CinnaCocoa-Frosted Protein Cookies

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CinnaCocoa-Frosted Protein Cookies - Get the recipe at

So many of you are asking for the protein cookie recipe that I made with Alyssa on tonight?s episode of Extreme Weight Loss! Heidi to save the day (or night)!! Here is this delicious, nutritious, and power-packed little circle of happiness ?. Oh, btw ? it takes about 120 seconds to make! That?s right ? it?s microwavable and super fast!

CinnaCocoa-Frosted Protein Cookies
Serves 1 (2 cookies)

What you?ll need:

For Cookie:
1 egg white
1 scoop vanilla protein powder

For Frosting:
1 Tablespoon Almond Butter
1 teaspoon cocoa powder
1 pinch cinnamon
1/2 packet Stevia Powder
(you can add more cocoa and cinnamon to taste!)

How to make these easy, breezy bad boys:

1. In a bowl, mix together egg and protein powder.
2. On a microwaveable plate, drop batter into two dollops. (For a perfect circle put a dollop in the bottom of a microwaveable glass or bowl.)
3. Microwave about 50-60 seconds. Let cool.
4. Mix together frosting ingredients until well blended. Spread on cooled cookies and enjoy!

What?s in them:
(2 cookies) 201 calories, 14.5 g protein, 11 g fat, 10 g fiber and 16 g carbs.

512 Responses

  1. These look awesome! I’m doing the extreme carb cycling. Are these best for a low or high carb day? Appreciate the awesome Powell pack!

  2. I don’t know what I did wrong but these were the worst things I’ve ever made and I went and bought almond butter and the Stevia. Help! They were rubbery and super dry. Did I cook them too long? What other things do you do with almond butter?

  3. I just tried this but instead with strawberries and a dollop of light whipped cream instead of the forsting. SOOOO good! I love the BODE Line!!

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    Thank you for the post. I’ll certainly comeback.

  5. how do I get some of the protein powder that Heidi uses. My cookies came out looking like crepes. They did look like the ones pictured above, maybe it is the type of powder i am using.

  6. Hi! πŸ™‚
    I enjoy following you and your Powell pack!!!
    About the recipe, I don’t own or use microwave… Will it work in the oven!?
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  7. I love sweets!! I am going to try making these for hubby and I tomorrow (our high carb day). Thank you for all of the inspiration that you and Chris provide! We are following the Turbo-cycle and I thought at first that it would be very difficult to stick with, however after 3 weeks and seeing results it really isn’t all that difficult! I noticed someone else on here mention that you should create a cookbook…I agree!! We have the Choose more lose more for life book that provides some recipes but a full book would be wonderful, Especially if it included dessert like items such as these cookies πŸ™‚ Thank you for all that you do!

  8. I’m 21 weeks prefer and have a sweet tooth. Would this be a good alternative for me? Not over weight, I’m a healthy fitness instructor that could use more protein in my diet.

  9. How is this considered something for a high carb day when it has protein (egg white and protein powder) and fat (almond butter). Following carb cycling, where is the carb portion coming from? New to this, thanks!

  10. I’ve been trying to follow the turbo carb cycle but I’m confused. These cookies have 16 grams of carbs and 11 grams of fat, both high carb and high fat, are they for reward day only?

  11. I just tried these- but I used chocolate protein powder and just topped them with fresh almond butter. They were OK, but not my favorite. I make lots of your recipes and LOVE them all! I think I prefer my protein powder in a smoothie though. πŸ™‚

  12. Heidi-what if you eat these without the frosting? Would that alter the serving size? Would you eat these for the mid morning snack?

  13. Heidi, I would love to know what is your protien powder mix, because my doctors want me to increase my iron and protien intake. All because I have low level and I am trying to loose weight the right way without making me sick all of the time. Like I am now.

  14. Heidi, I followed the link for the Protein powder, but can’t seem to find out how to purchase it. Could you pass on a link where to purchase it??

