Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List + Giveaway

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This holiday season has been a whirlwind?or in my case, more like a world-wind? since the entire Powell Pack just returned from a bucket list trip to DUBAI! Traveling as a family is such a great experience, but this time of year, in a blink, it’s the holiday season…so much to do in so little time! This year Black Friday and Cyber Monday went by so quickly, and admittedly, shopping was not at the top of my to-do list.

But this Ms. Claus still has a big job to do in the holiday department, so I’ve worked with some of my favorite retailers to get you guys some special deals. Cozy on up, grab your iced coffee (because jet lag is so real, you guys), and check out the list of my favorite deals to save you time and money. There are some splurge-worthy gifts here too because sometimes you just have to #treatyoself and others! From stocking stuffers to the fitness lovers, here’s how I’m gifting this holiday season! #hohoho

Outfit Details: Spanx Faux Leather Moto Leggings?(also love these ALO leggings on sale), Chelsea28 Belted Cardigan (similar budget friendly here), Scoop Neck Tank?(only $29), Santa Mug (similar here)

Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Everyone on Your List

Favorite stocking stuffers: I love starting the gift giving with stocking stuffers. It’s a great way to personalize gifts without spending a ton of money. Plus, the look on the kids’ faces as they dig through our oversized stockings?is gift enough for me!

Chris and I include little notes and affirmations to the kids and, of course, my favorite?Cents of Style Tribe Bracelets?(NOW $10.17 with code HEIDI40). From a LOL Surprise Doll?for Ruby to these adorable J.Crew Hair bows?(50% OFF with code SNUGGLE)?for both my girls to fidget pencils for the boys (and Chris), we’re packing our stockings to the brim! This year, I’m also adding in Nohmad Chocolate for those with a sweet tooth. Any time I can pair sweetness with?health benefits?for a transformation-friendly (in moderation, of course) treat, it’s a must. BONUS: Take 15% off Nohmad Chocolate with code HEIDI now through Friday.

Outfit Details: Corduroy Hat?(Bonus: On Sale! | Burgundy here for under $10), Madewell Whisper Tank, STS Blue Jeans,??Tribe Bracelets (Bonus: on sale $10.17 with code HEIDI40)

For the stylish: With my daily schedule, juggling kids, work, and life, I don’t often get to shop?let’s be honest, more like never get to shop. That’s why giving AND getting the gift of style during the holidays is always a treat.*Hint, Hint* Chris Powell? ?? Here’s a handful of my favorite stylish gifts for the fashionista in your life, including my favorite Spanx leggings that I’m confident every woman should have in her closet!

I’ve also handpicked some of my favorite items at Cents Of Style just for you guys this holiday season! Use code HEIDI40 to save 40% off through Sunday (another added bonus is they always have FREE shipping!!!) on these adorable Andi slipper socks or their?Crew Neck Holiday sweatshirts!

I’m also loving their Holiday Cheer Graphic tees that come in a bunch of different styles and the Hope V Neck is an absolute staple in my wardrobe (both of these are also 40% off…use code HEIDI40).


For the little ones: Every year, without a doubt, my favorite part of Christmas is seeing the kids’ faces as they open up each gift. As moms, our daily lives seem to be so fast paced that having a moment to stop and enjoy family is pure bliss and something I’m very thankful for, not just during the holidays. My kiddos give my life fullness and keep me grounded, plus they are a goofy crew I get to call my own! For the little ones (and not so little ones because they just keep growing!!), here are some favorite gifts from Fortnite tees?is it just my family or are your kids OBSESSED with this too????to Zuru Tangle and Watch Ya’ Mouth game. Get ready for some real belly laughs with this one!

Every Christmas Eve our kids are allowed to open ONE Christmas present, and it’s always the same thing: a new set of cute + comfy Christmas jammies! I recently got my hands on a pair of the new Cozy’s pajamas, and guys, these are the real deal! It’s like wearing your favorite blanket to bed! Marley and Ruby are going to look super cute and comfy as they rip through the wrapping paper on Christmas morning. Plus, they have matching sets for us mamas!?In case there was any doubt, Ruby’s favorite is the???Star PJ set. And as a special bonus just for my faithful readers, Cozy’s is going to give you 20% off their pajamas with code HEIDI20 through Sunday!

For the fitness lover: While I may not get a lot of time to shop, it’s no secret that I do love a great gym outfit. For all you gym bunnies and those who are gym bunnies at heart but don’t have the time to shop ?, here are some of my favorite gifts for the fitness lover in your life including my favorite booty-lifting, muscle-hugging Reebok leggings and reader favorite Reebok Hayasu sneakers on sale! There is some Chris-approved gear below too!

Bonus: If you want to give the gift of Chris and me this holiday season, The TRANSFORM App is on sale exclusively for my followers. We’re offering 50% off any subscription with code HEIDI50!?

Holiday Giveaway: I’m giving away some of my favorite things from this gift guide to FIVE lucky winners!

Inside Santa’s Sack:

1. The Stuffed Stocking ($80 value): One lucky winner will win the faux fur stocking in this post stuffed with some of my kiddos’ favorite items (Fortnite tee shirt, LOL Surprise Doll, Fidget Pencils, Zuru Tangle, and 2 J.Crew Bow Hair Ties)

2.?Family Game Night ($65 value): One winner will get a Watch Ya’ Mouth board game and Nohmad Chocolate Bar gift set.

3. Cozy Up ($85 value):?Who doesn’t love a new set of Christmas jammies? One lucky winner will win an adult + child matching PJ set from Cozy’s.

4. Snuggle Set ($55 value):?One lucky winner will win my fave slipper socks + 1 shirt of your choice featured in this post!

5. Cents of Style Shirt Set ($160 value):?One winner will be awarded a Cents of Style shirt bundle. You’ll pick TWO of any of the shirts from Cents of Style featured in this post and another TWO for you to give away to your mom, sister, aunt, or bestie. This is a perfect way to kick start your holiday wardrobe!

As a bonus, each giveaway will come with a 3-month membership to The TRANSFORM App to help you kick off 2019 on the right foot!? ($45 value)?

How to enter: Entering is simple! Just comment below with which package YOU want to win and WHY you want to win it. Then, head to my Instagram post and repost your comment there.??Contest ends on Sunday at midnight PST and the winner will be announced in this blog (and via a comment reply) on Monday at noon PST, so check back in to see if you’re one of the lucky winners! #hohoho and good luck!



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404 Responses

  1. Heidi, I would like to start off by saying you and your husband have been a huge inspiration to become a better me, mother and wife. I’ve binged your shows since finding their existence. And its helped me find the courage and confidence to start, and continue to push threw all obstacles, I want to include I would just love the bonus giveaway I’m a mother of a one year old and am afraid that right now my ambition may be BIG. But my bank account is unfortunately not the same. And I would love to see what I’m able to accomplish with you guys by my side.

  2. I know it?s too late to enter – but I actually just wanted to leave a quick comment to say THANK YOU for providing so many discounts – especially for the Transform App! Due to it being the holiday season, money is right, but I thanks to the discount, I was able to give the transform app to myself for Christmas! ?? I?m so excited to do this for myself! THANK YOU to you and Chris for being my biggest heroes, aside from Jesus! ?

  3. I would love to be entered in any of the give always! If I get something for little kids, I have plenty of great nieces and nephews that would love it. The other items my whole family, sisters and nieces would LOVE!!! YOU GUYS ARE SO AWESOME!!!!

  4. I would love either 3 or 4. New clothes and fussy socks are always wonderful. Plus I would love to try the transform app. What a bonus!!!!

  5. I?d want giveaway #3.
    I?d love to surprise my momma with a matching PJ set. This past fall I went off to college. It has been one of the hardest, scary, yet exhilarating things I?ve done. Before I left, the prior 2 years my mom and I got ridiculously close. (I?m literally about to cry typing this.) From recording all of our favorite TV shows in the week, and making a big bowl of HEALTHY popcorn on the stove, we cuddled up underneath a blanket and became fully present in the moment. I have finals next week, and I wish I could be with my mom right now, doing what I just talked about. If I can give my mom this gift, and see her face light up; it would make me so incredibly happy. As for me, it?s a way I can bring my mom with me to school knowing that she will always have my back. πŸ™‚ ?
    Thanks so much Heidi for being such an altruistic kind soul. CHRIS TOO!

