Top 5 Summer Fitness Must Haves

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5 Summer Fitness Must Haves - Learn more at

  1. Gym/Beach Bag ? Find an amazing gym bag (like this one) that will help get your cute booty out of the house and into the gym! There are so many to choose from that have a compartment for everything from your iPad to dirty gym clothes to chocolate (protein bars ;)). My preference? A bag that can double as a beach bag to give you more bang for your buck!
  2. Vemma Bod-e App – Looking for a plan? Download our FREE Vemma Bode app where Chris and I give you daily tips and tricks to help you succeed at your diet challenge once and for all! Available on both iTunes and Google Play!
  3. ?Bikini or Swim Trunks ? Not only does this give you an excuse to have some fun in the sun while burning some calories (ie – beach volleyball, sand running, or swimming in the ocean), but it’ll also give you the motivation you need to stay on track throughout the summer.
  4. Slip ‘N Slide – The family that plays together stays together…and stays fit together! It’s gonna be another hot summer – be a kid with your kids this year! Cool off and burn some calories without hardly realizing it.
  5. Juicer– Juicing is all the craze lately. What better time than now to invest in a juicer. It’s a sure way to get the phytonutrients from your veggies without having to choke them down. Try mostly veggies, with a splash of fruit. You’ll be surprised how tasty veggies can be! Pour over ice with an umbrella, and wallah!! A tropical bev. 🙂

Mehrbod?s AZ Bootcamp Green God/Goddess Juice

He made this for the EMWLE crew everyday in Arizona!

1/2 Cucumber (large)
1 Spinach handful
4 Celery stick
1 Kale handful
1 Apple (small)
2 Carrots
1 ginger piece, 1/2 inch
2 Lemons (small)

Juice in that order. ?Enjoy the health benefits!

10 Responses

  1. The above juice recipe contains an apple, lemons, and carrot. I take it this can only be for high carb day? Have you ever had just straight veggie juice from the juicer? I find them “too earthy” to get down. Any good all veggies receipes, or any ones with fruit that could fit a low carb day?

  2. I have the Jack LaLanne Power Juicer and LOVE it!!! Just tried Mehrbod’s Green Goddess Juice and I am obsessed! Does the Powell Pack have any favorite recipes?!

  3. Is it ok to drink that on the carb cycling plan(low carb days )having problem choking down all these veggies?

    1. As long as your juice contains only veggies (the non-root/non-starchy type) for low carb meals.

  4. I’ve been wanting to try juicing for so long now- I think this recipe just gave me the kick I’ve been needing to give it a go! Thank you!

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