  15. Another fab recipe! Unfortunately a lot of ingredients that are used frequently in these recipes are not commonly available in my country… Stevia for instance… And Powell Perfect Powder… Also i have yet to find such a positive trainer as Chris here.

    1. Not sure what country you are in but the protein powder is sold by Vemma ( and they have it in a lot of countries. Check to see if yours is on their country list (link is at the bottom of their page)

  16. I see you used the “Powell Perfect Protein Powder” but I couldn’t find what is in it or what it is made of. Can you help me understand what it is and what’s in i? I’m gluten & dairy-free do to intolerances so most “protein powders” are off limits. I would love to try this recipe but without the main ingredient I’m wondering if it would work with another protein powder. Any suggestions or information would be welcome. I love what you at Team Powell are doing to educate, motivate and inspire healthy, fit living. Bless you all.

  17. That sounds tasty!! Could could you use any flavor protein powder? I have a chocolate peanut butter powder I bet that would be great!! Will have to try it tomorrow!!

  18. These sound really good! I have a question….I’m not a fan of using the microwave, can these be baked? If so, at what temp and for how long? Thank you! πŸ™‚

  19. Yep, it turned out pancakes. Heidi pls add what microwave power and how much protein powder to add, 1 scoop it’s a bit vague πŸ™‚ thanks

  20. I have not been able to stomach any of the protein powder drinks. Could this be what I have been searching for? I don’t have the same protein powder, but sounds like this should work with any of them. If I can’t stand to drink it maybe I can eat it.

  21. every-time I’m browsing your blog (I love it – honestly), I want to eat these cookies πŸ˜› must do them one day #babypowell

  22. Mmm cannot wait to try these! I think they will satisfy some of these pregnancy cravings and the kids will love them too! #babypowell

  23. Hey with these cookies can you replace the almond butter for peanut butter? Also do you prefer any almond butter over another?

    Thank you!


    1. Barb, it starts with you and your example. By purchasing healthy groceries and creating a healthy home you’ll do more for her health than any thing else out there. You can do it. She’s your motivation. Go for it! πŸ™‚

  25. I was hoping to see the recipe after that episode. Lucky enough to meet you and Chris in Old Navy at North Field in Denver about a week ago. You both are an inspiration and so nice. Love you both and the show.

  26. I did them in the microwave as one big blob in a covered corning dish, not two cookies. Worked just fine. Turns out like a pancake with the texture of angel food cake. When I don’t have time I just spread the almond butter on top and it works just fine. Had one for breakfast today and it kept me full for quite a while. Thanks!

  27. My cookies resemble shriveled up cr?pes. I followed the recipe exactly, can anyone tell me what I did wrong?

  28. Thank you Heidi, love watching the show I wish I could get my 33yr old daughter on it. Thank you both so much for the hard work and tons of help you give!

  29. I love your show. I need help because I don’t eat fish. Do you have any suggestions to replace this meat? Also do you have any more dessert type recipes? Thanks. Keep up the great work.

  30. these cookies sound wonderful. I need to try them real soon. Do you have a cook book? and where can you buy it. I love your show.

  31. I was wondering what can I substitute for Stevia Powder. Stevia powder and I don’t do well together. BTW I think you are amazing!

  32. I made these last week. I put half the cocoa (not a huge choco peep) and added chopped walnuts. They were wonderful! i will make again when this batch gone. I don’t get so guilty feeling when I eat one of these as they aren’t full of sugars.

  33. Wow I didn’t know there was Powell protein powder too! these sound amazing can’t wait to make them!

  34. I just made these! I put mine in the bottom of 2 coffee mugs and they came out great. Love this recipe! The frosting is wonderful too! I am a huge sugar/treat freak and am glad it only makes 2! I will be making these again. Thanks for sharing the recipe! πŸ™‚

  35. I tried these using chocolate coconut almond butter and was delicious! Thanks for sharing. Always love when I can indulge my sweet tooth but in a healthy way!