  6. All of the prize packages look pretty amazing, but giveaway package #4 is the one I would most want to win. Those socks look so cozy!

  7. #4 or #5! Cozy socks in a Wisconsin winter would be amazing but so would being able to share with some amazing ladies in my life.

  8. I would love to win #3!!!! I?m a sucker for matching family outfits basically any time – but especially for Christmas jammies We spend most of December watching our favorite holiday movie at home and these would be a perfect festive treat!

  9. 5 please! I would love to get shirts with the word believe because I believe in the reason for the season! Ali I would get to share the love!

  10. I would like #3 or #5 because I love my children and have a toddler who would love to wear matching pjs with mom. He always brings a smile to my face and is a great helper. I would love to be able to do that for him, or even the number five would be great because I love inspiring others and sharing joy with others. I love the inspiration on each shirt!

  11. I would love to win # 5 or the bonus 3 months on the app…. I am trying to lose weight and I am hopeful the app will help…. # 5 I would like cause I am struggling to lose weight I need to lose……

  12. I would like #5 because I love to surprise other people and would gift the additional shirts to a friend who is struggling, and these will surely brighten her day!

  13. Family fun night package / just because our kids grow up doesn?t mean that our time together can?t be fun filled. My daughter got married in 2015 and had a ?no phone? wedding. It was hard. But she wanted us to be IN the moment – not trying to capture the moment to relive later. It was a great gift to me. Even now when we have dinner together phones are discouraged. She loves to do puzzles and do board games. It is a great reminder to be present and enjoy our time together. As we work together and enjoy travel and off time together she is a really great influence for me and her father :). We enjoy our time together so it would be great to have a new game to try out. We love to laughing together and of course you can never go wrong with chocolate! Merry Christmas to you and your family! #ItsTheMostWonderfulTimeOfTheYear

  14. I would love to win Package #1. My kids are almost the same exact age a yours, and they like the same things.?

  15. I would really like package 1! Something for all 3 of my kids. My oldest today said she would like a different stocking, as hers is a Disney princess pink stocking. I guess 17 is getting too old for that? My youngest loves LOL everything and would love those pretty hair ties. My son who is always figiting likes those twisty toys but after taking them apart too many times…don’t last or get lost. I’m curious about the figit pencils.
    Happy Holidays!

  16. Any package would be nice but one with the tshirt or your app. I want to stay on track with you and chris

  17. #5 because my dad passed away on Christmas Eve, and now I love Christmas again! I enjoy decorating and giving and have now flipped it into a positive time to really celebrate the Season. It would be good to help someone else feel the same way

  18. I would love #4 or #5, because I now BELIEVE I am worth it! ? I never shopped for clothes, because I was too big for shopping to be fun. I?ve lost 95 pounds in the last year, so I can now enjoy cute and comfortable clothes! I?d also love to try the Transform App to complete my new healthy lifestyle and start the fitness side of it! (…Plus none of my clothes fit anymore! ?????)

  19. Well @realheidipowell they are all amazing (what a cool giveaway) but as a pregnant mom of 8 scratching even one thing off my Xmas to-do list would be a lifesaver (and allow me a bit more me time/gym time ) !!! I would choose number 1 .

  20. Definitely #5! Would be so fun for family pictures! And who doesn?t love fun holidays shirts? And awesome to transform app also! Thank you ?

  21. As a full time working mom of 3 kids (4,2, and 2 months) I would love to win the 3 month subscription for your transformation app. For my kiddo?s though, #1 looks like some stuff my 4 and 2 year old would love.

    Thank you for always keeping it real! You are simply inspiring!

  22. The snuggle set would be great to give to myself for the great improvements i have made in myself. I am learning to love myself. Thanks transform.

  23. Ooh!!! I’d love family game night!!! I’ve played the game and it is A RIOT!! Best way to laugh and enjoy each other’s company at any time, nevermind during these family holidays! Also, who doesn’t love chocolate ??

  24. First I was just want to say how awesome and inspiring you are!! You and Chris are my husband and I?s favorite people!! You don?t know how much you have really helped us! ?

    Giveaway #1!!! Oh how my kiddos would love those stocking stuffers!! Seeing the smiles on their faces is what I live for.

  25. #3 I would love to cuddle up with my sweet little girl in our matching jammies. Plus you csn?t Bet the 3 month Transform App bonus!!

  26. Cents of Style Shirt Set – My teen boys and I miss working out together at crossfit. Divorce &injuries have left me with 78lbs gained after having lost and kept off 109lbs for 14yrs! The worst part is feeling fat again but the fighter in me is determined to gain my strength and my life again! We decided last night that we’re going to subscribe to your amazing Transformation App for all 3! BONUS!!!! I came to your blog to read more about this app amd found your blog post offering 50%off!!!!!!! You two are the gift that keeps on giving! Definitely God sent! Thank you! Believe…’s even in my email, alwaysbelieve……through the power of Jesus Christ, I had to believe that I could keep my weight off and smile again. I gained wt. during the divorce-I KNOW! Most lose wt. But leave it to me to GAIN wt! lol! I saw that word in a verse and held on for dear life. Everyone kept telling me to believe that the Lord would heal my broken heart and He did! My recent weight gain has left me feeling very sad (for a moment) but now I’m ready to take further action! I’ve lost about 30-something lbs but have no strength. That’s a where the Transformation App comes in and I could always learn more about a healthy diet! Wearing these shirts around town and to workout would be amazing and very encouraging! Your you tube videos have been inspirational, to say the least! Watching the testimonials have convinced me to join the team & bring my boys along! MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and your team! The work you all do is dear to my heart because I know first-hand the real struggles of losing weight and losing my husband in the process. Many usually don’t understand, but you two have the heart that it takes two love and push someone to achieving their healthy lifestyle goals. God bless you guys and I love you! I look forward to your App!

  27. #4 power is back on don’t know what you have until its gone. so appreciate that I have power today . Love the red sweater belive in me. Motivation. Still would enjoy hot chocolate thanks Heidi and Chris just Finnish my workout.??????????

  28. Giveaway number 1! Because with 5 kiddos stockings get pricey!! This is great Heidi! Thank you for posting great ideas for gifts!!

  29. I would like #1 please because stuffing stockings is expensive and I am going to purchase everything in that package anyway if I don?t win it!

  30. I would love the Cents of Style set to share the gift with my family so we can all show off our holiday spirit! ?

  31. I would love the Cents of Style set to share the gift with my family so we can all show off our holiday spirit! ?

  32. The sweaters….no doubt….and it?s always fun to get to give somebody something special too!!! And I?m from cold winter Alberta, Canada so something warm is a must!!! Thanks for posting and sharing so much. I love to follow you on your adventures! I?m looking forward to starting off 2019 with my own adventure!!

  33. I would love #3 – it would be a great package for my granddaughter and I. She loves to snuggle up in pajamas and watch movies. It would be so cute for us to have matching pajamas!! Love to follow you and your beautiful family!! You put in a lot of work and I love how you enjoy your kids. So many times we get too busy in life and forget what is really important! Thank you for showing us how crazy and funny life and love can be!!

  34. Send Canada some love!! ??? Up here our toes get cold and I?m a big ?bed sock? fan. Sexy – I know. So the snuggle package would be awesome! I?m a transform app user (lover) and would love to spread the love of this program to a friend! Thanks for all you do!

  35. I would love #4. I love the Believe them. I always have a tough time believing in myself and continuing on. The shirts are so cute.

  36. I cant say which one I would want, as I dont need any but would luv to gift it to someone else with the 3 month membership. I have a good friend I would luv to share this app with!

