Ask Heidi Anything: Why Do I Need To Take Before and After Pics?

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Before and after photos. Why do we make such a big deal of them? Because they ARE a big deal! And they are essential to giving yourself an accurate subjective view of yourself. Let’s face it – the mirror lies to us! We might be down to our goal weight (after tens to hundreds of lbs lost), but what we see in the mirror is the same old person we saw ourselves as when we started!

Have you been there before? Well, you’re not alone. Every single one of our Extreme Weight Loss peeps has dealt with the same issue. They find themselves depressed after their first 3 months, after sometimes over 100 lbs lost, because they just don’t see it in the mirror! Without fail, the before and after photos (side by side) that Chris and I helped them take along the way SAVES the day! It is an immediate accurate gauge of how far they have come. They all of a sudden can appreciate all of the hard work they have put in, and can remember the depth of darkness they felt before that they never want to return to again.

Standing bare in front of a mirror, or in front of a friend to take a pic can be terrifying. I get it. But don?t let that stop you. This is all part of the process; part of coming to terms with and accepting who you are. Once you do this, transformation is possible :). Trust me, when you reach your goal you?ll be amazed at how your body has changed, and forever grateful that you took those pictures! So go for it – snap your first picture today:).

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  1. Actually to expand on it, people should take “progress photos”. I do that for my husband from time to time. I need to do if myself. Basically do the first set of photos (front, back, and one side… to have a “360”-ish view of yourself). Then maybe every 30 days do another set. Wear as little amount of clothing your comfortable with and have some one you trust to take them. Best not to do self mirror shots… it just make the angles all wonky. By do regular photo sets, you can compare them to the previous ones… see progress made, notice problem areas to focus on, etc. Also good to help examine your body in hard to see places for blemishes, moles, etc that you hadn’t noticed before that might need medical attention.

  2. Thank you so much for posting this. This year I have lost 75lbs. Everyone says how amazing it is, and is its, but when I look in the mirror I see the same person. A friend once said, “you must feel amazing” and physical I do, but I thought I would feel beautiful and sexy right away. I am so glad to know it is normal and a way to help. I am going to go print pictures now!

  3. I have a quick question and you might be able answer it for me: So I have a question. I currently weigh 196 and is 5’3″ age is 41 my goal weight is 130, I would like to hit that goal by April is that doable first of all? Next question is what should my daily calorie intake be I have been doing 1200 but, want to make sure I am not hurting myself in the long run. I have cut out soda junk and drink a gallon of water a day also cut down on sugar intake. I do the treadmill an hour a day 5 days a week and every other day I have been using Chris Powell work out level 1 soon to be stepping up to the level 2. I have since July 13th I lost 14lbs and over 22 inches. I just want to make sure I am doing the right things to achieve my goal. Any feed back would help thanks

  4. I don’t even know if you will read this,but I am 5’3 and 195 and 47 yrs old.I am so miserable and stay tired all the time also.I ask people about how to start at loosing weight and all I get is just do it…I know this much..I wanna know what to eat,what to buy?? I am a fried potato junkie.I eat to much of it and i know this..breakfast is my fave meal of the day. I just need to know how to start….Suggestions PLEASE…

  5. oooh… me in my undies in front of a camera. That has “scary” written all over it haha! The reasons you stated are good ones though… so I will laugh off the inner-embarrassment and pose for the camera. Maybe that will help kick-start the momentum I so desperately need to take this weight off. Thank you Heidi!

  6. Hi Heidi! I know you probably get a ton of questions and pleas for help losing weight, But Always being bigger, im not looking to become skinny. I want to be healthy. Im 25 and I Gave birth to two beautiful girls in June, and not only did I gain my twins, I gained 50lbs that I just cannot drop. I joined a gym, went for 3 days and haven’t went in 3 weeks. The only time im able to go is in the mornings at 5:30, and now that the girls are getting a little older they want to stay up and play at 5:30am and I really don’t want them to wake my husband because he works at 8am in the mornings and I feel bad. Plus my eating habits are terrible, cookies and chocolate binging has become my norm…What should I do? im 250lbs and im really wanting to be under 200lbs..And being mama and also pregnant i was hoping you would have some advice.thank you

  7. I wish I had taken some before pictures when I started my journey in April. I avoided the mirror and cameras so badly I just couldn’t do it. But now that I’ve lost 36 of my 72 lbs to lose, I wish I had some reference. Still, looking at my chart continuously step down toward my goal is satisfying 🙂

  8. I wish I had done the before pic in just my bra / underwear. I have before pics of me wearing the clothes you talked about in the video.
    Thanks for all you do in helping people transform their lives!

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