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To the Inspiring Coach Bob

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To one of our dearest friends,

Bob, we couldn?t be any more proud of the person you have become over the last year. Let?s be honest?you?ve been as amazing as they come from the start, but proved that even the best of the best have room for self-betterment.

As a father, a husband, and a friend, you lead by example in all that you do. You live what you preach, and are one heck of a buddy ?. Even from thousands of miles away most of the year (except our awesome trip to Paris, and a few occasional flights to each other?s home towns), you made it easy to feel connected to you and your awesome wife Kelli ?. Your life-advice is always appreciated and will never be forgotten.

Now let?s talk about the record-breaker you are!!!! Did you ever think you would be the greatest weight loss of any many we had ever worked with?? How darn cool is that? Your hard work sure did pay off, and I know it wasn?t easy. You are proof to this world that bumps, bruises, and roadblocks don?t have to stop you from reaching your dreams. You teach by your actions that you can, in fact, use these challenges as springboards for greater success!

We are blessed and honored to have you in our lives, Bob. You and Kelli are two wonderful people, and we are BEYOND excited for all of the great stuff you have in the works! This is JUST the beginning for you, my friend!


Heidi and Chris

13 Responses

  1. Omg! This was such an amazing story! It’s so easy to be inspired by someone like Bob and all his accomplishments! He is a wonderful success and you should all be proud! #BabyPowell

  2. Heidi,
    I’m not great at this social media thing, but wanted to let you know how grateful I am for you and Chris. Without you both, Bob would not have been able to accomplish his goals. Without your cheering him on and encouraging him, he wouldn’t have been as successful. I’m overwhelmed with the response and words just don’t seem enough…..your husband is amazing (I know you hear that all the time :))& so are YOU!!! The teamwork you both have make the transformations happen. You both have my gratitude, respect & love. All I can say is, “Thank you”, from the bottom of my heart.

  3. I think the biggest inspiration for Bob is that he didn’t let his knees and inability to do things like running, treadmill, etc.. let him derail his efforts. If he can lose that kind of weight with a lot stacked against him – then anyone can!! And I appreciate that this season you’ve had on older people, in their 40’s and 50’s making incredible changes – you are never too old to get fit!!

  4. What a phenomenal episode. Bob is a gentleman and a champion. His wife is a trooper. They both looked outstanding at the finale. I wish him…them…the very best in their future. And, BTW, I enjoy your blog, Heidi. Savor these last few weeks of your pregnancy…you’re glowing. No greater blessing…

  5. I LOVED this story. He truly is an inspiration. His honesty, dedication and perseverance touched me deeply. You and Chris are such great blessings to so many lives. Please never stop what you’re doing. I’ve started my journey and I know I will reach my goal 🙂

  6. Dear Heidi and Chris,
    Thank you for all of the amazing and inspiring transformation stories, but especially for the Bob episode. Just over a year ago I severely injured my right knee/leg. I shattered my tibial plateau, severed my femoral artery and damaged cartilage, nerves, ligaments and muscles in the process. I woke up in the ICU, having narrowly avoided amputation, spent a month in the hospital and many months in physical therapy. Ironically, I am healthier and in better shape than I was before my accident. I think it’s important to show people that an injury isn’t an excuse, and that anything can be overcome. Plus, I got some great work out ideas from the episode!

  7. Wow….wow….wow….what a great inspiration !!!!! Wish Bob the best of the best !!!! Congratulations for all the efforts and you should be proud of yourself. Be good !

  8. What a beautiful letter! I really enjoy all of the shows, but Bob’s was super inspiring; I am so proud of that guy! Every time I want to throw in the towel I hear Chris saying “What’s your excuse?” and after watching Bob struggle through his pain I really have no excuse. Thank you Heidi and Chris for having such great web sites/blogs and for such a great show!

  9. Bob’s story and transformation was such an inspiration. I to am a deputy sheriff and am working on my journey. It was so easy to relate to bob’s struggle. Thank you for sharing your journey.

  10. I loved watching Bob’s transformation… It was amazing to see someone break through and still win at the end, even after all the set backs and pain. He was amazing, truly amazing.

  11. Great Teamwork on the show and off camera! Really enjoyed last nights transformation because Bob knew what he wanted and went after it regardless of setbacks.

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