Miss Alyssa

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Miss Alyssa ?

You have guts, my sweet girl. Your guts, your courageousness, and your choice to share your deepest darkest struggles with the world will do (and is doing) more good than you might know.

You are not alone, I hope you realize this now. Women and men watching your episode, who are struggling with a similar battle and may have felt alone before turning on the television, now realize they are not alone either!!!!!

What you and I and so many others have battled make you a BETTER person. How crazy is that to think about? Our struggles can actually make us stronger??? Yup. It is true.

Our struggles break us down, yes ? just like resistance training breaks down our muscle fibers. What happens when the muscle fibers repair? We experience muscle growth!!! We are the same way. Our struggles do break us down. When we choose to open up (like you did), and heal, and allow ourselves to repair, this is when we become extraordinary. This is when we learn the most about ourselves and about life?s challenges. This is when we build the tools necessary to soar in life to limitless heights.

My favorite part, Alyssa, is this – now that we have experienced this ?road block? or challenge – and will always be actively working to make ourselves better and continue recovery – we can help others through similar struggles, or even help them avoid the struggles altogether by sharing our experiences. This thought, to me, made my many years of dark struggles worth it. If my hurt can save a few people from their own, I?ll take it ?. I know you feel the same.

I applaud your honesty, your authenticity, and your courage. You are a remarkable woman. Your mom is proud. I am proud. I am honored to know you.

I love you, Alyssa πŸ˜‰


P.S.  Here is that yummy protein cookie recipe that was made in your episode!

112 Responses

  1. Thank you for sharing this post and all these amazing pictures Alyssa is an amazing woman and you are both great friends!

  2. I’d love to know where Alyssa got the awesomely adorable top she wore while exercising on her episode…that was HOT PINK, tye dye looking. Who/what company made it?? it was longer so covered her well, and made her look very sleek, slim! Might you share that info with me so I can go purchase?

  3. She is very lucky to have been chosen for this and now people all over can look up to her. If she can do it we can do it.

  4. Alyssa’s story was so comforting and inspirational. After I was in a car accident 5 years ago, I lost have my skull. I had to relearn how to walk, talk, etc. Since then I gain almost 100lbs. But after hearing her story, and watching extreme weight loss every episode, I’ve decided to talk the first step by myself. Its hard because I don’t really know how to start. Her story has helped me take the next step to exercise. Thanks Alyssa, and of course you Heidi, and Chris! #3 post to win Choose More Lose More for Life!!! Wanting this more than you can imagine! πŸ™‚

  5. Thank you Alyssa for your courage and transparency for many people who struggle! You are an inspiration!

  6. Love the show, love the truth, love that Alyssa lost more than just weight. It’s important to look deep inside to find the success that is already within! And, I learned more about you, Heidi. Thank you for sharing your life & your love, Chris with us each week.
    Alyssa’s courage & transparency was liberating.
    Thank you for sharing & congratulations!

  7. Alyssa was a huge inspiration. Her coming out with her eating disorder is going to help so many other girls. Thanks Alyssa for sharing your story.

  8. So sorry I missed it! Hoping to catch it on my prime time. You are a beautiful young lady, and keep up the good work!

  9. Alyssa looks amazing!

    Would love if you could do a blog post on athletic clothing for big and shrinking women. It is so hard to find gear that will fit properly. All the women on the show seem to find shirts that are long enough to keep covered and pants that don’t roll down.

  10. Alyssa was awesome and you and Chris are such an inspiration to all of us.I am doibg the 7 DAY CARB CYCLE and I am on my second week. My first week I list 3.2 lbs. I am doing great and feeling better.

  11. I applaud her but also you. The show was very well done and I am so glad this came out. It will hopefully like you said, encourage people to talk about it! Thank you.

  12. Alyssa – like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz, you have always had the power to become the beautiful, strong, healthy woman you showed us during your story this week. You just needed to find the courage to reach out to others, and you did. You were very brave to share your struggles so openly, and to admit after the show that you could benefit from a little more knowledge (which is power, of course). I think Chris was your wizard, and Heidi was your good “witch” and they definitely helped you build your own yellow road to happiness. Thank you for sharing your story, and continued best wishes!

