Happy 3rd Anniversary to My Best Friend!

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Celebrity Trainers Chris and Heidi Powell celebrate 3 years together - Learn more at https://heidipowell.net/2394

This day, 3 years ago, at 6:43am this man and I were brought together as husband and wife for time and all eternity. Quite the step for me back then, considering at the time I didn?t feel so lucky in love and had made a youthful commitment to never marry again. But I had a feeling something was different about him and this time.

The difference? I had found my best friend. I had found the human being that I could be ME around, 100% of the time?and he still loved me. In fact, after spilling my deepest darkest fears and secrets, this man only loved me more!!! As someone who once searched to say the right thing at the right time to make people in front of me happy, I now (thanks to you, Chris Powell) have NO filter (haha). I have felt what it feels like to be honest and authentic, and have felt what it feels like to be loved for that, and I can never go back.

Chris and I tiptoed around the word love for 6 months after knowing we were in love. Instead, we found a much more fitting and powerful word for how we felt about each other, that we still use to this day. ?I appreciate you SO much,? is what we say. And it?s the doggone truth. I do appreciate the person he is on every level ? far beyond his insane hotness, believe it or not (which I considered a ?con? when I met him!). Chris is a person of honesty, integrity, values, character, humility (SO humble!!!), kindness, hard work, and determination. I knew I?d never find anyone else like him ? he?s one of a kind!

Three years now ? I?m sure we are like babies compared to some! But with so much in our lives, marriage isn?t easy. Marriage isn?t made to be easy and is full of benefits and costs. Thankfully, we see that the benefits of this once-in-a-lifetime union far outweigh the costs. When times get tough for us, we simply remind ourselves of the tattoo on our ring finger (a diamond ring seemed so unpractical to me when we married, especially because we were still living with my parents and making very little $$!). His ring says ?my best friend? in my handwriting, and my ring says ?my best friend? in his handwriting. Reason? Because we have seen marriages come and go, but best friendships like ours are a made for an eternity. It is a reminder that above ALL ELSE, we are BEST FRIENDS – – we ask ourselves, ?how would I treat my best friend in this situation?? Oftentimes, we treat our spouses differently?especially when they nag :-). This helps us put our priorities in order and remember why we appreciate each other so darn much.

Thank you to my best friend for loving the root of who I am. I know without a shadow of a doubt that no matter what happens to my face, body, mind over time ? because we all age ? you will always love and ?appreciate? my soul, and I will yours too. I?m blessed, grateful, lucky, happy, in love?to infinity and beyond.

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70 Responses

  1. What an amazing man and woman and beautiful children ! Congrats ! I think God knew you two were destined to be with one another . It clearly shows in every aspect . Love is healthy & a healthy loved heart beats forever

  2. You two are amazing people and inspire so many!! I hope to one day meet the both of you and possibly workout with you guys πŸ™‚ so haply you two found each other! !

  3. I can’t believe how far you guys have come, I never would have guessed. You both are very inspiring people and I am so happy for you!

  4. Congrats? To you both! My husband & I will be married 36yrs in Sept. It’s not always bed of roses but if you work at it give 100% you can make it thru anything! I love what you do for other people, there are so many people in this world is all about themselfs. I don’t know how you do it Heidi to find time for workout out something always seems to get in my way & I have no kids at home. Love what you & Chris do you seem so down to earth.

  5. Congrats! I had my 9th anniversary yesterday. We truly are lucky to have found our soul mates! Here’s to another great year!

  6. Congrats to you both! πŸ™‚ I forgot to say something then! I am so happy you have each other! Especially since you both love to stay healthy! Best is still to come!

  7. Beautiful. I didn’t know this about you two. I love that an authentic relationship can come in the funniest, round about ways. Being married to my best friend is the best feeling in the world!

  8. This is absolutely beautiful. The true love and passion you two share for each other is inspiring and makes me believe there are people out there who genuinely care for each other 100% of the time. I love the fact that you did not have to have a big fancy wedding or buy each other rings to symbolize how truly blessed you are for each other. true love, true love. <3

  9. I loved your article about remembering we’re friends first and would you talk to your friend like that, I always remember that when I start going to that bad place. Many more years to you both! We just had our 5 year wedding anniversary in March and our 7 year dataversary is coming up on Labor Day. I scheduled this dynamic date as I always did in case I didn’t like him so I could sneak away. Late lunch, if he wasn’t meant for me I would sneak away, if he was we could continue on, we did continue you to a hike at a park to a lighthouse at the top of a peninsula bluff, and a stroll at a water front park where we had our first kiss, 6 years later I did my 2nd triathlon at that park and he was there for me with our two girls and signs. I’m so sad this year with moving away we won’t be able to go recreate our date. We’ll just have to settle for a hike in the Rockies this year. The scenery has changed but the love hasn’t. Best wished to you both with your impending arrival and next phase of the journey!