  36. Dear Heidi,
    I am touched, moved, and inspired by what you and Chris are doing for for so many people. I watched the show last week, saw the cookies and was over joyed when you posted the recipe. I tried it. I made a fatal microwave mistake of ‘over cooking’ the cookies. But, they were still good when dunked into a cup of coffee. I have made them since and they are wonderful. I am a teacher and I think this will make a fabulous recess snack.
    I am grateful for the motivation too.

  37. LOVE that! Will make some this weekend and see what the hubs thinks! He’s my guinea pig πŸ™‚

  38. Wow. Would never have thought of simply combining an egg and protein powder for “cookie batter.” Can’t wait to try it!

  39. Now this is right up my alley! Easy and sound sooo good. Even though I do sooo well with all my healthy eating, the treats is where I fall. I am so weak!!!!!!! I feel Like I deserve something everyday, and I find myself waiting until evening to have it! I can’t break the cycle! HELP

  40. sooo glad you posted this recipe…It is awesome two ingredient cookie and sure love the cinnamon and chocolate flavor for the frosting!

  41. These look delicious! Hopefully they will take care of my chocolate cravings. Can’t wait to make them!

  42. They look good and even better are on for prediabetes as protein will help balance blood sugar! Thank you for sharing

  43. Can’t wait to make these. Please keep sharing some of your favorite recipes. I love to cook ! Hoping to win Chris’s book. Starting with a group of 10 of us on Monday – 90 day challenge following e carb cycling program. I’ll be certain to write youn& keep you posted how its going. All the ladies are coming over today for a meeting where we will measure, before pictures and meal plan together. So excited! Thank you Chris & Heidi for being such an awesome inspiration to millions!

  44. These sound great. I have never used protein powder in shakes or in recipes. Really going to look into it to try to learn some more.

  45. I am always looking for different ways to sneak protein into food-this is a great option. I can’t wait to give it a try!

  46. I can’t wait to make these & show my daughter ! I’ve been looking for energy cookies to try ! Thanks Heidi for sharing ! πŸ™‚

  47. I will have to try these they look so good and Powell family approved!! You and Chris inspire me every day

  48. Wow, these sound awesome! Might have to try these real soon. Thanks fire the healthy alternatives. I’ve been looking and sometimes it’s hard.

  49. These sound so yummy! I appreciate that this recipe only makes a couple of cookies…makes portion control a non-issue.

  50. Going to try these as soon as i get home at the end of the month. So tired of eating chow hall food here in afghanistan that this will be a very welcome change πŸ™‚ Thank you for helping so many people out…makes a bigger difference in more than you might know. Thanks again.

  51. I love how these are super fast and the recipe only makes two so you aren’t tempted to overindulge!

  52. They look amazing, will do it today for my friends πŸ˜‰ Ive never done protein cookies before, Im looking forward πŸ™‚

  53. Heidi – Thank You for this recipe!! My 19 year old has rheumatoid arthritis and we are always looking for healthy recipes that she can enjoy and not feel deprived. We will be making these this weekend!

  54. These look awesome, However, my daughter has a Tree nut and Peanut allergy. Any suggestions to replace the almond Butter?

  55. Tried this tonight since I was having a sweet tooth attack. The cookie was good (though not a fan of my current protein powder) but LOVED the ‘frosting’. It definitely hit the spot. Thank you for sharing

  56. Sweets are always my downfall when it comes to dieting and I’m so glad you have great healthy recipes to help people to stick to their diet and not feel like they are missing out on something.

  57. Loved this recipe! Immediately forwarded to my warrior team who works out every morning together! Thank you.

  58. Heidi,

    Thanks so much for this recipe! My go to sugar choice is usually chocolate cookies; however I plan on making these this weekend instead. It sounds so easy to make and so delicious!

  59. Wow! Can these get any easier??? I love how you understand that sometimes, you just need a cookie.. and you make it into a healthy, guilt free snack! Thank you for these awesome recipes! I look forward to more! !

  60. They look so yummy! I can’t wait to try them and no making a substitute they are completely gluten free yay!

  61. I made these tonight and did not tell my family what was in it. I did not use the same protein powder as listed but the one we have in the house and I left the cookies on the counter when I went for my walk and the plate was licked clean when I came home. The boys loved them!!!