  13. Such a wonderful story. I have found, that until I fix my insides, I can not fix my outsides. It has been a struggle with me for a few years now after my father passed away and I have struggled with that and have finally received help and now I have met with a nutritionist and am starting to work on my outside. Thank you for your many inspiring stories.

  14. This show is such a lifesaver. Not just for those that get picked, but for those that relate to the issues, that take the tips and use them in their own lives. And it shows that you can accomplish anything with dedication.

  15. I applaud her honest and courage as well! It’s hard to come to terms with something so difficult. KEEP ON PUSHING GIRL!! We are all pulling for you!!

  16. Alyssa- I loved how you kept pushing through your walls– you had “road blocks” but kept pushing through. You didnt just push them over… you DEMOLISHED them! Keep pushing forward & smiling because YOU ARE DOING IT girl!! <3

  17. This was one inspirational lady! I was proud of the way she came clean. You and Chris are awesome at what you do!

  18. Absolutely! Heidi I think that must be true of any dark part of our lives that holds us back. For me, it was a physically and emotionally abusive partner. Even years after getting out of that relationship, it wasn’t until I took training as a hotline volunteer for a battered women’s shelter and heard my story coming out of other women’s mouths that I realized just how empowering sharing your story can be for others. As horrible as it was, it did make me strong and yes, if what I learned as a result can help another, you bet I’ll take it.

  19. She was incredible! The way she overcame her demons and the way you guys supported her really amazed me. You both do SO much more than get people to lose the weight, you change them mentally too. I am blown away every week … πŸ™‚

  20. Absolutely a fan-favorite of the show, no questions about that! When I was watching I had to watch it from the DVR and of course, life happens so in the middle of it all I had to pause it and had to wait almost 2 more hours before I could catch back up to see what was going on. Alyssa – thank you for being so open and honest. Having an addiction to food in the first place is difficult enough to deal with, I can’t even begin to imagine another on top of that. Thank you for your honesty and thank you for your vulnerability. And Heidi! Thank YOU for being there for her, as a mother/type figure and just as someone she could turn to with this. You have definitely answered your calling (you and Chris!)!!!!

  21. I would love to start, but where do u start after 3 cancers, sickness, post polio..I guess a little at a time, one step at a time. I hope I win your book, my family needs it. ty

  22. I can relate in SO many ways to Alyssa. We actually even look a lot alike (before she lost the weight of course). πŸ™‚ I too have struggled with food addictions. (Not proud of this in ANY way but) I lost 65 pounds in 2 weeks because I refused to eat thinking that was the cause of my weight gain. I then went on to begin purging. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks with feeding tubes because of this. BUT, it was the happiest I have EVER been, to be able to look in the mirror and see myself thin. This was 20 years ago. Fast forward to today, I have gained ALL that weight back plus, I have had several health problems and continue to be around 150 pounds overweight. I have had kidney stones more than 20 times, some with surgeries and some without, and also just got diagnosed last week with diabetes. I also have PCOS, as well as low vitamin D, and Iron, and have a messed up back from carrying around all of this weight. So the quality of my life the last 20 years has been going downhill. My body is just crying for me to take care of it. I am ready to make a change I have read your blogs and watched your shows, and ordered your books, I just don’t know how many calories to eat, or what to eat, what exercises to do. I am fearful for my life, and I want more than anything to get healthy. I have suffered from everything from depression to anxiety, and I don’t want to be trapped anymore. I have a very supportive family, (no children because of the PCOS), but have a loving and supportive husband of 10 years. Everyone tells me that I am such a beautiful person on the inside, I just once want to hear that I am on the outside as well. Alyssa is truly an inspiration, and I cried so much watching the show thinking that could be me. Sorry to go on and on when this is not about me, it’s about Alyssa here, but just needed a place to talk. Thanks

    1. FOcus on book #2. Definitely coordinate with your doctor. But start by picking 1 promise to keep to yourself each day. Pick a carb cycling plan to follow. (Classic might be good). And start with at least 5 minutes of moving a day and increase each week. You got this!

