Truly Stunning Trina!

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You so gracefully shared your struggles with the world, and taught us all the power of perseverance. Your journey was full of ups and downs (just as life is), and you developed such a powerful skill set to endure. It took some time to find your groove, but when you did, you were unstoppable! On top of it all, to reach out and help your fellow nurses embark upon their own journey of transformation . . . shows your true colors.? Their lives are forever changed because of you :-).

And look at you now . . . truly stunning – both inside and out!? We sure love you, and are so darn proud of you!

Heidi and Chris

21 Responses

  1. We loved this episode and I am so inspired by how both of you are so non-judgmental when your clients slip up. I live in Arizona and am wondering if you would mind sharing where the trail was that you took Trina to hike to the River? Thank you in advance and God Bless!

  2. Heidi… I had no idea you wrote such a beautiful tribute to me.. With a smile in my heart, and tears of joy (yes, we all know now how I cry;Choke up w/everything)! I guess I’m just not good with social media,but I was perusing the web and googled EWL and came across this post you wrote! Chris’s bday today had me looking for picts from my time on the show. I have gotten a new phone since then and my pictures didn’t transfer. Truly, thank you for writing something so beautiful! And everyone’s comments!! How heartwarming and kind!! Love and Hugs to You,Chris and the whole #powellpack May we all continue to find #lifechangingweighs

    1. Hi Trina,

      Congrats on accomplishing your goals and dreams; I too am a nurse, a new one but currently also struggling with obesity throughout the years; currently at a BMI of 31 but 2016 is my year for change and I accomplish my goal weight before the year ends. Thank you and EWL for sharing your story. Your a motivation to many Nurses, Nurse on!

  3. Hello, just watched this episode here in Finland, and I think it’s the most touching episode so far. I know also how it feels when a loved one is being unsupportive (if not toxic). Trina: THE UNIVERSE LOVES YOU! In the book The Alchemist it says that the universe is plotting in your favour (or something like that). You’re a star and an inspiration to so many people!

    1. Thank You Maria! I have learned to set boundaries with my mom. I cannot believe the sadness I carried with all that weight! I enjoy nothing more than a great workout in the gym with my kids and I actually jog with a 25lb weight vest on! I think I have Chris Powell to thank for that! Wearing that weight vest down the side of the Grand Canyon really showed me how strong I really am! Hugs to you and thank you for reaching out and your words of kindness! I’m happy to say I’m doing wonderful!

  4. I love this show .. It is inspiring .. Real.. You do not berate or humiliate people but constantly demonstrating that their challenges can be overcome through life experience…. Just love your show!

  5. I saw this episode last night and I’ve got to say… Trina is truly an inspiration to millions of people! I had to keep a box of Kleenex next to me because the waterworks came multiple times lol. Although losing weight and staying fit is a physical change, it is definitely more of a mental transformation. I could tell that throughout the episode Trina continued to fight her biggest opponent, which was herself. I am so happy that she has won this battle and I only wish her the best. Trina you are loving, compassionate, hard working, tenacious, and unbelievably gorgeous inside and out! =)

  6. So, why did the show leave it ambiguous as whether Trina got the skin removal surgery or not? Did she get it or not? If not, why not?

    1. I agree. Did trina get the surgery or not? All that abdominal skin after weight loss must be hard to carry around. I loved this episode. I too am a nurse, who could lose 40 lbs. Well Trina, did you do the skin removel surgery??

  7. Hello, I am 35 years old and weighing 110 kilos live in Brazil, but if you can help me I’m close to you I’m sure that with the help of you in three months will be the ideal weight, the problem is that I can not alone when I get stressed or nervous just want to eat. PLEASE HELP ME ….

  8. Heidi and Chris have inspired me to take control of my life and to exercise and eat right. After having major back surgery I let myself gain weight but all that has changed, as of today I have lost 30 pounds by eating right and exercise and from the inspiration of Heidi and Chris and The Extreme Weight Loss Show. Thank you both.

    Dale Murphy

  9. Chris Powell you’re awesome! I would love to see what foods they prepare and eat while they are losing weight..

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