  62. Love this, thank you for sharing and I can’t wait to try. I have the prominent powder just need the rest of the ingredients. I am going to make some for our camping trip, so while the kids are making s’mores I can have a great alternative!!!

  63. I am so trying these, and i am going to experiment and try using Chocolate Protein Powder for those times I have extra Chocolate cravings.

  64. These look good! I have to figure out how I make them without a microwave, though. I haven’t owned one in years. I’ll try the toaster oven.

  65. I can’t wait to try this recipe! I was telling my mom and husband about them! So excited!!! Thank you for posting this and other healthy high protein recipes! I had a gastric bypass 5 yrs ago and 4 kids since (including twins just this past March) and I can see a little weight coming back on…so need to get back on track with my diet and fitness routine!!! So these high protein items are awesome! Thank you for not making me feel deprived! Love you guys!

  66. Hello Heidi and Chris… We are several years behind here in NZ when they decide to air your show! I’m American living in Christchurch NZ and I have Choose to lose and trying to save my mans life. He has many health concerns and I preach clean eating and moving your body (I’m a PT who is still finishing my journey after losing 65 lbs) but I can’t do it for him. I wish someone could get through. Chris’s book is the first one he actually read and enjoyed … But didn’t stick with it πŸ™ so I’m hoping to win the new book as a gift for him.
    Now as far as the cookie recipe! Yuuuum! Holy cow! My clients will LOVE this and ill do my best to promote your blog at the gym I work at(women’s only) lol thank you for sharing the recipe! Ill be making some ASAP! I follow you two on Instagram as well and you both smile and make my day! Xo


  68. Look great! Even better for me that there’s no coconut in it… πŸ™‚
    Today you we tend to find that every where yet I’ve never been a huge fan. I’m looking forward to trying these out on the three kidos!

  69. I only have chocolate protein powder would that work? Or would my husbands vanilla Casein work better?

  70. I can’t wait to try these!!! I feel like I’m stalking you-LOL! But you said to post on any three blog posts!!! I think whoever wins the autographed copy would love it also autographed by you!!! You are an amazing woman!!!1

  71. So excited to try these! I especially love that they are microwaveable! That’s gives my husband no excuse. Staying away from sweets is one of my hardest challenges, hoping this helps!

  72. I am a big fan of the both of you … I am currently over weight ( 80 lbs) and I am looking for the ahh ha moment. I know I will find it soon. thx for being such inspiring people.

  73. Can’t wait to try these! My mom is gluten free and loves a sweet treat now and again. This would be perfect!

  74. My kids and I can’t wait to try these. They were watching Extreme Weight Loss with me and saw them and have been hugging me to make them…lol. They look great!!

  75. those look so good when I saw him on the show I couldn’t wait to try them. I am so happy you posted this. I’m also wondering what Chris would have had for dinner when they traded food for the day.

  76. Can’t wait to try. I have 100 pounds to go and recipes like this will help. Thank you and your husband for all that you do for us.

  77. I have been trying to find an easy protein bar recipe but I think I am going to try this instead! Thanks for the post!

  78. I don’t advise making these with a different protein powder. My husband tried to make them tonight with some “cookies and cream” protein powder he really loves… and they were awful (like a super rubbery pancake.)

  79. Wow! These look super good and best of all they’re a simple and healthy alternative to the every day surgar filled highly processed cookie! Can’t wait to try these sometime when my sweet tooth is trying to get me into trouble (;

  80. Can’t wait to try this recipe! Love a treat at the end of the day that fits into my healthy eating habits!

  81. These look great. Can’t wait to try them! I just started clean eating and am always looking for new recipes…especially for my sweet tooth πŸ™‚

  82. Love seeing the use of almond butter here. The stuff is just plain fantastic and a change up from the normal PB. Hope to try these soon!