  23. This was by far one of the best episode so far! I can’t believe how much Alyssa had went thru, I love how you and Chris come together to help someone in need! You open your hearts, your home and I love the fact that you always make those in need part of your family! I look forward to every week of watching your show! Thank you for showing that there still is good people in this world!

  24. This was an amazing episode. So many people needed to hear this. She was courageous in sharing her story.

  25. Loved her honesty. She was the first contestant that I could really relate my eating issues with. A great support for many of us struggling with our weight.

  26. I just love extreme weight loss show. What an inspiration it is to see the exercises I just started doing to lose 100 lbs in a year on the show. I love you guys give food tips also. I have totally cleaned out the junk food out and I walk 2 miles a day. I just now am able to add weight lifting and water aerobics to my lifestyle change. Thanks again!


  28. Heidi–You are truly a remarkable woman. I had the honor of meeting you and Chris in Philadelphia at Jamie’s reveal–We had our 16 yr old with us-He was especially excited to meet you! LOL!! Seriously, you are such an inspiration–for you and Alyssa to share your story about your eating disorders takes such courage. You h ave made such a difference in my life and the lives of thousands and thousands. For me personally-listening to Alyssa and especially you–You nailed it-I was crying listening to you-that someone finally gets it–Yes-that’s how I felt during those times-You helped take some of the shame away. Thank you hardly seems adequate.

  29. I had the pleasure of meeting Alyssa in FL shortly before her reveal. She is a beautiful girl and I’m so amazed at her accomplishment. It takes so much determination and commitment to do what she has done. Thank you Heidi for being there for her!

  30. Thank you Alyssa for putting yourself out there. You inspired me to admit to myself that I too soothe myself with food. I have for years through many difficult times. It’s comfort when I’m lonely or sad or feeling inadequate. And I hadn’t confessed that even to myself in a very long time. And so that’s step one for me……

  31. Such an amazing episode! I was so impressed by Alyssa! Especially that she was willing to open up to you about her struggles. That’s a huge step in the right direction for anyone to do! And definitely takes a lot of courage! I also love the things you wrote in this post Heidi! Our struggles really do break us down but also make us stronger, whatever they may be (spiritual, physical, mental, emotional). And even though I know the road to weight loss and lifestyle changes isn’t easy and isn’t going to happen overnight, I know that the things I am learning through this journey are making me a better and stronger person!

  32. Started carb cycling this week. You and Chris are great motivators. Also did your 5 minutes from Dr Oz in my office at work today.

  33. What an amazing strength and courage Alyssa has. Seeing your continued strength and watching Chris and Heidi’s support has given me the courage to try again. After losing 94 lbs and gaining back 63 lbs and feeling like a failure these shows have shown me to get back up and continue. I have a new phrase for myself “You cannot fail until you quit”

  34. I can relate to how Alyssa felt about her eating disorder. I experienced the same struggle when I was in college. It’s so hard to tell anyone about it and she did it on national tv. I applaud her!!! Good luck to you Alyssa πŸ™‚

  35. Girl!!! I was loving that spa pool! What is it? Would love more info on that AND food plan used! If I could exercise like that MAYBE I could lose 170 LBS!!! Okay, win Powerball, go to fat camp, buy spa pool and work out!! Darn, it’s just a dream!

  36. Alyssa’s story needed to be told. There are so many people out there with eating disorders. Thank you for being brave enough to share!!!

  37. A true inspiration, I hope she’s able to get her surgery. I know from personal experience that not having that skin removed can cause a relapse (I have lost 100 lbs. twice in my life, since age 36, it does a number on the psyche, big time.

  38. Can’t wait to watch I’m behind on my tv shows. Gotta love the DVR’s! Congratulations can’t wait to watch your journey

  39. Congrats on your journey. Keep going! Strong words from Chris himself that keeps me motivated to stay on my journey.

  40. In the past (and even sometimes now) I struggled with my self-image, self-confidence, and self-esteem… particularly my weight, and have done some unhealthy things to try and loose weight… so I just wanted to say thanks to both Heidi and Alyssa for sharing your stories and showing me that there is a healthy way to loose weigh and that I don’t need to starve/purge myself! I am going to try and get up the courage to get help with the problems i’m dealing with! Thanks again for being such an inspiration!