  10. This post help me put my relationship into prospective and how I view what my boyfriend says to me at times. There was an incident recently where he didn’t like the shirt i was wearing and i got offended by it and was hurt. But then I read this comment and was thinking to myself… would i have acted the same way if my girlfriends said it? then answer would probably be no. I just want to thank you so much for such great advice! I even hear your voices during my workouts telling me to keep going and be the person you want to be. I also take that advice into my personal life as well. Thank you so much for being great individuals and open with your relationship and family!

  11. Love your humble & honest beginnings and the amazing example you are setting for your children! (Cracking up at all the pictures where your daughter is conked out, I take it she’s not a morning person?! LOL)

  12. You two make the cutest couple and you have a beautiful family. Congratulations on your 3rd anniversary together.

  13. Beautiful picture of the two of you. I know its late, but Happy belated Anniversary. To many, many more happy years together!!

  14. This is a fantastic post… what a great idea for wedding rings. So heart touching. You two and your whole family/extended family, you’re inspiring millions… your love is in itself an inspiration. Thank you for sharing…. I’m so happy to have found your site Heidi! Love y’all!!
    -Gretchen Schmitt
    Wilmington, NC

  15. Such a wonderful and inspiring love story. It is something most all couples think when the say “I DO” that it will last forever. Forever is a long hard road full of ups and downs, it is how you work together on those challenges that makes the unbreakable bond and growth for the lifetime of love you hope to always share. Blessings.

  16. Thanks for sharing! So heartwarming!! Its nice to know there are still good guys out there and good women who appreciate them!

  17. I read that 3 year blog and I almost teared up. That would kill my image-LOL. Congrats to the two of you.

    Eddie in Texas

  18. Happy Anniversary! You are such a beautiful couple both inside and out! I am inspired by your show.

  19. I just want to say the Powell family is a amazing rolemodel for other family’s because being healty and taking care of each other is true love. making sure your kids eat right and be healty and happy and teaching them the true meaning of love.

    That is all I wanna say keep it up Chris is a inspiration as well…
    (made me wanna achieve my personal trainer degree)


    Eduardo Goeloe

  20. Heidi, thank you and Chris for sharing so much of your personal lives. It helps to see that with all the challenges that you all endure that you can still be healthy, fit, and most importantly in a successful relationship as friends, lovers, and parents. I loved your post and wish you both a lifetime of Love and happy memories. πŸ™‚

  21. Having a supportive partner is so important! My husband runs with me and is always my biggest cheerleader. A family that plays together stays together!

  22. Happy Anniversary to such an amazing couple!! You two are such an inspiration! I hope you never change! ?

  23. I really enjoy reading about you and your family and how you keep to a healthy regimen in spite of all the pressures you guys are under.

  24. Thank you for being so open & honest w/ this blog post! I am 42, single and still hope to share my life with somebody wonderful. I often feel that our society throws the ‘I love you’ around too easy and too often. Needless to say, I really APPRECIATE your expression, ?I appreciate you SO much?. This is a beautiful post and it also provides me with hope that I can still meet the man for me! Michelle~

  25. This is probably my FAVORITE post! You guys are my(and my husband’s) favorite power couple and I loved reading your story! I really appreciate how honest you guys are about life and the way youve dedicated yours to making other’s reach their potential. We don’t have any kids yet(hopefully next year) but we definitely plan on taking your tips to make this fit couple into a fit family. Thanks for your inspiration! -Melynda Stock

  26. I find your family so inspiring. Congrats on being together for three years! It also makes life much more grand when you have a significant other the “appreciates” you and values you as a person. Having that support system and see you in your greatest of highs and lowest of lows and be there through it all standing by your side to show that support. You and Chris definitely inspire me in health and values! Thank you for sharing!!

  27. Truly inspiring story. I know exactly the feeling you had when you met Chris, it is how I felt when I met my fianc?, but he is the first person I have been able to be myself with and he still loves me, all my crazy quirks and all!! He is my best friend and we have committed to never, ever take each other for granted!! God Bless you both in your lifetime together!

