Therapy Thursday: Bang Ups and Hang Ups

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Most of you see Chris on camera and know that I am his right hand man (or woman) and partner in crime behind the camera. If you didn’t know this, now you do! We are a team, Chris and I. But the team doesn’t stop with just the two of us. Nope. In fact, we have quite an amazing group of talented and caring people that we have brought into this transformation family to help make possible what you see on Extreme Weight Loss.

One of these incredible human beings and wonderful friend of ours is Richard Morris. You may have caught him in a few episodes in season 3, but I must brag that this man has been a part of ALL of the transformations since season 1! Richard is a healer in more than one way…these transformations wouldn’t be possible without him. Enjoy!

Celebrity Trainer Chris Powell gets some physical therapy - Learn more at
The Powell Pack gets therapy from Richard!
Chris, don’t kill me for the underwear shot ๐Ÿ™‚

Bang Ups and Hang Ups
by Richard Morris

I’m excited to be blogging today for the wonderful, amazing Heidi Powell! For one of the greatest gals in the world with the greatest followers in the world, here you go!

Being a corrective exercise specialist and working with all sorts of physical issues, I have come to find that with a few simple, strategic tweeks, almost anyone can work through their aches and pains and achieve their body’s true potential!

I’d like to borrow a line from the great Dr. Suess; “I’m sorry to say so but sadly, it’s true, that bang ups and hangs ups can happen to you. And when they start to happen, don’t worry. Don’t stew. Just go right along. You’ll start happening too.” -‘Oh the Places You’ll Go’

I share this because so often I see people get injured, sprain an ankle, hurt the back, twist a knee, pinch a nerve, etc and STOP exercising because of it! When in actuality all that’s needed is a little course correction. Ideally we can help prevent these injuries all together by performing my simple, daily corrective exercises and stretches. Just a few minutes a day WILL help keep those pains away ๐Ÿ™‚

So whether you are an avid fitness fan or just tying up those sneakers for the first time I have some key guidelines that IF followed will help ensure those “Bang Ups” and “Hang Ups” won’t happen to you!

Just a few minutes a day of applying these corrective exercises and stretches and “You’ll be on your way up. You’ll be seeing great sights. You’ll join the high flyers who soar to high heights!”

 Just a little more info to help us understand:

As we gain weight our body must course correct in order to maintain balance and take the path of least resistance. Something as simple as our “gait” or “walking patterns” begin to compensate for extra pressure on the joints. Just one extra pound of body weight equates to 4 pounds of extra pressure on the knee joints, also known as “knee-joint-pressure.” So if I gain 10 extra pounds, that’s 40 pounds of extra pressure constantly pushing down on my poor joints, therefore, subconsciously altering the way I move.

Overtime, this “Gait adjustment” takes its toll on my body and just like a chain reaction, I begin to feel all sorts of aches and pains. The good news is, we CAN correct this! See the above exercise and stretching regimen to learn more! Just sitting around resting isn’t going to make anything better!

So I encourage you to NOT take your body’s beautiful ability to move for granted. Get going on these amazing, preventative and corrective exercises today and watch your true potential really start to surface! Let’s keep that blood pumping guys! It’s time to take action!

Celebrity Trainers Chris and Heidi Powell with Richard, their Physical Therapist - Learn more at
Heidi, Richard and Chris

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22 Responses

  1. Thanks for the reminder that there are no excuses to staying out of the game. Bang ups don’t have to be hang ups forever! Keep on keeping on!

  2. I loved the last show about success with limited mobility. It made me google crunchy knees on stairs. One of the things listed was loose knee caps and I know I have RA. I do remember being told as a teen that I had loose knee caps. Stairs have always bothered me going up them. Unfortunately, I discovered that if I wasnt too active and avoided stairs my knees were ok until the past 3 years. The more pain the less active I was and now I am obese. The crunching kind of freaks me out. With RA and fibro I know that supportive muscle tone for joints is important. Who do I go to for help with this? I never could do the stair machines even when younger because they would make my knees feel on fire.