  41. I am so happy for you, Alyssa! You are beautiful !! I wish you all the best! Keep up the good work! I will think of you as I continue to lose. Hugs

  42. Awesome job with Alyssa, you two. It was so great watching the two of you sitting talking with her about her eating disorder. You two are some of the most compassionate, selfless people I’ve ever seen. Keep up the good work. I always feel so great after watching your show.

  43. I just love your show and this episode was just amazing! Way to go Alyssa!!!! I can relate in so many way to her struggles. She looks great! Keep up the good work!

  44. Heidi, your openness with Alyssa & her sharing with you has
    Inspired me to work harder & loose the final 35 lbs I need to lose to get to my goal. I have lost 170 lbs but just maintaining & not making an effort to keep going. Thanks again, now I know I will make it.

  45. I’m such a huge fan of the show and both Chris and Heidi. Each week I’m so inspired by the story’s of each person Chris chooses to works with. Alyssa had so much courage and I’m so proud of her. Her hard work truly paid off πŸ™‚

  46. Way to go, Alyssa!(We were going to name our daughter that. Pretty name;) ) I hope you can see you as we see you- how you transformed into not only healthier but now you shine. You became this brave, strong young woman and I am so inspired. Keep it up, take care of you.
    Heidi and Chris never cease to inspire me, as well and which *I* could hang out with them for a few days!

  47. Love the show and the passion Chris and Heidi have to help others. I applaud anyone who can lose weight like Alyssa did without surgery. Hard work and dedication are all you need to succeed!

  48. Her episode made me cry. Watching two smart, beautiful women like you two discuss your struggles with EDs showed me that I have nothing to be ashamed of. If you guys can beat your disorders, so can I! πŸ™‚

  49. Alyssa amazed me with her courage, strength and honesty! What a beautiful young lady she is! I want to wish her the very best with her future! You can do anything you put your mind to! Keep up the great work Alyssa!! Be proud of your self!

  50. This was one of my favorite episodes I must say! I men I love all the episodes but something about this one caught my eye and got me really thinking about how I have a addiction with food and I never really noticed. I’ve wanted to lose weight for along time and this episode put me in a determination mode πŸ˜€ I can do it !!!

  51. I’m glad these issues were tackled and addressed in her episode! I’ve been an emotional eater all my life it’s great to know others are dealing with similar issues and can relate

  52. She did an absolutely amazing job, I really admire her courage and strength. The changes you guys help others make is really inspiring.

  53. LOVE the show and everything that it is about. I too have a passion for helping others reach their fitness potential and be AMAZED at what their own bodies can do. Keep being an inspiration, after all it is what you all do best! xoxoxoxoxo

  54. She was great. Hope she overcomes her eating problems. I have been doing #carbcycling (classic cycle) for a month now and I feel great πŸ˜€

  55. this was an amazing show and I am going to make the protein cookies πŸ™‚ I am hoping this is the blog that wins me an autographed book

  56. Alyssa, you are a STRONG woman! I may be older than you, but you have given me new hope in my own struggle with weight and eating disorders. THANK YOU for having the courage to allow your story to be part of Chris and Heidi’s message to the world!

  57. This episode was amazing!! She had me in tears within the first 10 minutes sharing the story of her mother. I am so close to my mother and cannot imagine losing her that young. Proud of her for sticking with it and reaching her goals. Wish we could see the results after the skin surgery!

  58. I love this episode… It has such meaning to me as i struggle with food everyday. I have had so much loss in the past 3 years I tend to not eat when we have a loss in the family. In 1 month and 6 days we have had 2 losses my brother passed away from cancer at 45 and sadly today my niece passed away at not even 3 months old she had a heart condition. So today i sit here and struggle with my losses of loved ones and try and force myself to eat. And to make those smart choices instead of those bad ones.

