Miss Alyssa

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Miss Alyssa ?

You have guts, my sweet girl. Your guts, your courageousness, and your choice to share your deepest darkest struggles with the world will do (and is doing) more good than you might know.

You are not alone, I hope you realize this now. Women and men watching your episode, who are struggling with a similar battle and may have felt alone before turning on the television, now realize they are not alone either!!!!!

What you and I and so many others have battled make you a BETTER person. How crazy is that to think about? Our struggles can actually make us stronger??? Yup. It is true.

Our struggles break us down, yes ? just like resistance training breaks down our muscle fibers. What happens when the muscle fibers repair? We experience muscle growth!!! We are the same way. Our struggles do break us down. When we choose to open up (like you did), and heal, and allow ourselves to repair, this is when we become extraordinary. This is when we learn the most about ourselves and about life?s challenges. This is when we build the tools necessary to soar in life to limitless heights.

My favorite part, Alyssa, is this – now that we have experienced this ?road block? or challenge – and will always be actively working to make ourselves better and continue recovery – we can help others through similar struggles, or even help them avoid the struggles altogether by sharing our experiences. This thought, to me, made my many years of dark struggles worth it. If my hurt can save a few people from their own, I?ll take it ?. I know you feel the same.

I applaud your honesty, your authenticity, and your courage. You are a remarkable woman. Your mom is proud. I am proud. I am honored to know you.

I love you, Alyssa πŸ˜‰


P.S.  Here is that yummy protein cookie recipe that was made in your episode!

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  1. I just watched Alyssa’s transformation last night. What an incredible, young, beautiful, vibrant girl! I, too, have struggled with similar eating issues. I applaud both Alyssa and Heidi for being so open and honest with their struggles. Best of luck to you both!

  2. Dear Heidi,
    We are so grateful and appreciative for all you and Chris have done for our niece, Alyssa. This is a beautiful post and a heartfelt tribute to her and I thank you so much!
    We remember that phone call when Laura was killed and how Phil had to raise Lyssy and Ashley alone. He has done a wonderful job…..but seeing Alyssa take charge, reach out, meet her goals, overcome her struggles has been inspiring to us all! Laura is indeed looking down with pride!
    Thank you for posting this….and for continuing to support Alyssa!
    You are a genuine, caring person and it sure shows on each episode! You are wonderful in all ways!
    Joan Stommen

  3. This is so very true. People, like myself, that struggle with weight issues are so embarrassed by our eating issues that when we find others have the problem too it makes the “problem” less powerful and fixable.
    I too have the problem if I overeat one day, the next I starve myself. It was enlightening to see Alyssa’s awesome weight loss when she trusted the process- keeping within her calories and working out.
    I love the show, identify with so many of the contestants and appreciate them sharing their most intimate life moments. Heidi and Chris you are transforming more people than you will ever realize. πŸ™‚

  4. That’s awesome! Loved the analogy of the muscle breaking and growing… getting stronger not regardless of the hurt but BECAUSE of it! Heidi… you and Chris are amazing! May God bless you and everything you do for this people… I know it’s more than a job and way more than a “Show” for you two! πŸ˜€ thank you for supporting so many!

  5. Heidi,
    As my family and I watched this episode last night, we were touched by both Alyssa’s story and you and Chris’s compassion for helping others. I just wanted to let you know how admirable your generosity and love truly are! Keep it up and continue to radiate kindness everywhere you go πŸ™‚


    P.S. Because I am also a strong believer in sharing personal journeys with the world in an attempt to open others’ eyes and spread universal understanding, I’ve attached a video entailing my teenage sister’s story, a different kind of story, but an inspiration to all- nonetheless!

  6. I`ve been watching extreme weight loss (or extreme makeover weight loss edition as it used to be) for quite some time now. I have watched many many people transform there lives, bodies and minds. And it has always been very inspirational. Last night I watched Alyssa do her thing. This young girl has been through what seems to be a lifetime of heartache with losing her mom at such a young age, I couldn’t even imagine what that must have done to her. It was truly amazing to watch her struggles and even more amazing to watch her raw “realness“ come out on the show. What an amazing lady! I applaud her persistence, and her dedication to making a better life for herself. She has wisdom beyond her years, and the steps she is taking now will make her even better in the years to come. I wish her the very best and know she will continue to succeed in everything she does. By far the best episode so far. Well done Alyssa, Well done!!!!

  7. Heidi you and your husband are very selflish people. I pray I can find a friend close by who would support and help me.

  8. Loved her honesty… & showing how it can turn into an obsessiveness when trying to loose weight & keep that eye on the number. I love she found a connection in you & wanted to confide in you. So sweet. Another great episode. I honestly wait for Tuesday’s to see this show! & thanks for the recipe … I’ve got it printed out read to give it a try!

  9. The show was great last night. Enjoyed watching it! Very inspiring! I wonder how Alyssa is doing after her treatment with food addiction. Hope she is doing so much better and able to have a skin removal surgery.

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