You Ate It, Negate It

My hubby, Chris Powell, shows Tamar, Adrienne and Loni from THE REAL what exercises they’d need to do to negate the calories they just ate!

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  1. I teach fitness classes at my work and love to tell them what the naughty food equivalent in calories burned. Gives them perspective on what it takes to burn it off. That is how I make my food choices when I am tempted. Do I want to go run 2-3 miles for that Krispy Creme donut? Good to see that shown here so more can grasp that concept!

  2. How many hours per day do the subjects exercise? Also if a person’s goal is to loose 2-4 lbs per week; how many hours of exercise do you recommend?

  3. Pretty Funny It takes a lot to exercise off what we eat. It’s a good reminder. Thanks. Chris and Heidi.

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