  59. Great episode. I agree it was great for Alyssa to share her strudggles. We all struggles and it is good to know we’re not alone.
    I hope Alyssa is doing well.
    I’ve lost 70lbs and have 50 more to loose. Everyday is a challange, I have RA so some days especially during the winter are not easy to keep moving.
    I would really love to get a copy of Chris book not only for myself but for family members who are struggling with not only weight problems but need to transform their lives.
    Love you both…. blesssings to you all.

  60. Alyssa is such an inspiration. Heidi, love seeing you more and more on the show this season. Your connection with Alyssa and what she was going through was truly inspiring to watch.

  61. Alyssa is such the inspiration!!!! She is so awesome! Loved watching her reach her goals and heal! Love to watch Chris and Heidi!!!!

  62. This episode was one of my favorites so far because it was phenomenial to watch how Chris was able to prove to Alyssa the effects of processed foods on one’s body. I think he was really able to show her in such a short time what can happen to a persons body and she’ll never forget it. What a fight she has in her, its awesome!

  63. Thanks for dealing with such an important issue as an eating disorder. Chris and Heidi – you ROCK!!! and Alyssa is an inspiration and I wish her all the best πŸ™‚

  64. Alyssa is amazing. I had a stroke last year at
    50 and don’t really know how to get in shape or
    eat right. I need help. Stroke was caused by birth
    control pills. You and Chris make a great team!
    I watch the show every week. Keep inspiring people!

  65. Alyssa did an awesome job. I Have struggled with my weight all of my life. It is this show that keeps me motivated as I have lost 60 pounds and have 30 more to go. It really helped to hear Heidi say to not get bored with what you are eating. I need to branch out, so I can enjoy new recipes, because sometimes I feel like I am eating the same thing everyday. Another item I connect with is the workout schedule. Often times I think I am to tired to do it, but I think of Chris and all of these wonderful stories and realize if Chris was in my home would he say “ok, go back to bed” I really love this show and hope that it goes on for a long time, because I am not sure I could have lost 60 without the inspiration.

  66. You guys are great. Love your show I watch it on tuesdays then on abc.com and even Ondemand/ Got my boyfriend to watch it too and now thats our time to cuddle and spend together. He is in tour now with Carson and Barnes Circus and texted me during show time just to know how the program is going and how the contestants are doing. I would love to get a copy of Chris book. I only have to lose 15lbs of fat but I need the encouragement from you guys. Love you both.

  67. I loved watching Chris and Heidi help transform Alyssa as a team! What a great inspiration you two are in helping others become more confident in themselves. I really takes special people to help others the way you do and special people who want to change themselves for the better. Congratulations on a job well done Alyssa!

  68. She is definitely an inspiration, and being so brave to ask for help. I wish her nothing but greatness!

  69. EM:WLE is my Tuesday must watch. I would love to be trained by Chris & Heidi, but only have 100 lbs to lose. I love the success stories, and hope to have one of my own, but motivation is a problem. I just feel blah & know I would do better in a group setting, but can’t afford that right now.

  70. WOW!! She really was a inspiring person. Loved this episode. I’m on my way to loosing weight. Every time I see one of these live story, I get more encouraged to continue. Plus I’m helping out my family.

  71. WOW! Another great transformation!! Hope I can change like that in the near future. I don’t want to die yet!

    Thanks for the inspiration πŸ™‚

  72. I was so impressed with the way you and Chris helped Alyssa. Thank God there are people like the two of you in our world. I so felt for Alyssa and cried every time she did throughout the show. I was so proud of her at the end of the show. I wonder is you ever do a follow up “where are they now” type of show? Would be interesting. Thanks for the protein cookie recipe. I cannot wait to try it.

  73. I love every episode but i think this was my favorite being almost the same size of alyssa and seeingher struggle! I have had timesafter a binge i thought about purging and i know im not alone with that! After the episode was over i broke out theold dusty workout videos and did one!!

  74. What an impressive young woman! I felt so bad when Chris was eating all that terrible food, but WOW what an eye opener! I rarely eat fast food anymore because it just tastes so terrible and it makes you feel sick afterwards! Thank you Chris and Heidi for being such great human beings and being an inspiration to everyone! Best wishes to you and yours!