  28. Heidi, this is my one of my many favorite posts on your blog. I love knowing how you guys support each other and that your love grows strong. I would love to receive an autographed book. Unfortunately I’m on a tight budget so I can’t afford to get one. I’ve been eating better and have lost 21lbs in roughly 30 days. I have a pretty screwed up knee so I’m limited on exercise right now. I’m swimming and eating right. Or at least trying to learn to eat right. Your recipes help with this too. Thanks for all you and Chris do, you both are so encouraging. I’d love to be on extreme weightloss but I’m just not sure if I would qualify with my knee injury.

    God bless you and all you are doing!

  29. You are lucky to have found your best friend, some search all their lives and never find that bond.

  30. Sincere congrats! I think that you two are just too cute. You belong to each other. You both inspire others to want to be better people in this world not only healthier but true individuals to then pass it on and inspire, it’s kinda like a wildfire. You both have had your past ups and downs and now together as best friends, as a team, as a family anything is accomplishable. Thank you for all you both do and the sacrifices that your family makes for this world to be a better place. Plus I like the >to infinity and beyond statement< who doesn't love Toy Story…:) Best wishes on many, many years of a life filled with happiness and joy.


  31. You two are so inspiring. I have just giving up on the idea of being a size 3x and just thought I was destined to be this size for the rest of my life and to embrace my beauty, but I didn’t feel it. I also had giving up on love such as you had Heidi. But when I saw Chris on the Dr Oz show in Nov.2012 and he talked about the carb cycle diet plan, it clicked in my brain why I wasn’t losing weight, inspight of my veges, and fruit eating and whole grains, it was how I was eating and all the extras, Thanks to the both of you I have now lost over 60 lbs and I still need to lose more, but words cant really express my deepest feeling for what you both have done for me. I would like to know about the Turbo Cycle??? and you love story is the greatest and one day I will find someone too . all my love to you both

  32. Ahhhh , I am so glad for how God brought u two together, and how he is able to help keep u two together thru chris’s work and family trials, Heidi, that was a awesome love note u wrote. More marriages need to share. Like u did. May God always bless u and the family in everything u do and keep u in good health. You both have made a difference in my life! Thank u so much. Sincerely, Connie Mumaugh

  33. Being best friends, I believe, is one of the key components to an everlasting marriage. Finding that person who complements you so perfectly is a true gift <3

  34. This post impacted me the most as it affirmed exactly how I want to feel and what I’m looking for. Thanks for sharing!

    “I had found the human being that I could be ME around, 100% of the time?and he still loved me. In fact, after spilling my deepest darkest fears and secrets, this man only loved me more!!!” <—That's it!

  35. Thank you so much for sharing this, Heidi! It’s wonderful to see!
    You and Chris and the children make a beautiful family together!

    I wonder if there is a way I could message you about something I’d rather not post on FB?

    God bless you ALL!

  36. I love what you shared about your spouse and your marriage. I love that you are each other’s best friend. That is how my husband and I feel about each other. I never thought about the tatoo what a clever way to express your love for one another. God Bless You and your family. : )

  37. This is truly beautiful and it is a true joy to see people in the spotlight so honest and genuine. CONGRATULATIONS <3

  38. Congrats you guys, I too married my best friend and we are working on our 15th year. At the end of the day no matter how bad its been, I know he will be there for me in whatever capacity I need. Whether its a hug, help with dinner, or just leave me alone, he knows and senses my feelings, because we are so much more than husband and wife, we are best friends forever!!!!

  39. Wow! Thanks for sharing this beautiful story. You and Chris are so inspirational on so many levels. Happy Anniversary and cheers to many more! Enjoy your day!

  40. Happy Anniversary! You guys seem like an amazing team. Such a blessing to have a partnership of friendship and love with your spouse. Many blessings in the years ahead!

  41. Hi I’m 40 I live in Portland Indiana I’ve been heavy most my life right now I weigh 230 at 5’6 I need help on what I need to to do to change my eating habits I was wondering if you could help me out or ask Chris some ideas.

    1. Grab a copy of “Choose More, Lose More for Life”. The complete workout plan and food guide used with the show contestants is included in it. Good luck!

  42. Love you guys and your commitment to each other. I hope one day (even though I am already 38 yrs old) to find my BESTFRIEND. My parents were best friends and were married for 40 yrs before my dad died. Always friends no matter what. Happy happy anniversary.

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