  83. These look so good. I’ve never been much of a sweets person and I’ve avoided all sweets except fruit for the last 5 months, but I might have to make these for hubby and have one myself. Thanks!

  84. The cookies look very delicious! Definitely plan on making them this weekend for my family! Thanks for the recipe Heidi!

  85. Dear Heidi,
    If you and Chris ever need a live in ( or live close by) nanny, I am a 61 yr old nurse and would love to be granny to your beautiful children. Your lifestyle, healthy living is gonna take me to 110 and my so and dtg-in-law have chosen to not have children. I love being a mother, nurse and would love to care for your healthy crew!

  86. I am so making these right now. They look amazing and so simple to make. Thank you for the recipe

  87. You are such an inspiration to me. I have been eating a lot healthier because of you. Those cookies look delicious. I will be making some tonight.

  88. I will most definitely have to try these, I’ve changed the way I eat approx. 3 weeks ago, with the help of Chris’s show, the inspiration is intense. I’m approx. 140 lbs. overweight…I have lost 100 lbs. two separate times in my life (beginning 15 years ago, I’m 51 years old now, with high blood pressure). I’m a food addict, I know this…and of course addicted to carbs, so this recipe is definitely a must to try. Look yummy!

  89. Thanks for the recipe!!#’I love sweets and always on the lookout for new recipes that fit my new life style! by the way live you guys… inspired by how you and your family are.

  90. Just started out on my carb cycling journey and I am so excited to have this sweet treat! Can’t wait for you and Chris to guide me in this journey and to send you guys before and after pics!
    Much love from Canada!

  91. What is the protein base in this product because of my Hoshimotos Hypothyroid Thyroiditis I can not have soy products I tried to search for the ingredient list but could not find it can u please drop me a note pointing me to the ingredient list thank you! Otherwise these sound divine.

    1. 1% Soy Isolate. Visit and they have a supplement face sheet for each Bod-e Product and more info in the FAQs

  92. Hello Heidi! Thank you for the re-tweet for my birthday this past wednesday! I was so excited that Extreme Makeover Weightloss was on the night of my birthday, I decided to stay home and not celebrate! Boy, am I ever glad I did… Alyssa’s story touched me in so many ways I never thought possible! I, too, am a “silent” recovering food addict/food binger. For the first time ever, I have connected personally with one of yours and Chris’s clients on a very touching level. So many people were surprised when Alyssa declined Chris’s offer to receive additional help after the show… but I understood
    Alyssa’s decision completely. As addicts, we tend to make light of any situation concerning ourselves. We don’t like to be in the spot light, for fear of failure, perhaps. I have struggled with a weight gain of over 150+ pounds after my daughter passed away in 2002. That was the most devastating day of my life, and MY life ceased to exist after that. It’s been a long process for me, but I have managed to shed almost 50 pounds since 2010. More importantly, I am working daily on my eating disorder, although it’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done, I’m still making progress. It’s slow, but I’m moving forward. I am so proud of Alyssa. I found her on Twitter and FB, and saw her updated story on OMG! Insider last night… so happy to see that she finally took you guys up on your offer for further help. I’d love to see her get the skin removal surgery she so deserves! I understand the fact that it took her more then a year to lose the weight, so there for she is not eligible for the surgery any more. But I truely understand the difficulties with weightloss when you are a food addict: Food is the ONE addiction that you cannot remove yourself from. We need food to live! It’s around every corner, it’s in virtually every store, food signs are everywhere! It truely takes a strong soul to recover from a food addiction. I’m working on my steadily… I can never bring my beloved daughter back, but I can continue to work on myself. I hope to one day reach my goal weight and be able to view life in “color” again on a daily basis. You and Chris, as well as all of your contestants give me hope. Thank you for that! I appreciate you so much. I am so grateful for all that you guys do.

    Kymberly “Kaptain” Morgan

  93. Thank you so much for sharing. These look so yummy! Can these be eaten on a low carb day? Please, please say that they can be!!

