To Our National Champion, Cassandra!

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Cassandra, you only need to look at the hundreds of comments and tweets to see that you have captured the love of the Extreme Weight Loss viewers! It’s your infectious smile. It’s your genuine love for your students and those around you. And, it is those empowering words you ask each student to repeat in the mirror:

“I can do anything I put my mind to.”

“All I have to do is just believe.”

“If anybody is going to change my life, it’s this person.”

And Cassandra, change you did!

Each of us can follow your example and look into our own mirrors and repeat those inspiring words and then make those changes and take those steps outside of our comfort zones as you did. We know that, as you have, we too, can each go after our dreams.

We can’t wait to follow this new chapter before you as you embrace and live the life you have always wanted – traveling the world, being adventurous, meeting new people, dating new people, and watching your dreams unfold because you are a true Champion.

Yes, YOU are a National Champion. Yes, YOU did 3 sports in college. And now, the nation and the world knows it too, and we couldn’t be more proud!

We have been blessed to have been a part of your journey. Thank you for being such an inspiration.



11 Responses

  1. Thank you Cassandra for being vulnerable enough to share your story. You also handled each step of your journey with pure determination! May you continue to touch the lives of the students, co-workers, friends and family around you!

  2. Cassandra is an inspiration to all who want to change from the inside and out. Her attitude, dedication, and most importantly her determination of owning her mistakes and seeking assistance when she knew she was struggling prove that her spirit never left her; her confidence just was beaten. She is an amazing person and her words helped me immensely. I suffer from weight issues of an opposite kind, but I have always let me confidence (or lake thereof get in the way.) NO LONGER! Thank you Cassandra for proving anyone can turn their lives around!!

  3. She had such a wonderful attitude and take responsibility for her actions that made her successful. She just needed the encouragement to get started and pull it out. She is a beautiful person inside and out. And she sure holds her age well. She looks like she is still in her mid twenties! 🙂 Go enjoy this new chapter in your life Cassandra. We are rooting for you. Live life to its fullest daily!

  4. Amazing transformation!!! She is incredible I love the fact that she didn’t get caught up in all the bad emotions and feeling that we all have, she fought and overcome them, that’s my way of living I think every body should do the same thing.. way to go!!!!

  5. I watched the show last nite that Cassandra was on.What an inspiration.I had weight loss surgery in 2004.I went from 389 to my current weight 183.Life changing just wish I had exercised while loosing.I started a exersise program Monday.lots of atrophy but I have faith I can rebuild and tighten up.Cassandra and Chris were the push I needed.

  6. Truly loved seeing that woman conquer every obstacle in her path. Beautiful, bright and so impowering, she is amazing.

  7. You are a true inspiration – I love your attitude – I only wish I would of had you as a counselor when I went to high school – So Proud of you

  8. Cassandra is definitely my favorite so far! I think because I can identify with her the most. I’m in my early 40’s and have struggled to get the weight off for the past 20+ years. Cassandra allowed me to see that I can do this. She’s an inspiration, and I can tell that her heart and her spirit are just as beautiful as she is!

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