Marley’s 12th Birthday Brag Book

Driven, highly intelligent, wise beyond her years, aware, savvy, nurturing, thoughtful, intuitive, beautiful, classy, kind, heart of gold, incredibly organized, hard working, and one of the best natural coaches I’ve ever seen.

This, and so much more, is the most perfect daughter of mine named Marley.

My initial thought for her 12th birthday was to do the usual, “Twelve Things I Love About You.” But to name only 12 things would sell her short. In lieu of twelve…or the million things I could list, I am sharing just one.

The one thing I love about you, Marley Grace, is…


All that you are, all that you aren’t, all that you will be someday, and all that you will not be.

My precious oldest daughter…you are powerful beyond measure, perfect exactly as you are, worthy of this life and all the love in the world, and capable of reaching any dream you wish.

To say I am proud of you is an understatement.

And while these pictures are so darn gorgeous of you…what I love about them most is that all of the amazingness that you are shines through in them. You are a ray of sunshine, Little Miss. One that is growing and maturing into the strongest, most graceful and beautiful ball of fire I have ever seen.

I love you, Mars!!! Hope you don’t mind this little online brag book I’ve published here. 😉



PS: Don’t mind the photo overload, but my baby girl is only 12 once, and these are too beautiful not to share!

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  1. The most powerful words and yet the most gentle words from a loving mother to her child.

    I believe in every word from mom to her child.

    Wishing you happy birthday and all the best wishes to you on you birthday and all the other days as well Marley ?

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