  94. These look so yummy. I grabbed this recipe along with the brownie recipe from a couple days ago. Can’t wait to try them out with the kids and hubby! Is there a recipe to make these in quantity or just remix remix remix?

  95. I can’t wait to make these! I was wondering if they would be as good if I used xylitol? Thanks for the recipe!

  96. You and Chris are so inspirational!!! I just ordered my bod.e products and I can’t wait for them to arrive!!

  97. I need a LOT of these sweet ideas because I really want to get my children on a healthier menu as well and they sure do love their treats!

  98. Saw these and had to make them, it was one of those day that I needed something! I am a big in cookie, candy. This hit the spot! Thank you for sharing! Everyone much try them.

  99. I am so glad you posted this recipe! I saw them on the show and wanted to make them…and did! So good, especially the frosting!

  100. I’ve been eyeing this recipe, I have looked at it a couple times already, they look so good! Maybe I will ask my daughter to make these, she loves to bake, she is about to graduate from culinary school – pastry chef – very proud of her πŸ™‚

  101. I am looking for more protein ideas. I want to lose weight but see limited protein options. Can’t wait to try these!

  102. Hello again πŸ˜‰

    It’s me, Gudny here. Still trying to win a copy of the book. Trying and hoping.
    That is a good start!
    Coming from a family where everybody, except my son, is obese, I So want to change now. Before my son also becomes overweight. I have watched his diet very carefully all of his life because I know that he could become overweight in two shakes of a lambstale.
    I would also like to loose my overweight, which is about 60 kilograms. I would love to
    see what it feels like to be ‘normal looking’ for the first time in my life. See what all the fuzz is about ..
    With crossed fingers, wishing you a nice day

    Sincerly Gudny πŸ™‚

  103. Thank you for sharing this recipe!
    Will definitely try it and pass it on to some clients and friends.

  104. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe as I did see it on Alyssa’s weightloss & they looked great. I have a sweet tooth & that is my downfall for my weight gain, so I will defo give these a try. Cheers! Claire xx

  105. I made these yesterday after drooling watching them on extreme weight loss! And they hit the spot. Thanks for making it easier to make better choices! Miss seeing you!

  106. I can’t wait to try these!!! They sound amazing & it’s great not to feel guilty about eating a cookie πŸ™‚

  107. Just absolutely love the show. You both are so amazing. Trying to get the motivation and support I need to lose over 100 lbs winning a copy of the book would be absolutely perfect to help me on my 1-year journey.

  108. Heidi, You were AMAZING with Alyssa on the show!! You made me a double Powell lover! These cookies looked great, thanks for sharing the recipe!

  109. These cookies looked amazing, and I thought what the heck I will try to make them. They were even better than the picture!!! Thank you so much for posting this. Sure does satisfy a sweet tooth.

  110. I have been watching the show and I will say just watch has helped me want to get into shape and eat healthy. I just wish I had more help, hoping I can win one of the books. It would give me that last kick in the butt to get up and do it. Thank you to both of both you for showing us that its not hard to eat healthy.

  111. I have a sweet tooth, that has always been my downfall with trying to eat healthy and reduce my weight. I am looking forward to trying these and some of your other recipes. Thanks Heidi!

  112. Dear Heidi, what an amazing recipe! So easy that I have absolutely no excuse not to make it and indulge. My little niece (10 yrs) is a true addict now, like myself. And now I never have a guilty feeling for enjoying cookies. Thank you for sharing all your wonderful ideas with everyone all over the world. It is that I am living in the Netherlands and not so closeby, otherwise I would give you and your wonderful husband a huge hug!
    Good luck on everything you both do!
    Big hugs, Ingeborg

  113. These look so delicious! Thank you for sharing your yummy and healthy recipes! I can’t wait to attempt to make these!

  114. Those really intrigued me on the last episode. It was awesome how you guided Alyssa into overcoming her eating disorders. You should pop in more often into the show,

  115. I can’t wait to make this treat, It looks so good. Hope I can find all the ingredients. Love the show and would love a copy of Chris’s book. Thanks so much.