  37. #4- I love nothing more then a snuggle in nice cosy pjs and socks with my little chi, he’d love to snuggle up in these with me :). I’d even try buying him a matching set haha!

  38. Would love to win #2 family game night is hysterical in our house. Would love to add to it. The 3 month membership would be even more fantastic!??

  39. Such a beautiful thing you do! God Bless you for being an amazing mom, wife, coach & inspiration to so many! Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas to you and your precious family. ????

  40. #2!!! Our group of friends loves game nights and we are always looking for a new fun game to play. And the chocolate… I mean, why not but LOVE that it is dairy and soy free (2 of my many allergies). I love watching your Instagram stories when I am up with my 7 month old daughter in the middle of the night!

  41. I would love #3!! My daughter and I love matching jammies and I cherish all these fun memories together. We love watching your stories with your family!! Thank you!

  42. Happy Holidays!! I would like to win #5! If I were to win it I would like to donate it to a battered woman?s shelter. I feel it would be do beautiful and uplifting for someone who is down on their luck to receive an uplifting gift.
    Thank you,
    Best wishes!

  43. #5 because I love cute Xmas sweaters to keep me warm, cozy and festive through the holidays… and the whole year round hehe

  44. I never win, but if I did, anything would be good but as I?m in the Uk please give to a local shelter or someone less fortunate. I don?t think I could use the app as I have Chronic Arthritis would love to lose weight but it?s a struggle. So Merry Christmas All #Goodwill #Peace&Love

  45. #4 So I can have some snuggly & comfy clothes that are cute as opposed to wearing ?comfy? clothes cuz nothing else fits. The transformation app will help me reach my goals and look hot in those comfy clothes!???

  46. I would love to win #4 The Snuggle set! I am a sucker for slipper socks but I don’t think I’ve found a pair that look that warm and comfy!

  47. I would love to win giveaway #3!!! My daughter is my mini-me and was my driving force to overcome so much adversity through a difficult divorce. She is the reason I got up every day and worked so hard and I would love to surprise her with mommy/daughter Jammie?s for lots of snuggle time!

  48. I would love to win giveaway #2, the game night and chocolate! Chocolate is my favorite candy and game nights are so much fun!

  49. Any of these sets would be great!! The snuggle set would be so fun:) Thank you for offering up these wonderful items.

  50. #5 Cents of Style Shirt Set
    I have been working so hard on my body this year and getting a gift to give along with keeping 1 shirt would be the best gift in helping check a few amazing women off my list. Thanks Heidi!! Merry Christmas

  51. The Stocking (#1), pretty please! Stockings have always been my favorite party of Christmas morning. I owe it all to my thoughtful Mom, who always stuffed it’s with the *most* fun finds. It was like a treasure trove of goodies + fun and pretty things. Now that it’s my turn, I basically spend all my shopping time (because it makes my season bright) making fun and individual stockings for my hubby and kids. The only trouble is…my Mom is far away and my Stocking Santa might need to be replaced because of his poor attention to detail. πŸ™ I’d love to have a fun & furry stocking this year! (Otherwise, I’ll be getting another stocking with a chapstick and a Costco container of cashews sitting on top. *sigh*) And…the bonus Transform App would start my 2019 off right. Happy Holidays, Powell Pack!

  52. I wanna win the transformation app giveaway. I also entered the iTunes contest in leaving a few kind words about the app (in which I have never used.) Yet, in hearing about it I could write through the eyes of so many other people. Why do I want to win the app? Because I want so desperately to change. In the passing of my grandfather and grief that has lead me. I want to now turn over a new leaf. I want to ?be? this person: As a connoisseur of the yo-yo diets, trying to follow up on the latest fad and diving headfirst into failed attempts to diet. Chris and Heidi Powell have built SO much more than just an app. Through a blog post, Instagram stories, and Facebook updates, the “Powell Pack” has not just created an app. They have created so much more. Anyone can create an app. Yet, not just anyone can invite you into there lives, show you that they ARE living the BEST life that they have proven to bring us, and they actually do live what they teach. The Powell family is not just leading me into the secrets of how to become a better person, my body, mind, and soul, they have also let me become apart of there family (Or at least that is how I feel.) When you sign up, you are not just downloading an app… you are joining a team, a family, and a world full of inspirational people just begging to get to know you and cheer you on. ALSO, there is more… with instructional videos, meal planning, and help, and also guides to show you how you can improve and inspire to become a better person. Both Chris and Heidi lift you up spiritually, mentally, and physically. Having this app has been a countless life-changing event for so many people, including myself. Won’t you join us in positive numbers to help us be able to help YOU on your road to success? Because with your support in joining the app…you are not just helping yourself, but so many others are being inspired by YOUR stories. We all can join hands and do this together. YOU GOT THIS!!!


  53. Giveaway #2 because who doesn?t love to play games and eat chocolate?! Plus I?m pregnant so chocolate ALWAYS sounds good!

  54. You?re amazing for doing this!
    I?d love #4 as a mom of 3 I deserve a little treat for myself! Although the real treat would be the bonus! I need to go into the new year with some motivation!

  55. Giveaway #4 : because i love being cozy, stylish and warm socks are what make my heart beat while living in frigid winters in Minnesota ??

  56. The snuggle set is just what the dr ordered.
    I would love to win so I can take the dr’s advice and relax and what better way than with the snuggle set.
    This year I did a nursing missions trip only to come home and have my mom die from cancer. I’m trying to finish my nursing degree so I can take care of others and then in October I was diagnosed with a rare autoimmune disease. I fight every day by keeping active at the gym and eating healthy and a good snuggle sounds so good just about now. Thank you

  57. #5 so I can outfit my mom, grandma and daughter…4 generations in a cute matching sweatshirts by the Christmas tree = picture of the season! Thanks!

  58. I would LOvE to win giveaway #3 matching pj sets. Ever since I found out I was pregnant with my daughter I have loved finding outfits to match her and pjs definitely fall under that! I live in pjs and to match my daughter would be so cute and comfy!

  59. #2! My family time isn?t everything and as a a kid with 3 of us siblings working and 1 in college living with our working single mom, family time is hard to come by! I?d also love to get the 3 month app since I can?t afford it!

  60. #3 My daughter and I both go nuts for comfy pajamas! I?ve been dying to try these ones. They look dreamy! Mostly I?d love the bonus giveaway though. ????

  61. Any one of your giveaways would be amazing but access to the transform app is top of the list!
    Ever feel lost? Get wrapped up in your kids, their extras, while their dad is a coach and his schedule is crazy and work full time….that?s me! I want to find balance and joy again! Be happy in my own skin and not be just surviving anymore.
    Thank you for all you and Chris do!

  62. Hi Heidi! First off I find you guys absolutely amazing. I have all of your books and I really want to try the Transform app. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis and having no cartilage in my knees at the age of 32. Ever since then for the last 7 years I’ve been struggling with my weight as I am limited on what I can do but this past summer it got bad and had to do physiotherapy and I’m doing better but still have to watch what i do. Do you guys give ideas of modifications in your exercise? Since august I’ve been going 5 to 6 times a week and I’ve lost 30lbs on my own but it would be amazing to try something different but scared at the same time as I dont want to injure myself even more. I often feel defeated but I just have to keep reminding myself why I am doing this. Anyways enough with my problems… I would love to have # 3 because I love to get in pjs after a good workout.

  63. I would love to win #5. My mom and I love anything and everything Christmas! We would love to sport all those gorgeous shirts!

  64. Giveaway number 5 because mainly I could use the financial break of a free 3 months of membership. I?ve been wanting to get the transform app for a while but just haven?t been in a place to add another monthly/yearly debt currently.
    I?m trying really hard to love and appreciate my body. Working toward getting a self care schedule made to help lose weight that was gained from thyroid issues and three pregnancies.
    Package number 5 was my choice because me and my bestie do everything together and would love having matching shirts for our winter hikes together!

