Happy Birthday, Ruby || My Little Gem Turns Five

Oh Ruby Lane.

You are officially 5 years old today, and I?m not too sure how I feel about it. If I had one wish on this earth, it would be that I could pause time and keep my baby a baby forever?to snuggle, love, and kiss on until the end of time.

If you could read this right now, you would tell me the same thing you tell me every day when I mention this?with your compassionate sad eyes and soft voice, ?But I have to, Mom. Because I?m growing and I just can?t stop. I?ll try to stay little for you, but I don?t know if I?ll be able to. I?m sorry, mommy.? <3



You, my sweet child, are a ray of sunshine. No, no?I take that back. A mere ray of sunshine doesn?t quite do you justice. You are an explosion of energy and have the ability to light up even the darkest of rooms. You are one-of-a-kind, sweet as can be, a mama?s girl to the MAX, yet simultaneously a daddy?s best buddy. You are hilarious, witty, wise beyond your years, creative, artistic, outgoing, cuddly, and BEYOND lovable.

You are bound for greatness, Ruby Girl, and in just your 5 years on earth, you?ve already turned more frowns upside down than I?ve seen most do in their entire lifetime.

The fact that I am the lucky woman who was chosen to be your mom truly humbles me to tears. I have been given the most precious gem on earth?and her name is Ruby. Where much is given, so much is expected. So please be patient with me, Ruby Lane Powell, as I am still learning. But I can promise you forever and ever and ever, I will be your biggest cheerleader on earth?no matter what.

I love you to the moon and back times infinity. Keep doing YOU, Miss Ruby, and keep shining brighter than the rest?and NEVER, under any circumstances, let anyone convince you that you?re anything short of amazing, unique, brilliant, hard working, talented, respectful, worthy, kind, beautiful, and perfect exactly as you are.

So much love, giggles, and kisses,

Your Biggest Fan…Mommy

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