‘Extreme Weight Loss’ Expert Chris Powell, His Wife Heidi Live Tweet

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?Extreme Weight Loss” Chris Powell, his wife, Heidi, and twin participants David and Becca live tweet druing the show’s season premier, Tuesday, May 28 on ABC

Transformational expert Chris Powell, along with?Season 3?twin participants David and Rebecca,?and Chris?s wife, Heidi Powel, who?assists the twins in their weight loss journey?– will live tweet from 8:00-10:00 p.m., ET onTUESDAY, MAY 28?when ?Extreme Weight Loss? kicks off its third season on the ABC Television Network.

?Questions can be directed to Chris?@realchrispowell;?to Heidi at?@realheidipowell,?to?@DavidEWL3?and@BeccaEWL3. The handle and hashtag for the show is:?Twitter?@EMWeightLoss, #ExtremeWeightLoss,@ABC_Publicity

?David & Rebecca? — Twins David & Rebecca didn?t think that much about their weight as they were growing up in North Prairie, WI. David, who weighs in at 470 pounds and Rebecca, who weighs 398 pounds, spent their childhood making people laugh. Behind the smiles however, there were tears of pain caused by a difficult upbringing, which led them to use food as an outlet. After Chris Powell decides to help David and Rebecca on their 23rd?birthday, he realizes the twins are extremely co-dependent and have been enabling each other?s poor decisions for years, especially when it comes to their weight. After a tearful goodbye, the twins are split up for a 90-day challenge, with Rebecca going to Arizona to work alongside Chris?s wife, Heidi. At the beginning of his weight loss journey, David said he always wanted to go through Navy SEAL training to show his dad that ?he was a man.? Chris takes the twins on his toughest milestone challenge to a rigorous ?Kokoro? training camp designed to forge mental toughness and modeled off the famous Navy SEAL Hell Week. But when the twins? old habits begin to creep back in, Chris is truly concerned that they may not be able to meet their weight loss goals. Find out what happens on the Season Premiere of ?Extreme Weight Loss,? (formerly known as ?Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition,?),TUESDAY, MAY 28?(8:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

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