snack foods into creative, healthy snacks that are simple to make and fun to eat! Here are a few ideas to turn healthy foods into fun foods and even tempt your pickiest eater to join in. Enjoy!

Fruit Flying Saucers

Use Gluten Free Crackers for a digestion-friendly option. Crackers are ok for kids in moderation. Spread with some cream cheese and top with fruit or veggies.

Baked Apple Volcanoes

Apples and berries go great together. You can core and bake your apples or slice and bake them. Just a quick 15 minutes in an oven preheated to 350 will produce a perfect baked apple. Mix in some fresh berries and beet juice ?lava? for added fun (add a sprinkle of sea salt to bring out the sweetness). Easy and yummy!

Grape Caterpillar

Skewer some grapes on a toothpick and make an apple worm. Skip the apple and use just grapes on long skewers to make a caterpillar. Use yogurt or cream cheese with a sliver of olive or raisin to make eyes and you have a scrumptious new tasty snack.

Ants on a Log

An oldie but goodie.  Just spread some peanut butter down the middle of some celery stalks and line with raisins.  Try using Nutella and golden raisins for a new twist.

Deviled Egg Boats

Talk about yummy and easy! Follow your fave deviled egg recipe (we add Greek yogurt to ours), then stick a cheese triangle on each toothpick and place in the center of each egg “boat.” Our kids LOVE making these.

Fruit and Veggie Smiles

It?s pretty self-explanatory, but simply making fruit and veggies fun for kids increases their chances of eating them.  Letting them take part in the creative process of making funny faces with their fruits and veggies, they will see healthy foods in a whole new light!

Spider pretzels

Sandwich a few crackers with some peanut butter and pretzels. Add raisin eyes and you have a spooky snack sure to please.

Peanut Butter Power Fudge

No snack list would be complete without our family’s favorite peanut buttery treat!  You’ll love our Peanut Butter Power Fudge!

With a little imagination, you and your kids can make fun, healthy snacks every day.

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  1. i love finding healthy snack ideas to share w/ my grand kids. these ideas are so cute. thanks for sharing.

  2. I am always looking for ideas to keep my kids eating healthy, so this is one of my many favorite blog postings because its packed with ideas for my family. I cant wait to sneak these onto their plates 🙂

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    from that service? Many thanks!

    1. Strange! We’ll have to look into it. There are a lot of people commenting so its possible you that 4 different people commented.

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