  116. These look amazing too.. Thanks to you and Chris for sharing so much about how you live!! Keep sharing this chic can you all the information and recipes you can give.

  117. What do these cookies taste like? My husband mentioned wanting to try them, but I’ll be honest they don’t look very appealing to me.

  118. Can’t wait to try these. I loved seeing you Heidi on this week’s episode, you should pop in more often, and bring the baby bump with you next time! Watching you with Alyssa just showed how extremely caring and giving you and Chris truly are. I have never seen more genuine people in the media than you two πŸ™‚

  119. These cookies look amazing! Thank you for your creative ideas to keep a healthy twist on comfort food! πŸ™‚

  120. Yumm Yumm and Yumm!!! These look so delicious!!! Can’t wait to make them. Thank you for sharing your recipe πŸ™‚

  121. I love that this recipe only makes 2 cookies! That will keep me from indulging in more than I need. This recipe seems so easy, I can’t wait to try these. πŸ™‚

  122. I’m finding it difficult to find new foods to eat that are not crazy bad bc I am very picky and have difficulty swallowing certain foods.any ideas?

  123. These look so good I’m going to have to try them. My husband and I are always looking for treats that taste good but aren’t so bad for you.

  124. This sounds great. Have you pinned this on pinterest? if not you should! I have a large group of followers that would love to see this!

  125. I thought I posted this last night. :/ I actually made this last night Heidi! They were soo good. Thanks for the awesome recipe.

  126. I gotta try these – they look so yummy! Right now my issue is eating enough calories doing carb cycling, but this recipe might do the trick!

  127. These look delicious! Trying to lose 80 pounds (15 down!) and having a sweet tooth is tough lol Hopefully this will help!

  128. Thank you so much for sharing your recipe’s. I was curious as to what you and Chris do when you get a craving for sweets, because we all know we do. πŸ™‚ I also just made a copy of your mac and cheese recipe. That was another curiosity.How do you do away with comfort foods (such as mac and cheese). So thank you for sharing, it is greatly appreciated. It shouldn’t be to hard to get my family to eat the mac and cheese because I already put yellow squash in it. We shall see.

  129. I can’t tolerate things like stevia, and any artificial sweeteners, is there anything else I can use to sweeten the taste-thanks

  130. These sound really great! I am wondering if we can replace the stevia with agave nectar? I have gastroparesis and was told to stay away from the sugar substitutes. I am also a diabetic. any suggestions would be great! I love the show and I find it very helpful,,, Hoping I get a chance to win the book! would love to get some guidelines for meal planning for weightloss

  131. I am trying these this weekend. Nutrition is the toughest part for me because I just do not enjoy healthy food. And I really don’t like most proteins so I resort to protein shakes. Any chance I can get to make something healthy AND yummy – I’m going to take it! Thanks for this recipe Heidi!

  132. Those look wonderful~ I love watching you guys every week. I wished I had the will power that these people have!~ Keep up the great work guys! πŸ™‚

  133. Can’t wait to make these! I make my own health coffee frap every morning with the Powell vanilla protein powder and cold brewed coffee concentrate- It’s so good!!

  134. I will definitely try these cookies. As I do have a sweet tooth.
    My question to you is, do I have to use the Powell Perfect Vanilla Protein Powder or will any vanille protein powder do? Also for protein drinks. I can’t afford too much.

  135. These look so good. Can’t wait to try them. I thank you & Chris so much for all that you give to people that need help!

  136. Love this. I’m going to try it! Been changing my eating habits to real food and exercising daily. 10 lbs gone and feeling good! Congrats on 50k followers! Love your blog! Praying for you and your family as this new baby blesses your lives!

  137. Thaaaat looks delicious!

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    1. Check a Trader Joes, Whole Foods or Sprouts. I haven’t personally looked into Vegan protein powder but they’d be your best bet.

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    1. Some of the other commenters are sharing other types of protein mixes they’re trying. It can also vary depending on the liquid in your egg. See for supplement fact sheets. It has a combination of ingredients.

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