Miss Alyssa

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Miss Alyssa ?

You have guts, my sweet girl. Your guts, your courageousness, and your choice to share your deepest darkest struggles with the world will do (and is doing) more good than you might know.

You are not alone, I hope you realize this now. Women and men watching your episode, who are struggling with a similar battle and may have felt alone before turning on the television, now realize they are not alone either!!!!!

What you and I and so many others have battled make you a BETTER person. How crazy is that to think about? Our struggles can actually make us stronger??? Yup. It is true.

Our struggles break us down, yes ? just like resistance training breaks down our muscle fibers. What happens when the muscle fibers repair? We experience muscle growth!!! We are the same way. Our struggles do break us down. When we choose to open up (like you did), and heal, and allow ourselves to repair, this is when we become extraordinary. This is when we learn the most about ourselves and about life?s challenges. This is when we build the tools necessary to soar in life to limitless heights.

My favorite part, Alyssa, is this – now that we have experienced this ?road block? or challenge – and will always be actively working to make ourselves better and continue recovery – we can help others through similar struggles, or even help them avoid the struggles altogether by sharing our experiences. This thought, to me, made my many years of dark struggles worth it. If my hurt can save a few people from their own, I?ll take it ?. I know you feel the same.

I applaud your honesty, your authenticity, and your courage. You are a remarkable woman. Your mom is proud. I am proud. I am honored to know you.

I love you, Alyssa 😉


P.S.  Here is that yummy protein cookie recipe that was made in your episode!

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  1. I was so impressed with the way you and Chris helped Alyssa. Thank God there are people like the two of you in our world. I so felt for Alyssa and cried every time she did throughout the show. I was so proud of her at the end of the show. I wonder is you ever do a follow up “where are they now” type of show? Would be interesting. Thanks for the protein cookie recipe. I cannot wait to try it.

  2. I love every episode but i think this was my favorite being almost the same size of alyssa and seeingher struggle! I have had timesafter a binge i thought about purging and i know im not alone with that! After the episode was over i broke out theold dusty workout videos and did one!!

  3. What an impressive young woman! I felt so bad when Chris was eating all that terrible food, but WOW what an eye opener! I rarely eat fast food anymore because it just tastes so terrible and it makes you feel sick afterwards! Thank you Chris and Heidi for being such great human beings and being an inspiration to everyone! Best wishes to you and yours!

  4. It was so amazing to see Alyssa change her life! Thank you for sharing your story, and Heidi and Chris – you guys are so inspirational as well.

  5. Every single episode is so inspiring. Bravo to you and Chris for showing people how to make their lives amazing!!!

  6. Alyssa really was amazing. She really made me think of myself. So many similarities. She is one strong and amazing woman!

  7. Truly inspirational, Alyssa. You started your journey off with fear of the future and didn’t let that stop you! You have changed your outlook on eating, and there is no doubt that you will keep up with your transformation!

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