The Skinny on Makeup


by Kacey Luvi

We’ve all heard that simply getting a tan will give the illusion that you’ve lost 10 lbs. Although most of us don’t naturally maintain that deep, dark tan from the summer throughout the holidays, we can apply these same principles to our face by way of a few easy makeup tips! The proper use of bronzer and a little technique called contouring can give us not just a healthy glow, but the illusion of a slimmer face! Excited? Read on.

Step 1: A Firm Foundation

Of course, I always suggest choosing the proper shade of foundation for your face to match the rest of your body that blends seamlessly into your neck. This may mean that you have a different shade for winter than you did for summer. Don’t try to milk your summer color too long and risk wearing too dark of a foundation!

Is it time to update your foundation for a change in the seasons?

Step 2: Chisel your Cheeks

Choose a bronzer, a brown based blush or a pressed powder that is about 2-3 shades darker than your skin and let the contouring begin. Contouring is using darks and lights to create shape and dimension to the face. Giving your face depth in the right places pronounces cheek bones or “de-puffs” your cheeks for a slimmer look! Swirl your blush brush in your bronzer and stroke your cheeks from the opening of your ear to the corner of your mouth on each side! Once the bronzer is on, your blush can be blended onto the apples of your cheeks as well! Now that we understand bronzer, using lighter colors like a highlighting powder or light eyeshadow on your eyes brings forth or heightens the area. These can be used at the very top of your cheeks (just under the outer corners of your eyes) and under your eyebrows! If your eyes are puffy, be generous with the bronzer (or tan/brown eyeshadow) over your lids rather than the light, frosty shadows. Remember, dark brings “in” and light brings “out”.

Choose a bronzer that is 2-3 shades darker than your skin for best results.

Step 3: Placing the Powder

Once your cheeks are chiseled, placing the powder in all the right places is the last key to slimming the face with bronzer! Think about all the places the sun would naturally hit like the top of your forehead and the tip of your nose. For a more dramatic jawline, run the bronzer along the jaw and under the chin!
Want to take it a step further plastic surgery style? Using a large and firm eyeshadow brush, use your bronzer to shade along each side of the bridge of your nose! Just make sure it’s nice and blended!

Now you know a few tricks to a slimmer and more radiant face with makeup! Remember, the most important trick to a beautiful complexion is to drink a gallon of water every day, find ways to stay active, eat clean and of course… smile.

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