  65. Giveaway number 5 because mainly I could use the financial break of a free 3 months of momevership. I?ve been wanting to get the transform app for a while but just haven?t been in a place to add another monthly/yearly debt currently.
    I?m trying really hard to love and appreciate my body. Working toward getting a self car schedule made to help lose weight that was gained from thyroid issues and three pregnancies.
    Package number 5 was my choice because me and my bestie do everything together and would love having matching shirts for our winter hikes together!

  66. I would love to win giveaway 5 to spread the love to my bestie. I also really would love the bonus!! Your awesome for doing these giveaways.

  67. I would giveaway 3. Christmas pjs are my family?s tradition and haven?t found any good ones this year for me and my two little girls and husband. Those look so cute. I would also love the membership I participate in one not to long ago had great results but had to cancel due to financial reason and wish I could purchase again but with holidays it?s tight. I?m trying to gain confidence back after having my one year old and this plan made it so easy and good meals for whole family. Love following you and your family

  68. I would like #4 or #5 so that I can share the holiday cheer with my mom. My dad died in October and this will be my moms first Christmas and holiday season without him in 50 years and its been really tough on all of us but especially her. Would love to be able to put a smile on her face even if its just for a day.

  69. I would like number 4 but really would love to try the transform app!! I need to lose this extra weight ASAP!!

  70. I would love to win your giveway number 5. Christmas used to be my favorite time with the kids and family and the last 5 years have been so scroogish…i need to get my happy back.
    Love what you do for everyone heidi ?

  71. I would love to win the bonus. I am a fitness instructor who has a passion for fitness, but sadly 4 years ago I started an awful journey after breaking a bone in my foot which has led to 4 surgeries. I’ve gained 20+ lbs in that time because I can’t work out the way I used to (I used to live to run and love to teach spin). I’m hopeful to get my motivation back without pain. Pain = depression. It’s been a tough road.

  72. I would love to win #5. I am a fitness instructor who has a passion for fitness, but sadly 4 years ago I started an awful journey after breaking a bone in my foot which has led to 4 surgeries. I’ve gained 20+ lbs in that time because I can’t work out the way I used to (I used to live to run and love to teach spin). I’m hopeful to get my motivation back without pain. Pain = depression. It’s been a tough road.

  73. #2 because we love family game night with my littles and it?s extra special to us with dad being deployed. Family time is important ?

  74. #4 comfy socks and top are the best when relaxing! And I’d love to try the transform app, I’ve been doing keto and seeing results but need to train!

  75. I would love love love to win the bonus gift as I have started Keto (3months in) and I see that you guys are adding to your Transform App a Keto section. I have wanted to try your App as I see the results everyone is getting on your Instagram stories…could really use the inspiration and motivation. But not to be greedy and think of just me.. I would take Giveaway #1 as my second option as my kids would love the Fortnite shirt and fidget pencils. Thanks!

  76. Giveaway #3!! I would love to match pjs with my daughter. I’ve been so busy in school this past year, so I’d love the chance to get cozy and relax in comfy pjs with my daughter over the holidays and winter break!

  77. I would really love #3. I recently bought a matching PJ set for my daughter and myself but when I got it home it was too small for her and mine was way too small πŸ™ total mom fail. I’ve been online and everything is sold out! I bought the first sets out of state and cant even return them lol.

  78. Giveaway #4 The slippers would match my pj set for Christmas beautifully. A fun shirt could really change your day. I just absolutely love cozy slippers and fun festive shirts! Christmas is my favorite holiday and I love spreading Christmas joy! (Even if the Florida heat doesn?t allow the magical snow) ?????????

  79. Giveaway #4 The slippers would match my pj set for Christmas beautifully. A fun shirt could really change your day. I just absolutely love cozy slippers and fun festive shirts! Christmas is my favorite holiday and I love spreading Christmas joy! (Even if the Florida heat doesn?t allow the magical snow)

  80. So hard to choose! All the giveaways are so fun!! Have to be #5?.just can?t pass on cute Christmas tees and the opportunity to share Christmas joy!! The transform app would be amazing to try as well.

  81. The transform app! As an over weight young adult I realize now is the time to make changes. I’ve tried to do it on my own but I’ve realized “Paige’s Way” doesn’t work. As a grad student I can’t really afford purchasing it on my own but I’d love more than anything to find sometime that works! Gain confidence and set up a healthier future for myself. Thank you for listening. Happy Holidays!

  82. #2 we started a new tradition last year to where my family and my husbands come to our house for Christmas Brunch and we play board games!

  83. #5 Would be amazing! I was hit in a car wreck last year and this year it was made clear that I?d never run again. As someone who lived off of half marathons, I was devastated. I pivoted to serve on non-profit boards to at least be able to still give back, but I?ve gained a good bit of weight this year, since my spine injury has made even physical therapy too much of a risk. Luckily, I have amazing friends to share shirts with who?ve been my rock during this journey.

  84. #4 my daughter is a freshman at college and the snuggle set would be perfect for those cold dorm rooms/floors. The bonus app would be perfect as I?m trying to get her going with fitness. They have an awesome gym at CU but she never knows what workouts to do!!!

  85. #3 because my four year old daughter is obsessed with being “twins”

    But really the bonus. I’m in serious need of a kick start. I have the young children, work and run our farm with my husband. On to of the I’ve been dealing with some fairly intense mental health issues that have put my physical health on the serious back burner. I would love to try the app to help get and stay motivated to prioritize my health this year.

  86. I would love to have the #4. It?s the perfect combinaison for my chalet πŸ™‚ Love it ? I would make everyone jalous

  87. I would like to win #1 or #5. I would be able to share these gifts. My kids would love the surprises in the stock and I would love to share with my sister. Also can?t go wrong with 3 months with the app. Plus I never win these things and this would be nice.

  88. I?d love the pjs combo!! Yay for cute pjs, especially ones that you can match with the kiddos!! Would love to try cozy and the new Keto option!!

  89. I?d love to win the family game night! This year for Christmas we have to stay home because of my daughters compromised immune system. It would be the perfect way to spend the holidays!

    Even more so, I?d love to win access to the transform program! As a former bikini competitor, It?s time to get back to feeling like myself after having our baby! Pick me!

  90. How awesome of you! I would be estatic for the trial of your program, but I also wouldn?t complain if I won number 4 ;). There is nothing better than cozy socks and shirts. ??

  91. #3 most definitely would be amazing for me and my daughter. My daughter and I always enjoy wearing atleast one matching outfit or PJs in the winter months but since starting the app with the 90 day challenge I have lost 30lbs and my daughter has shot up like a weed over the last year and we both find our PJs and outfit that worked last year to be a little uncomfortable this year. Plus I mean the bonus of 3 months of the app would be a real treat ???

  92. I would love to win #5 cause it would be a gift for both
    Myself and a gift for someone I love ?.Even more than winning the prize bundle, I would love to win a 3 month subscription to the transform app. ????

  93. #5 I?m trying really hard to change my life and I keep struggling. Need an uplift present. Love you guys thank you for savings lifes.??????

  94. Giveaway #2 would be awesome for us! I had my son this January, between learning how to be a mama and being in the middle of Nursing school sometimes getting family time is hard! It would be the perfect gift to get my health back on track and be able to spend some fun time with my husband ??

  95. #1 because it?s not just your house, my kids are Fortnite crazy over here too ? But homework comes first so those pencil toppers ?? Plus mama loves the hair ties & the app ?

  96. I would love to win #3! I have to amazing little boys (7 &1) who also happen to be my ?why?! I would also love the 3 months of transform, I was in a car accident in October so building up strength again is challenging. You and Chris are such an inspiration! I love everything that you guys? do!

  97. Giveaway #1 because it?s so much better to give than receive and to see the joy on my kiddo?s faces by giving them a fortnite shirt and lol doll would be totally priceless.

  98. Thanks Hedi and Chris for the giveaways!!! I would choose giveaway #5 (T-Shirts) so I could share! But would totally be stoked to win a transformation membership as well!
    Thank you!!! ???

  99. I would love holiday giveaway #5. I really love the meanings of the shirts and would love to wear them this season. I would share with my daughter and sister and that way we would have a cute family pic!

