Cash’s Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Cashy and I just couldn’t resist joining in on the turkey-time fun during this Thanksgiving season. We turned to our trusty Fingerpaints to create Cashy’s very own turkey!

I should note: this craft was done pre-Ruby, pre-kidney stones, and pre-flu. 🙂 I’m just now getting around to posting though, hopefully in time for you and your little ones to enjoy before (or even on) Thanksgiving Day!

What you’ll need:

#Cash's Thanksgiving #TurkeyCraft #PowellPack

I went ahead and painted the turkey’s body for Cash so he could paint all the turkey feathers on after the body dried.

#Cash's Thanksgiving #TurkeyCraft #fortoddlers #PowellPack

#Cash's Thanksgiving #TurkeyCraft #fortoddlers #PowellPack
It’s starting to look more and more like a turkey!

#Cash's Thanksgiving #TurkeyCraft #fortoddlers #PowellPack

After the paint was dry, we completed the final step: the turkey needs a face!

#Cash's Thanksgiving #TurkeyCraft #fortoddlers #PowellPack

“Look! A turkey!!! Gobble gobble!”

#Cash's Thanksgiving #TurkeyCraft #fortoddlers #PowellPack

#Cash's Thanksgiving #TurkeyCraft #fortoddlers #PowellPack

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  1. I am Jamies dad. I like that your taking the time with the Kids so that they can create things with their hands. I remember doing that as a young Boy. And to this day it stuck with me. I can draw almost anything. We met a teacher just the other day that told us due to all the Ipads and things like that, the kids today can’t do anything without that. Now that opened my eyes to alot of problems down the road. Most I will not see but we already are suffering due to lack of skilled people. Trades are going away. Not good. Sorry for rambling but keep up the art work and let allow them to keep using their God given Skills. Jim

  2. Wow that looks amazing. Would be a great idea to make in the kondergarden I work at but we don’t celebrate thanksgiving here in norway. But did the same thing with the kids to make a autumn tree

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