  3. What if your aches and pains are from chronic illness? I know how to push through the pain…just walking is often painful, and I love to run…but I would really love to learn how to avoid or mitigate the aches and pains.

    Do you have resources regarding training with a chronic illness or autom-immune disease that you could point me to?

  4. Hi Heidi! I bought Chris’s book, Choose to Lose, but it is hard for me because there are only a few proteins on the list that I like. I have some questions I would like to ask you: I don’t really like flank or cube steak. The cube steak is so tough! Can I have rib eye steak instead? I do like chicken, but, it is hard to have chicken every 3 hours. Can I have roast for a protein? Also what do you suggest for a protein bar and do I use this as a protein if it has nuts in it or do I use this under fats? If I put protein powder in a smoothie with strawberries and ice, can I use this for a protein? Is there any other suggestions I can use for proteins other than what is on the list? Thank You!! Michelle

    1. You can have any meats for protein. Strawberries are a carb so if you make a protein shake WITH strawberries it needs to be for a high carb meal. Nuts are fats (They ALSO have protein, but count as a fat).

  5. Heidi- love the show and can’t wait to watch each week! I was wondering g which Reeboks do you wear?? I love the purple ones!!

  6. Hi Heidi: Thanks for the info on Office Stretches, I just shared it with all the Administrative Assistants on the SMC Campus. I love your blog, and seriously, none of the ladies minded the snapshot of Chris in his chonies!

    I would love it if you and Chris could come to Santa Monica College for a visit! Love you both, especially how great the two of you are together!

    1. Too funny! If you have a formal speaking engagement proposal, go to the contact page and it can be sent to our team there for consideration. Thanks for thinking of us!

  7. At a hundred pounds overweight… I am putting 400 lbs of pressure on my joints, no wonder my knees, ankles etc are giving me fits… Great info… thank you for sharing… I will be doing these for sure. And visiting your web site for more info… thanks again!!! Cathy

  8. Thank you! I have a stress fracture in my right heel and I’m having a hard time not being able to go walk or water walk (@Y in lazy river against flow) I’m really down and this was just what I needed! Any other suggestions to get cardio in would be greatly appreciated! Love you guys!

  9. I love your site. But with me, I’m 5’3″ and 305 pounds. I don’t eat much and that’s usually my problem. I look at the exercises above and wish that they could help me. I’m hyperflexive so my joints bend too far in the wrong directions. Also, my body makes faulty collagen which affects my joints and my muscles, along with internal organs (like digestive system). There are so many people out there with the same genetic condition (Ehlers-Danlos) dealing with faulty collagen, that can’t do the normal exercise thing. I cringe watching EM with Chris. I see those Kettlebells and think about how that would pull my shoulder out of socket. I’m better than most people with EDS and faulty collagen. I’m not on disability like some. I work and go home. Sometimes I eat, sometimes I don’t. I may just spend a couple weeks drinking Ensure or something. But I love the articles, blogs, pictures, recipes, etc that you provide. They are very helpful and very inspirational.

  10. Great Post. Thanks for the reminder that in ache or pain doesn’t have to sideline you for weeks/months on end!

  11. This is good information. Are there any specific exercises to focus on the knees? I have lost 94lbs and still have a long way to go (like another 116lbs or so) but I have a hard time due to my knees hurting for days after doing a bike ride or a few miles on the treadmill. Any advice would be truly welcome. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Thank you, very informative. I am 100 pounds overweight and every time I get back to exercise I injure myself, I don’t even know where to start anymore. Maybe just finding someone like Richard!

  13. Ok cool so I’ve been doing many of those stretches that Richard showed but my trainer has been making up different names for some of them. The hip and arm extensions aren’t really called Superman’s. Who knew! My trainer is a big kid at heart. He is going to get kidded about that.

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