  100. #1 Beacuse I am a mom and I have kids that like the same things as yours! Mostly though I want the transform app!

  101. #3 have always had the tradition of getting new comfy pj?s on Christmas Eve but it would be even better to be matching with my girls.

  102. #4! Because they are so cute and cozy! And what a fun way to get in the Christmas spirit while baking cookies and watching Christmas movies!!! ???

  103. Giveaway Bonus- because today marks one year since my Dad (and my 4 kids Papa) passed away hours after being told he had stage 4 lung cancer. I promised myself a year ago that I would take care of my health, but with that promise also came with navigating grief in a way I couldn’t have ever imagined. So, now is the time!

  104. #5 cents of style. Because I know some of the proceeds from the “Hope” shirt they sell goes towards grants to give to women who are suffering from infertility to help pay all or part of IVF. It’s a great program and they have helped so many women be able to afford the treatment. Thank you Heidi and Chris for all you do and all you give to others.

  105. I would truly love to win #4… I would love some awesome cozy socks! It seems like they should be such a simple thing to fing but I’m still searching for a great pair. That said, more importantly, I would be SO grateful to receive the gift of life through the transform app… I’ve spent too long punishing myself with food and with not letting myself enjoy life. I’m certain that my parents would want me to be healthy and happy… even if they aren’t here with me anymore. Thanks for always being so gracious Heidi and Chris!

  106. I would be ecstatic just to get the bonus offer of the app. All the giveaways are great, if I win please give me the bonus and give the giveaway to someone in need or who needs some holiday cheer. Thank you for all you do, you bring a smile to my face daily with your stories on Instagram. Happy Holidays and much love to your family.

  107. I would love to win package number 5! I love anything holiday and would really enjoy wearing these shirts! I would also love getting matching shirts for my mom who has been having a hard go of it lately and I think these pretty shirts would add some nice cheer to her holidays!

  108. I would LOVE to win #2! My son is starting to love playing games with my husband and I and we have a tradition of playing games whenever we get together with my parents and my 93 year old Grandma. I just know it would bring such a huge smile to her face to watch him play!
    I?m also a huge chocolate lover but have a dairy intolerance so I love that they come in different types and are semi-healthy!
    Plus the Transform subscription would be the best gift EVER!!!
    Love you guys! Merry Christmas ???

  109. I would choose #1 because my 5yo daughter would be over the moon happy. The Transform subscription would be all I need. I?ve lost 75 lbs alone this year but am really stuck at a plateau now and starting to really lose my motivation. II think it?s time to ask for some help.

  110. Thanks for doing this giveaway Heidi! It’s a wonderful way to start the holidays season πŸ™‚ I’d love to get the #4 because I’m the “always-cold” type of girl, plus the holiday cheers tee is clearly a must-have for the season πŸ˜‰

  111. I would love to win the Snuggle Set #4. Those slipper socks would be certainly well loved as I snuggle by the fireplace during the cold Northern Ontario Canadian winter. It gets chilly here, eh? Plus they will help me stay up late to spy on Santa ? because “I believe.”

  112. Well, number 1 or number 5. Difficult to make a decision. I have four kids and usually I do _everything_ for them. But if I choose number 5 at this time… And we don’t have that brand here in Finland. So, my number is 5. ?

  113. I want to win the Snuggle Set because I need to build my muscles… and it?s like my favorite quote says, ?muscles are torn in the gym, fed in the kitchen and built in bed?.

  114. #3! I love the idea of matching! My daughter is my mini me and I would love to surprise my husband with matching mommy and me jammies ?

  115. #3 pjs! Such a sweet idea and I?d love to match with my family. It would be special for memory making during Christmas and I?d love it to become a new tradition too! Creating a family holiday photo in them would be so cute. I love seeing people post those, like you guys! Thank you for doing this Heidi, you are so generous and thoughtful! ?????

  116. Love number one for the kiddos. (We have three! A seven year old boy, five year old girl, and a ten month old girl ??) and my hubby and I would LOVE the subscription! One of our 2019 goals (we do goals rather than resolutions) is family health! Love watching your IG stories and watching the real life stuff like how things aren?t perfect but you guys love each other more than ya know what to do with! Merry Christmas!

  117. The 3 month subscription!!!? ??? I have been wanting get a full subscription but we just can?t financially do it right now. I had saved up for my first competition in October to pay for my trainer and want to do another in June, and this would allow me to do that!! Ahhhhh!!! Thanks for the choices and opportunity!! ??????

  118. I would love give away #3… I recently realized I don’t own any real pj’s, it’s all big T shirts and shorts for this lady… But I would love the most is the three months free to the app, I need major help with my nutrition

  119. I would love to win the #5 because I BELIEVE in me! You have made me believe in the person that I am now! Thank you for everything you do for us!

  120. #5 why I chose #5? Simple, Christmas it’s a special moment of the year, I happy forse share the noment with my family and my best Friend, and for me and my bestie Is a so special time because she saved my life, Im survivor in my battle against anorexia, and in this day I want share one special present for my special persona

  121. I pick the 1st bundle I could send those gifts besides the bows to my nephews and niece for Christmas and and you and Chris are extremely awesome.

  122. #1 because then I could give all my babies (nieces and nephews!) something from that! I?ve been blessed enough with nieces and nephews that understand the value of a gift and even the smallest little thing makes them extremely happy. It?s indeed the holiday to give!!

  123. #3 – I love a good pair of snuggly pj?s in front of the fire during the holidays. And since I don?t have kids I would donate the child size to a child in need.

  124. #4 I’m a mom of 5 my oldest is 15 and the others are all younger. I would love to gift them to her, and spreading the gift of giving for all the hard work she does to help with the family. And a bonus for Mom would be 3 months the app!

  125. Number 4 because I am all about comfy socks and sweatshirts during the holiday season! I love the holidays and Christmas is hands down my favorite holiday!

  126. I would love to win the Cozy Up giveaway. I’ve always wanted to start the tradition of matching pjs with my 2 daughters for Christmas. I’ll purchase a 3rd set if I win. I want so badly to surprise my girls! Thanks for these cute and fun giveaways!

  127. I would choose #4!! I love all things cozy!!! I also just started the transform app and I am obsessed, would love another 3 months!!!! So very kind of you to offer these giveaways!!!

  128. #3 please …. I think our 9 year old girl would love to match me when she visits & love knowing she has her own set of pjs at our house!

  129. #3 – the jammies! My 5 year old would freak if she and I had matching jammies. Like, I?d have to go live for that reveal because she would be speechless. Also? I so rarely buy jammies (I just wear an old tee and PJ pants) and would just love a little Jammie refresh!

  130. If I were to win I?d choose giveaway #2. I?m finishing school next week which opens up my schedule for some much needed family time with my hubby and kiddos. ??

  131. Heidi I love the games one I just wanted to say to you and Chris have been one of my trainers to listen to learn from!

  132. Any of these would be amazing to win but I would really love number 5 so I can share with my mom and sister. I also love the added bonus! I really could use that as an extra push for me to get back on my journey.

  133. #3! I?m always looking for things that match for my mini and me. We have a few pairs of the same type of shoes but the sizes never seem
    to match up with clothes ?sets?. My little has a personality like Ruby and her star shines bright too!!

  134. I would love to win the Transform app subscription and gift it to my Mom. After 4 years of a pinched nerve in her neck cause phantom limb in her right arm most of the day she finally got the surgery in June. She wasn’t able to as much physical activity because she was in a lot of pain or ot was considered to risky as it was in her neck. I want to give her a helping hand and get back to where she feel healthy and I’ve been on the app for a week and feel best i have in years and she deserves to feel that way too!

  135. Family game night! Because we have 4 kids and are ALWAYS trying to find new ways to stay connnected with all of them and keep them connected.

  136. Any of them would be an awesome treat for Christmas but if I have to chose it?d be #4 because with 2 kids in college it?s time I splurge a little on myself this Christmas! Plus I?d love the opportunity to use the bonus prize that comes with it!