  75. It was so amazing to see Alyssa change her life! Thank you for sharing your story, and Heidi and Chris – you guys are so inspirational as well.

  76. Every single episode is so inspiring. Bravo to you and Chris for showing people how to make their lives amazing!!!

  77. Alyssa really was amazing. She really made me think of myself. So many similarities. She is one strong and amazing woman!

  78. Truly inspirational, Alyssa. You started your journey off with fear of the future and didn’t let that stop you! You have changed your outlook on eating, and there is no doubt that you will keep up with your transformation!

  79. I just watched Alyssa’s transformation last night. What an incredible, young, beautiful, vibrant girl! I, too, have struggled with similar eating issues. I applaud both Alyssa and Heidi for being so open and honest with their struggles. Best of luck to you both!

  80. Dear Heidi,
    We are so grateful and appreciative for all you and Chris have done for our niece, Alyssa. This is a beautiful post and a heartfelt tribute to her and I thank you so much!
    We remember that phone call when Laura was killed and how Phil had to raise Lyssy and Ashley alone. He has done a wonderful job…..but seeing Alyssa take charge, reach out, meet her goals, overcome her struggles has been inspiring to us all! Laura is indeed looking down with pride!
    Thank you for posting this….and for continuing to support Alyssa!
    You are a genuine, caring person and it sure shows on each episode! You are wonderful in all ways!
    Joan Stommen

  81. This is so very true. People, like myself, that struggle with weight issues are so embarrassed by our eating issues that when we find others have the problem too it makes the “problem” less powerful and fixable.
    I too have the problem if I overeat one day, the next I starve myself. It was enlightening to see Alyssa’s awesome weight loss when she trusted the process- keeping within her calories and working out.
    I love the show, identify with so many of the contestants and appreciate them sharing their most intimate life moments. Heidi and Chris you are transforming more people than you will ever realize. πŸ™‚

  82. That’s awesome! Loved the analogy of the muscle breaking and growing… getting stronger not regardless of the hurt but BECAUSE of it! Heidi… you and Chris are amazing! May God bless you and everything you do for this people… I know it’s more than a job and way more than a “Show” for you two! πŸ˜€ thank you for supporting so many!

  83. Heidi,
    As my family and I watched this episode last night, we were touched by both Alyssa’s story and you and Chris’s compassion for helping others. I just wanted to let you know how admirable your generosity and love truly are! Keep it up and continue to radiate kindness everywhere you go πŸ™‚


    P.S. Because I am also a strong believer in sharing personal journeys with the world in an attempt to open others’ eyes and spread universal understanding, I’ve attached a video entailing my teenage sister’s story, a different kind of story, but an inspiration to all- nonetheless!

  84. I`ve been watching extreme weight loss (or extreme makeover weight loss edition as it used to be) for quite some time now. I have watched many many people transform there lives, bodies and minds. And it has always been very inspirational. Last night I watched Alyssa do her thing. This young girl has been through what seems to be a lifetime of heartache with losing her mom at such a young age, I couldn’t even imagine what that must have done to her. It was truly amazing to watch her struggles and even more amazing to watch her raw “realness“ come out on the show. What an amazing lady! I applaud her persistence, and her dedication to making a better life for herself. She has wisdom beyond her years, and the steps she is taking now will make her even better in the years to come. I wish her the very best and know she will continue to succeed in everything she does. By far the best episode so far. Well done Alyssa, Well done!!!!

  85. Heidi you and your husband are very selflish people. I pray I can find a friend close by who would support and help me.

  86. Loved her honesty… & showing how it can turn into an obsessiveness when trying to loose weight & keep that eye on the number. I love she found a connection in you & wanted to confide in you. So sweet. Another great episode. I honestly wait for Tuesday’s to see this show! & thanks for the recipe … I’ve got it printed out read to give it a try!

  87. The show was great last night. Enjoyed watching it! Very inspiring! I wonder how Alyssa is doing after her treatment with food addiction. Hope she is doing so much better and able to have a skin removal surgery.

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