  137. #5
    I am a single mother of a beautiful 23 year old daughter. Our relationship has been rocky for such a long time and have been communicating more lately! She just got married and is working on changing from being in the National Gaurd to Active duty soon and would love to have these sweaters for each other to celebrate us as mother and daughter.
    She has always inspired me to become healthier and to love myself and the 3 months from transform would help me so much!

  138. Super cute stuff here as usual!! So hard to pick just 1 lol

    I’d like #5 for my BFFS of over 20 years? we are all living in separate states ? now we talk/text weekly but @ holidays & kids bday we miss each other alot.. being able to gift them these shirts would be lovely Christmas surprise.

  139. I would love to win giveaway package number 3! We don?t have a enough money this year to have cozy Christmas pajamas, which is a tradition, and this would make it perfect! Little boys don?t stay so little so they don?t fit in last years ?? My wife and so would be so adorable matching!

  140. Giveaway #5 – this is going to be my 3rd year away from Christmas, & I would love to share these gifts with my sisters & mum to wear on Christmas Eve, so we all feel like we?re together again this Christmas, from 9000 miles away!

  141. #5 Those are such cute shirts and I could share with someone else. I like finding places to share or help orhers during the holidays and anytime. So I could share to many ??

  142. Giveaway #1 — I’ve got two kiddos and I feel like I always get them boring stocking stuffers. This would be perfect! πŸ™‚

  143. #2
    My fianc? and I LOVE games!!! We have game nights with family during all holidays! Trying to get friends to enjoy with us and have weekly game nights…plus who doesn?t love chocolate ????????

  144. I would love #4! I am a single mom working two jobs, juggling the sports schedules of two teenage boys and trying to take care of four rescue dogs and a house. I never get any down time or snuggle time- this cozy set may just help me get the relaxation that I need! πŸ™‚

  145. #5 Cents of Style, it would be the perfect gift for me and my siblings to all get matching shirts for Christmas!

  146. I would love #1. My husband and I are still reeling from a double job loss three months ago and our three kids aren’t getting anything for Christmas, so stocking stuffers would be a blessing. ?

  147. #5 would be magical. I would be able to share with my mom and we can have matching Believe shirts to go with our matching Believe tattoos that we had done for my Gramma who we lost last year to Parkinson?s disease. She always told us you just have to Beleive ?

  148. I would really like the giveaway number 5 because my mom and I are really close and I know she would just love everything about these shirts. And I know that we would be cute to match during our Christmas party!!

  149. Number 4!! Student loans are starting to come in hot and who knows the next time I’ll be able to buy any of these holiday cozies??

  150. Cents of Style because I have 3 sisters and what could be more cute than all is in the same/similar gear. Merry Christmas Heidi.

  151. #5 I know some really deserving people
    I would love to give these away to. And for my selfish keepings I would love to try the new app. I need to put on some more muscle for my next show and would love some new fresh ideas.

  152. I would love number 4 with the slipper socks and shirt. Lately, my family has been going through some rough times. I have not had the time for just me to snuggle in and relax. If I won this, I could slip on the socks and shirt and sit back with a good book and take some time for me.

  153. Warm snuggles is the best way to do my cc shopping and dressed in something from #4 would really put me in the mood…?I ?believe? I buy that item ?? and I?d need two shirts so my twin sister and I can rock them together, right @gunntwn ?????

  154. #3 because matching pjs!!! My daughter and I love to match and love to be warm and toasty. These are perfect!

  155. I would love #1 because there is something for each one of my kids and I love giving them surprises! My littlest loves the LOL surprise dolls, my son ALL things Fortnite ? and my oldest the super cute hair accessories! And I would absolutely love the 3 month transformation app?? How sweet of you to do such a nice giveaway. Merry Christmas to you and your family @realheidipowell

  156. #4 I have been focused on the inner well being of myself, to be that better role model for my family and have true happiness and peace inside, and what else would I need to feel comfy in my meditations! Love you guys so much, thank you for all you do ?

  157. #5 I love seeing the clothes you wear & post about. I?m ?fun size?? (46 yo – 5?2? 104 lbs) & I have such a hard time finding clothes that are hip, cute, age appropriate, affordable and fit. #funsizeprobs
    With 3 daughters I would love to share with with ??

  158. #5 for sure! My mom just lost around 50 lbs after finding out she had diabetes and she needs new clothes, so she’d be getting some of these!

  159. Although I would love to say the one with chocolate because come on who doesn?t love chocolate!! But…to me holidays are all about my kiddos and their joy. So, with that said definitely #1!! It?s got something each one of them absolutely loves!!

  160. I would love to win #2 because my family loves playing games over the holidays and I loooove chocolate ??? ps. you are so kind to do these giveaways!!!

  161. I would love number 4. I am in college and have been so busy paying that off and spending time studying that I don’t take much time for myself. It would be nice to get it to help relax during the holidays

  162. I would love #1 because that stocking stuffer is ? also my two little princesses would look so cute with those bows and my oldest is obsessed with LOL. My youngest would love the Tangles. ???

  163. I would love to win giveaway #3. My mom always got us matching Christmas jammies and I would love to continue that tradition with my son.

  164. Headed home to Chicago and expecting a new niece! My sister would love some cozy gear from #4. I however would LOVE a 3 month subscription to the transform app-my wedding dress comes in 5 months! Lots of love

  165. I would love #5. I would give my extras to my mother in law and daughter. Mother in law is fighting breast cancer and hoping a festive new shirt will bring her back in the Christmas spirit. Love all you guys do and post about. Would love to have a trial of the transform app. I will be cleared to start working out after my heart surgery in January and this will help me. Thank and happy holidays

  166. I would love the slippers #4. My feet are always cold due to my Diabetic Neuropathy. I would LOVE to win the Transform App!! I need to lose 150 lbs and since funds are extremely tight right now being a single mom I can’t afford to purchase it on my own. Thank you for being such a great inspiration and everything that you do. ???

  167. #2, 4, or 5. I don’t have kids, so that’s why does three I would love.
    2: because I love game nights. Christmas is the time to spend with family without electronics.
    4: because I am all about the comfy clothes and they are supper cute. We just got a big snow storm in Idaho and this would warm me up!
    5: because cents of style has the cutest clothes and I love the idea of giving some away to a loved one. Christmas is the time of giving.

    **Also, love your cute family and I love following you on Instagram because you are a real family. There is so much on Instagram that is fake and people show what they want to. But you, you show it all ?.

  168. Number 1 my kids would love all the fun stocking stuffers! And who wouldn?t want a free three months with the transform app!

  169. #5 would be amazing!!! I have all boys so matching jammies would just be embarrassing?. Would love the app for the new year new body change I need to put into effect!

  170. #1! My step daughter is spending Christmas with us this year. Having to split the holidays is tough but whenever we are able to have her for Christmas, we go all out. This is would be awesome to win for her.

  171. I would be happy with any. I would be most excited about the 3 month Transform App.
    #5 would be great and I would give to others but just keep the Transform App for me. Thank you for inspiring so many of us. ??

  172. I love #5. I am a Christmas clothes junky. 44 Christmas sweaters, many pairs of Christmas leggings, 5 Christmas dresses. One can never have too much Christmas clothes. Last Christmas I hand ankle surgery and sweet talked the casting guy into giving me a candy cane cast to match my sweaters. (Photo available upon request!)

  173. Hey Heidi! Would LOVE to win number 3! I have 3 girls and love getting the opportunity to match and coordinate with them. ? Thank you for all you do! Merry Christmas

  174. I?d love to win #3 for me and my son! He?s so excited for Christmas and this would be the cherry on top πŸ™‚

  175. I?d love #3. My kiddos are 10 & 12 and the time we spend together-at home- is precious. (I realize this with every passing day) So when we snuggle on the couch, playing family games or even knowing they are safely asleep in the next room, I feel CONNECTED. Time together and time apart- I look for the blessings in every moment.

  176. I would love Giveaway #4. When I’m not in my workout wear or scrubs for work – I’m in some comfy clothes! The matching holiday set would be a bonus!

  177. I would love those comfy pjs! That’s something I will need after working out with the Transform App?????, some major R&R. Because getting healthy and strong this New Year is going to be a major project. ?

  178. I would let you choose and surprise me. I could use the kid ones for grandkids or adult ones for me! I work full time, babysit my 2 yr old granddaughter nearly every day after work and all summer and get up and workout at 4:30 am so I can do what I need before giving to everyone else! Love everything you do for others!

  179. Family game night! My family isn?t here and I don?t have kids but this game night would be perfect for me and my friends. We try to get together once a month for dinner and to catch up-always scheduled for a reset day ?- and this would be so much fun.

  180. Love to win the cents of style shirt bundle as it’s not often I get to buy new clothes for myself. Or the matching pj set as I am a mom of boys and that’s a hard thing here to find – matching outfits of any sort for me (just dad) – and that would be so special and mean a lot to me.

  181. Hi Heidi! Thanks for being such a generous person!! I would love to win #4. I’ve been on the road quite a bit lately with family issues out of state, including my Dad being having some medical problems. I love Cents of Style (bought the Perfectly Imperfect bracelet) so a shirt from there and some fuzzy socks would be great travel companions! Also, I just purchased a lifetime membership to the Transform App, so I would choose for you to regift that to someone, because I love it so much!!! Thanks for all you do!

  182. #3 so me and my baby can match! It looks like it will fit my toddler and he?s put up with a lot with his little sissy?s GI issues this year. He would love this!

  183. I would love number 5. This would be awesome to do Christmas photos with my daughters. Blessings to all. Now I?m off to change my @transformapp subscription to take advantage of the 50% off. ?

  184. I?d say #3 because warm pjs are the best. I?m not a fan of this cold winter, but love to be inside warm and cozy. I love that this set comes with one for my child as well. My daughter loves it when we can match!! How cool is it that you?re throwing in three months of access to your app. I know I could definitely benefit from using it!!! (Finger crossed) ??

  185. I would like #4 or #5 so that I can share the holiday cheer with my mom. My dad died in October and this will be my moms first Christmas and holiday season without him in 50 years and its been really tough on all of us but especially her. Would love to be able to put a smile on her face even if its just for a day.

  186. #4 cuddling with my hubby is always nice πŸ™‚ and of course living in Canada when it is winter like 4 months out of the year u need a little warmth ?

  187. I would love to win #5. My current wardrobe consists of work shirts and more work shirts. I would love to share it with my sister this Christmas season.

  188. Love #3! My son loves matching jammies and I know it will not be long before he grows up and won?t anymore. So I will enjoy as long as it lasts!

  189. #3 because my boys and I like to wear our PJs and snuggle up for game night and movie night! You can never have too many PJs! My boys and I also have a tradition of them opening one gift on Christmas Eve. It?s usually a new pair of pajamas and a movie to watch together as a family. Also, I?d love to win the transform at membership. I?m starting my weight loss journey and I can use all the help in guidance I can get to lose 60 pounds.

  190. #5!! I don’t own a single holiday top!! Would love these????? PLUS the 3 month transform app subscription because…the holidays and vino!

  191. Family Game Night ($65 value): One winner will get a Watch Ya? Mouth board game and Nohmad Chocolate Bar gift set.

    I would love to win this board game to play with my family! Every February we go on a family winter retreat. There is no cell phone service or internet, just the great outdoors and a cabin. During this time, we spend quality family time without interruptions from social media or work. We bond by laughter, smiles and jokes. I would love to take this board game to play this year and watch my families faces light up! Of course while enjoying some Nohmad chocolate ??

  192. #4 because I have such cold feet I always sleep with fuzzy socks and these would be an amazing addition!!! Also who doesn?t love a good holiday shirt?!?!?

  193. #4 please~I need some snuggles in my life right now. This semester has been difficult but I keep pushing on. This gift would be great for me to kick back and start off Christmas break ?thank you Heidi

  194. I would love #5 as i love cute shirts and would love to gift some to my mom and sister too! I would also love to try the transform app!

  195. #1 ? because I have four kids I love with all my heart! And because stocking stuffers are so hard to figure out. Thanks for doing this giveaway. Very sweet of you! ????

  196. #4. I never get anything for myself. So this is the perfect chance. Yes I could have easily picked the choices that have things for my kids. But today I?m being selfish and choosing something for myself for once. I also think it?s awesome that your giving away 3 months of the transform app as I have a lot of weight to lose and want to get healthy for my kids!

  197. I?d say #5. I try to focus on clothes shopping for my kids, so my wardrobe is lacking. I?d love to have some cute clothes.

  198. Hey Heidi! I would love give away number 3! I have a daughter who actually reminds me a lot of Ruby with the silly and oddly grown up things she says sometimes ? She would absolutely LOVE to match me! They look so cozy and cute. We would really appreciate it! You are always so kind

  199. I would love to share #5 with my mom and sister!! We do a mother/daughter Christmas shopping trip and these would be perfect for that day! I mean who doesn?t want to match, especially when it?s Christmas shirts!

  200. #4 would be wonderful!! My kids are 10 and 13, and my 10 year old still loves to snuggle?he even calls it that still. Every once in a while, my 13 year old, 5?10? daughter who is taller than I am will climb into bed with us for a good snuggle session too! I cherish these moments because I know they won?t last. Anything to encourage some sweet family time would be amazing! And, #3 is even called the Snuggle Set!! We would love it!!

  201. Number 3 for sure- our family loves to play board games
    And there is no better way to spend Christmas Eve! Games and chocolate with my two favorite people!

  202. I would pick either #3 or #5
    #3 would be matching pjs with my oldest nephew as he is my world and loves his Auntie. Unless I could pick 2 adults then my beautiful daughter of course!
    #5 because I could share with my Sister who never does anything for herself everything she does is for her family and I love the idea of giving.

  203. Ok ok, I love them all!!! #3 is so dang adorbs too! I do have two daughters and one so though… so maybe #4 so I could spread some love. I always like to make sure each of my babes feels unique and valued. These are all such great gift ideas. Also, I have been putting in a lot of work to lose these last 10lbs and they are so dang tough, I would love to try the transform app to see if a switch up in my routine will be the secret to trimming down.

  204. Number 3 if my daughter was still little. She?s 14 so could we get matching adult PJs! Otherwise #4-I love fuzzy socks and am becoming a sucker for holiday shirts ??

  205. These are all such great gift ideas. The giveaways are all awesome!! Giveaway #2 looks like A lot of fun for a couples game night or just a fine family night. We could always use more of those. Also, I have been putting in a lot of work to lose these last 10lbs and they are so dang tough, I would love to try the transform app to see if a switch up in my routine will be the secret to trimming down.

  206. Giveaway #1 looks like so much fun. I have two girls and a little boy. There ages and interests fit with those so nicely. Those hair bands are so adorable! It?s all cute though ???. Also, I have been putting in a lot of work to lose these last 10lbs and they are so dang tough, I would love to try the transform app to see if a switch up in my routine will be the secret to trimming down.

  207. This is so thoughtful! I would appreciate giveaway #1. My kids would appreciate this since we?re traveling to see my 86 year old grandfather in AZ and we won?t be bringing any of our usual holiday gear such as stockings etc.

  208. I would love the snuggle set! Anything cozy is right up my alley. As a new mom, I’m all about comfort! Thank you for being so inspiring, Heidi!

  209. Either #3 or #5!
    #3 would be great for my daughter & I, while she still loves to be matching!! She’s on her way to 10 & about to become a big sister, by way of adoption! And she’s been so excited & supportive!
    #5 I could share with my mom & sisters as there could be one for each of us!!

  210. I would love to have packwage nhmber 4. Who doesn?t love soft socks and believe is MY word. I would have a necklace if I could. I was a struggling single mom for 10 years trying to date (there are a lot of weirdos out there ?) and work (4 jobs at one point). I kept believing God would provide and bring me my perfect match. I actually gave up dating for over a year when I got asked out by my now husband who I truly thought was a player at first and resisted him. ?. Now it?s perfect.

  211. #2 because we have game night every Friday and I’ve been wanting to get that game! (Also, I ?? the transform app and would?????????? 3 free months!!! – I’m 18 weeks in and still going strong…and getting STRONGER!!!)

  212. Jessica Williams
    I would love to win #4 it looks so cozy and cute!! And I loooove Christmas!! It?s the time of year where everyone comes together!

  213. Giveaway #3 because I LOVE me some snuggle time with my kiddos! Although they would definitely love what?s in those stocking stuffers in #1 ?

  214. I would love #4! Who doesn?t love some cozy socks?! I live in Florida though, so I?d send them up north to my family in IL. I?m feeling a little out of the holiday cheer this year, so maybe a holiday shirt would brighten my outlook!

  215. #5! I don?t have any holiday shirts that fit since I transformed?? And my sister has lost 30 pounds since summer on the Transform App?? Our shrinking bodies need new clothes???

  216. HiHO Heidi!!
    I would love #5 BELIEVE sweatshirt ,size that is my signature saying!! As I ?BELIEVE ? as you need to keep that word and not only for the Holidays,but for a word to live by!! ???

  217. #4 because I?d love for my daughter and I to wear those cute shirts while she is home visiting for the holidays! ?

  218. #4 – I?m all about the socks – it?s almost winter in Minnesota and socks are as necessary as a snowblower and hot cocoa!!

  219. I would love to win #4 (the snuggle set)! I have always wanted a cute Christmas shirt and I LOVE comfy, cozy socks! I follow you all the time for fitness and you are very inspiring to me!

  220. I would love #5 because I lost a lot of weight and I need some new shirts to feel great in. My mom also loves cute comfy shirts.

  221. Heidi… What a fabulous giveaway! I would love to win giveaway number 5. I would share the shirts with my daughters and one for my mother-in-law who lives in Colorado. What a fabulous way to spread Christmas cheer to 4 different states as we’re all separated by distance. I will keep the biggest bonus for myself, the additional 3 months on the Transform app!! Merry Christmas!!

  222. #1 because I?m a teacher and would lovvvve to give those fidget pencils to a few kids. And those bows would look so cute on my niece ?

  223. #2 life is game and our collection wouldn?t be complete without it. (Your app is most intriguing for me – I signed up for a year for a different one and then you launched the macro etc in yours – I would be delighted winning your transform app ??) xx

  224. #5 because they’re so cute, and I’d love to be able to gift matching shirts to my mom and sister so we can wear it for Christmas!

  225. Giveaway number 2 because my daughter always says she wants to be just like me and comes home from prek every day and asks to get into cozy clothes like I do as soon as she walks through the door. ?

  226. #3 Pajamas #giveaway
    Because it?s Tradition!

    Every Christmas Eve my mom allows us daughters to open one gift (pajamas of course)! We sleep in our Christmas jammies so that we can wear them Christmas morning! Even though we are all grown up, the tradition is still very much alive….BUT with a new spin. We have returned the love and now give our mom one present (pajamas) to also open on Christmas Eve! This year, if I win the giveaway, I would love to give these to my mom!! ??

  227. All of the packages are great! #5 is my choice. I love holiday shirts and can get a matching one for my Mom. Who doesn?t love to wear holiday cheer?!!!

  228. Giveaway #5!
    I?ve been trying to find the ?perfect? holiday pajamas for my new cold winters on the east coast and these are adorable. I have also been trying to find one Moreno last minute gift for my mom and we ALWAYS get one set of matching pjs every Christmas!

  229. #2 family game night! Who doesn?t love a good game night with friends and family! Lots of laughs are always a good time.

  230. You all are so wonderful. Love following you! I would love to win number 1. Adding a few extras goodies to the kids stockings to see their faces glow more on Christmas morning πŸ™‚

  231. Number 4 because, this is the season for believing and remembering all the special times in ones life. For transformation and reflection. New for the moving forward with a new year. Remember and Believe in my why….

  232. Hi choose number five. I find that when I where certain clothes that are bright color changes your mood for the day. I love comfortable sweatshirts and the colors…..

  233. I would love to win gift set #4! I just had jaw surgery done and I am wired shut for the whole Christmas season. I am finding other ways ( than all the delicious treats) to enjoy the Christmas cheer. Be snuggle-y in some festive gear world be a great way to do that!

  234. To pick just one……?! Have to be #5….just can?t pass on cute Christmas tees and the opportunity to share Christmas joy!! Merry Christmas to you and your family!!

  235. #2 because every year I host Christmas for my family. After dinner we all gather and play a new game like pie face or bean boosted. I think this would be great for the new game this year!

  236. Merry Fitmas! Always love your blog. Since you?re so generously sharing this holiday season, (and really, when don?t you?) I would love the Comfy giveaway. It?ll be so cute to match my niece as we bake and watch Christmas movies. ????

  237. Merry Christmas ,Chris and Heidi and faimly Beautiful people so caring, bring so much joy into peoples life.# 4 The power just went out I need to keep warm,I need a hug chocolate would hit the the spot.???

  238. I would love to win either #4 or #5. Those are beautiful shirts and the socks would keep my freezing feet warm. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win something.

  239. These are all so cute! I love matching with my son!! Hard to find matching items that aren’t too feminine for him, or too manly for me, lol! Really looking forward to whipping this post baby bod into shape and losing my remaining 40 pounds of baby weight, love to win ans get the 3 month membership to start me off! Xoxo

  240. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to you!
    I would choose package #1 for my kids. My son is obsessed with the Fortnite dances?, and I would be so excited to try the transform app!!! Thank you! ?

  241. I would love to win give away #2 so I can enjoy the game with my kids snd maybe they can taste the chocolate as well? oh yes I am a sweet tooth, but only on my treatday?

  242. Giveaway #2..

    Oh how (wonderfully?) stressfull things gave been lately – a silly board game is exactly what I need. I would love to be able to pull this out time and time again to just have a night full of smiles and laughs.

    And what a better way to entice friends to play than with an offer of chocolate – some for me and some to share!

    Thank you so much for the chance .

  243. I want a package number 2 because i love spreading love and laught with this game during the game nights, which we love so much

  244. This is a wonderful post! Thanks for all the helpful gifts ideas.

    Giveaway #2

    I like this one because it can be made into several different presents split between my 2 girls. We live in the Campfire community and both of my girls agreed that it would be better and more St Nick like to use my Christmas time savings to help those who lost everything instead of me buying them gifts with it.
    It would be nice to have this to surprise them with on Christmas morning!!

  245. Heidi, I have to say I adore you! Thanks for always putting out positive energy and thinking of others. You, Chris and Bruce are changing my life in ways you will never know. Thank You!

    Giveaway #2 (The game is something fun every one in the family could have fun with)

  246. Giveaway #1 for my niece who has Ruby?s energy and the spanx moto leggings for this momma that wouldn?t dare spend that kind of money on leggings! πŸ™‚ splurge!! πŸ™‚

  247. I would like to say once again you truly inspire me. I truly belive in every word you say on your post is from the bottom of your heart. I would like to pick number 5 and would love to share this with my sister a d mom. This year was our year after getting a call 3 times for my dad to get a lung transplant on the 4th call it was a match. He received the lung and is doing amazing . And thr drs are in amazement of how good he is doing. I need those shirts so we can say we really do Believe. Thank you once again for all that you do..

  248. Number 4! I love a cute shirt and fuzzy socks are my thing! And these are called Andi socks, seriously?! Andi was my nickname in high school and for years afterward!??

  249. #4 ? because I?ve lost weight doing the Transform App and coaching program ???? And I want to snuggle with my husband in cute holiday clothes!!????

  250. Who doesn’t love anything more than a cozy pair of socks and a super soft shirt to snuggle up with on cold winter days

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